Teams Overview


Mobilising Audience Engagement for Live Events.

“ALL delegates/visitors at Live Events (Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Networking Events, Meetings and Festivals) carry mobile phones, however they are very under utilised by Event Organisers. Traditionally audience response systems for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, submitting feedback etc are done by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices fit for purpose, but are limited.
SpotEvents will use all the available channels of mobile phones ( sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype, camera, NFC, Smart Apps, voice ) to be able to interact with the event they attend to participate in audience response programs, enter competitions, receive session reminders, request digital brochures, create a digital show bag etc”

Jet setters (now Itiner8)

Choose a city, choose some places, and click for an instant itinerary!

“Everyone likes to travel, but planning a trip takes time. The app helps users to find places to go and plans an itinerary to allow enough time to enjoy different places and travel between them.”

Adventure Urban

Hidden adventures and lucrative rewards await the inquisitive amongst you – look and you shall find!

“Introducing Adventure Urban, a unique city adventuring mobile application that aims to expose you to people, places and experiences that would otherwise go completely unnoticed!
The application would be written in three parts:
1. A mobile application which allows users to participate in various different Urban Adventures, view friends adventures and behold their adventuring achievements.
2. An online community allowing registered users to submit and moderate adventures along with various other standard features such as profile creation/modification.
3. An affiliate portal which would allow various interested businesses to submit offers/vouchers as part of an existing adventure.
The overarching problem that is being solved here is that currently, there really is no stand out method of discovering new people and places in a fun and interesting way while keeping track of all your finest exploits ;-)”