The teams at alpha

EventFeedr (was Spot Events)

Spot Events managed to focus down on a single functionality by the second board meeting. This apparently worked very well for them because they had a clear idea of what they would deliver by Sunday evening: an application for crowdsourcing Q&As at a conference. It also meant a new name, “EventFeedr”. Different elements of the team found a way to contribute business plans, a logo and the presentation slides. EventFeeder had the fewest developers and worked closely with PayPal’s John Lunn on Appcelerator Titanium to create an iPhone app. Encouragingly the team got Ian Broom to promise to use and publicise their app for the next Launch48 conference in Romania! They’re also talking about a great strategy for viral marketing amongst conference attendees at Minibar, and allowing the attendees themselves to sell to organisers.


Itiner8 have also pulled together effectively. Things are going pretty well now for the team that had a bit of a grilling at the second board meeting. They have a logo, website and an HTML prototype. They’ve even managed to do market research by sending a team to Starbucks, although it’s questionable whether iPhone users at a Starbucks in Richmond represent a large market! Itiner8 lost one of their star coders due to the birth of a baby, though whether it was his baby, someone else’s baby or baby Jesus was a little unclear (well it’s nearly Christmas). They’ve also been playing with Appcelerator with the guidance of the PayPal mentors.

Adventure Urban

AU are a mysterious team, a lot of the value of the idea is contingent on the “adventurous” nature of their guided journeys. Guided tours on mobile are nothing new. They promise that their app will be much more fun than a simple guided tour. More like a real life computer game with ‘tasks’ to complete in different places. Their showcase for the investors on Sunday will be a ‘fun’ journey round the PayPal office, which L48′s Ian Broom is chronically¬†skeptical¬†about. We’ll see.

They’ve now got an impressive framework for the app itself built directly in Objective C by James Grafton. The team has slimmed down somewhat as some team members dropped out overnight. They’ve focussed their business model down too, now they aim to be a mobile app agency, providing an application structure for corporate clients to ‘skin’ with creative content for their ‘Urban Adventures’.

Now they’ve just a few hours until the presentations. Now they need to test, test and test some more. Can’t wait!