Startup Programs

Lots of people contact Oxygen looking for a list of startup accelerators, and how they can get funding.  Below is a list of organisations and web sites that companies may find useful. Launch48 is here to make startups accelerator ready. Have a look at our upcoming Launch 48 Weekends and Pre-Accelerator to see how we can support your startup ideas. Contact us if we missed any and we will do out best to add them.



  1. Oxygen Accelerator
  2. SeedCamp
  3. Bethnal Green Ventures
  4. Rockstart Accelerator
  5. HackFWD
  6. Seed Rocket
  7. Open Fund
  8. Le Camping
  9. Astia
  10. Startup Bootcamp
  11. Rocket Internet
  12. H-Farm
  13. Venture Geeks


  1. Y-Combinator
  2. TechStars
  3. Capital Factory
  4. Launchbox
  5. BetaSpring
  6. 500 Startups


  1. Startmate
  2. Seed Accelerator
  3. Pollenizer