The big day is here

Some say today is the equivalent of Christmas for Launch48 attendees, the day everything starts, ideas are exchanged, questioned, and selected. People meet new people, share a drink or two, and form groups. This could be the beginning for some very exciting new web apps, something off-the-wall, or a sure-fire hit!
Sorry for getting a bit poetic on you, but I am excited! Today is LAUNCH48 DAY!

As of tomorrow, the Launch48 web site will change a bit. It will become a haven for Launch48 information. As of tomorrow tweets, photos and blog posts will erupt spectacularly as Launch48 activity consumes this blog and becomes a portal for everyone at Launch48 to communicate with one another and to show to world what Launch48 is doing.

During the weekend each group will be asked to write at least a blog post each day to keep the wider Launch48 community and people interested in Launch48 informed. Adil and I will also contribute blog posts describing the wider event. Who knows, maybe some of our mentors will write some blog posts giving their opinions? Watch this space.

We are hoping attendees will contribute photos. So, if you are coming, please bring your cameras, camera-phones, and even your web cams. All photo and video content that is added to the internet during the event will be added to the site for the rest of the world to see what’s happening at Launch48. Just let us know where your photos are and we will add them.

Twitter is booming, and Launch48 will leverage this medium for maximum benefit. Some of you may have noticed your tweets currently publicised on the right hand side of this blog. This section will become larger to accommodate the latest tweets about Launch48 from the event, and from around the world.

Adil and I are looking forward to meeting all attendees tonight for what we hope will be a life-changing experience for all participants.