Paypal Charity Hack

This afternoon I went along to witness the final demonstrations by the teams that took part in Paypal’s Charity Hack. You can see a full list of the teams and the hacks right here.

From what I saw, there had been little sleep for most as coding continued throughout the night to ensure teams were ready in time for the afternoon presentations.

I want to highlight three ideas that caught my eye, I found something about each interesting and I’d like to see each concept developed further:

1) Games + Donations concept developed by Chuggr and VeryHardChoices.
These two teams had used a role playing game to encourage the user to donate more money and to put that user in the uncomfortable position of playing the role of a homeless person. Chuggr was a quick hack produced early this morning, literally in a couple of hours, and is a text based game. VeryHardChoices lets you choose your own adventure – it is live and you can try it using Facebook Connect.

2) Charity Shock.
Undoubtedly the funniest demonstration of the afternoon with the audience making donations to witness Tom Scott receive an electric shock. With reality TV so popular, I can see this concept rising to fame quickly and making a huge impact on charitable donations. Check out CharityShock.com and watch the shocking demonstration below.

3) Charity Box.
The winning team! Charity Box has a staggering number of features inside. I struggled to keep up with the presentation, and couldn’t believe how much the team had achieved. Out of the box, the service helps to encourage people to give by simplifying the donation process and providing incentives such as digital badges and widgets.

These three concepts stood out because they combined a crafty hack or two with an intricate understanding of human nature and possible ways to motivate users.

To anyone attending the London Launch48 Weekend, whether pitching or participating, be sure to consider the user experience and how compelling the app is to use.