Success Stories

Meet some the companies that have started because of Launch48 or have greatly benefited from Launch48.


WeTeachMe is an Australian Launch48 alumni team. They were created at the first Launch48 Weekend held in Australia.

What do you do?

WeTeachMe is the easiest place to list, discover and book in-person courses.

What makes you stand out?

WeTeachMe benefits course providers in 3 key areas:

  1. grow revenue;
  2. save time;
  3. decrease costs through automation, so that course providers can focus on high-value business-related activities such as marketing and acquiring more customers.

In fact, one of our clients Cupcake Central reduced their admin work from 14 hours per week, to less than 15 minutes per week. In addition to this, they also reported an increase in ticket sales by 400%. Read about their success in our blog. Another client, Enoteca Sileno, recently shared how WeTeachMe took their business to the next level. Read about their success in our blog.

For consumers, WeTeachMe provides a go-to marketplace for anyone to discover in-person courses. People can book tickets for themselves and their friends, and they can also purchase gift vouchers for loved ones.Watch this short video for details.

Who is in your team?

Kym Huynh
Demi Markogiannaki 
Martin Kemka
Cheng Zhu

How did Launch48 help your startup? 

Launch48 gave WeTeachMe it’s important head start by bringing together a team of like-minded individuals with a go-getter attitude looking to make their own dent in the world. Further to this, the mentoring was invaluable in guiding the team through its first steps as a startup. From business model analysis to market analysis, navigating the minefields of design to development and execution, no subject was off-topic.

In fact, the first WeTeachMe prototype was designed and launched In 48 hours. Incredible!

Through both the direct and extended network of people and mentors that were present at Launch48, WeTeachMe was able to form a close knit and talented team that to-this-day still remain together. We still keep in regular contact with the people, mentors and organizers that met on that fateful weekend.

Further to the above, the Launch48 team are readily on hand to assist with any queries, to provide guidance and/or to facilitate introductions. Launch48 was invaluable for WeTeachMe, especially in helping us take that first step, and we recommend it to anyone looking to turn their vision into reality.

In one sentence, what was the biggest thing you learnt at Launch48?

Execution. Execution. Execution. A great idea will is nothing unless there is execution.

What are you up to now? 

WeTeachMe is currently focused on customer acquisition. 8 weeks after launching the latest iteration of our platform, WeTeachMe has over 350 unique courses, injecting on average 4,000 courses into Australia in 2013. Our goal is to increase this number to 16,000 before the end of the year, a goal that we believe can be achieved relatively quickly

In one sentence, give yourself a shameless plug.

Course Providers: Do you offer courses and need a way to automate the process, grow revenue and get in touch with audiences outside your reach? Get it touch by contacting hello@weteachme.com and find out how we can help.

Positions Open: City managers and sales reps now open. Are you a go-getter with a can do attitude? We’d love to hear from you.

Investors: Interested in learning more? Get in touch by emailing hello@weteachme.com and let’s start the conversation.

Ok – one sentence per group…..

For more information head to http://weteachme.com/


Wewana: Play launched at Birmingham Launch48 Weekend in March 2012. It is now in the final stages of applying for Oxygen Accelerator.

What do you do?

“Wewana: Play is a mobile based app that allows gamers to schedule their online gaming. The simple app allows a user to connect with their friends and share information on the games they have. They can then schedule a gaming session in advance, which is pushed to their friends so that they can all be playing the games they want with the people they want to be playing with.”

What makes you stand out?

“We are exciting investors and our target market. We are excited to be launching our beta version within the coming weeks. You can join our beta list on our site wewana.com.”

Who is in your team?

Deepak Pathak: Co-Founder
Deepak has experience in the gaming industry and is mentored by the CEO of Europe’s largest retail organisation.

Meirion Williams: Co-Founder
Meirion started a leading UK nightlife website in early 2000 and grew it to over 55,000 members.

How did Launch48 help your startup?

“We started Launch48 with just one person (Deepak) and an idea. We finished with a team, a working prototype and a bunch of mentors who were really excited by our startup.

At the end of the weekend one of the mentors came up to us from E4F, a startup incubator in Birmingham, and told us we needed to continue with the idea. E4F then offered us 6 months free office space and business support, which helped us commit to the idea.

The whole Launch48 experience and access to the mentors, resulting in further business support, has been crucial in securing Wewana: Play’s future.”

What was the biggest thing you learnt at Launch48 Weekend?

Dee: “Programming isn’t as quick as I thought, I expected a completed product in a weekend.”
Mez: “These business guys have unrealistic expectation of development time!”

What are you up to now?

“We are currently in the final stages of applying to Oxygen Accelerator, which will (hopefully) secure further progression.

We are also focused on building the product and building a relationship with early beta users. ”

In one sentence, give yourself a shameless plug

“If you are a gamer and you would like to help shape our startup and be one of our first beta testers sign up now at: wewana.com.”


Fashiny was started at Launch48 Kingston in June 2011, they have since been through Oxygen Accelerator and have launched the first version of their web site.  The below video is from Fashiny’s founders Harpal Singh and Cecilia Canavesio. For more information see fashiny.com