Upcoming AWS User Group Meeting

If you enjoyed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) at Launch48 or want to learn more about AWS, maybe the following event will be of interest to you?

Regular London AWS User Group Meetings

We are looking to run regular London AWS UG meetings once a month. Hot on the heels of the successful AWS UG London meeting on 4th February and CloudCamp London last week, the AWS London community is coming together again.

Our next two meetings 31st March and 30th April will be jargon free events to educate, entertain and fascinate geeks and non-geeks about the “silent revolution” of using web, computing, storage, databases, and payment processing services in the same way as we today perceive electricity: an utility, on-demand service. This is real and it is happening today, everywhere.

Please come along, CohesiveFT will buy you a beer in the Crown on the Green afterwards. Let your friends, colleagues, boss, anyone who wants to know more about the Cloud know about the meetup.

Sign up (free of charge) at

31st March 2009 http://skillsmatter.com/event/cloud-grid/amazon-an-intro-to-cloud-computing

30th April 2009 http://skillsmatter.com/event/cloud-grid/amazon-web-services-meetup-323