More sponsors!

shockWow, Launch48 is really pulling out all the stops.  Not only are attendees to Launch48 events receiving:

  1. Refreshments and a great venue from Paypal
  2. Dinner from Sun on Sunday night
  3. Refreshments from Google on Friday night
  4. Lunch at the conference and a great booklet from Dennis Publishing
  5. A free meeting at THECUBE for each team

We have now got 2 amazing new sponsors on board as well:

  1. Strawberry Way will be supplying all teams with box.net and helping them get the most from it
  2. justFDI will be supply a custom twitter app just for Launch48

What’s more, we have secured even more speakers and mentors to ensure all groups receive the best advice and assistance during the Launch48 Conference and the Launch48 Weekend

No wonder I am so excited!  There are only 8 days left and tickets are going fast.  DON’T MISS OUT get your tickets now!