London Launch48 Mobile

London Launch48 Mobile is only 2 weeks away and we have some of the best speakers and mentors that we have ever had.

Attendees to Launch48 Mobile will be able to listen to and be mentored by the following people:

  • John Chasey – CEO, Metismo
  • Hermes Pique – Founder, Robot Media
  • Mark Doherty – Evangelist, Adobe
  • Andy Munarriz – CEO, Hullomail
  • Andrew Scott – CEO, Rummble
  • Will Coleman – Evangelist, Microsoft
  • David Erasmus – CEO,
  • Wayne Gibbins – Marketing Director, Viadeo
  • Ben Brown – CEO, Vouchacha
  • John Lunn – Director, PayPal

Full speaker details are available on the London Launch48 web site.

Don’t miss out on a great event on the 26 to 28 of November at PayPal’s office in London!