What can I do at Launch48?

A couple of people have asked whether they will be able to contribute to Launch48 effectively.  I therefore thought it would be best to answer the question publicly.

Yes! Everyone can participate in Launch48.  The ways you can participate include:

  • Being part of a team and helping out where you can
  • Taking a lead and driving part of the web business forward
  • Pitching an idea on the Friday (this is optional, not everyone has to pitch)
  • Learning a skill your group doesn’t have and filling a gap in your groups knowledge
  • Organising your group
  • Teaching others a skill you have so others learn

It is recommended people who attend Launch48 do the following to help their group and themselves:

  1. Help a group by taking on a task you have experience in, or are good at
  2. Trying something you haven’t done before or want to learn more about, possibly by working with others in the group or with the mentors who already have those skills

It doesn’t matter if you have been working in the web industry for 20 years, or haven’t yet launched your own web business and you want to learn what it takes to launch a web business.  Everyone is welcome, and Launch48 is structured in such a way that everyone will have ample opportunity to take on as much work in a groups web app as they want.