Spot Events’ First Blog Post

Traditionally, when you go to live events such as conferences, exhibitions and festivals, any type of audience response system for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, or submitting feedback etc. is by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices, while the mobile phones which are the devices which most commonly available to delegates/visitors go un-used.

The EventFeedr application is to be based on an existing service that Luke Glen’s company SpotiD provides which aggregates communications from various mobile phones streams such as sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype etc

Due to the time constraints of the Launch48 event, the main scope of the initial mobile application will include the ability to:

- Allow conference attendees to post live questions to the event organiser

- Let attendees vote up/down questions

- Display questions posted, sorted by attendee votes

Post-Launch48, the EventFeedr team plan port all the services (communication streams) already available from the SpotiD business into the EventFeedr application.

EventFeedr sees their key USP as the ability to aggregate cross-platform communications regardless of source, and gives attendees the valuable way to engage with the conference organisers/speakers in real time.