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Casas Bioclimaticas, Tenerife, Spain

Casas Bioclimaticas, Tenerife, Spain


The Goal :

Oxygen Pre-Accelerator

You can only go to so many weekends, meetups, events, but what about when you want to make the next step?

The Oxygen Pre-accelerator is a curated programme tailored to what we know startups need. It’s about coming up with a plan for the way forward, a lot of feedback, validation (or not) for what you’re doing, and developing contacts who could help. A mini investor pitch at the end of the week gives you a taster of what it might be like if you get through to an accelerator or find yourself in front of a potential funder.

The week is ideal for those looking to plan an early product launch, join an accelerator, or find seed investment.

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