Liverpool Launch48 Weekend 2013


Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th Nov 2013


FACT, Liverpool

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Our first Liverpool Launch48 Weekend is here!

The Launch48 weekend is a unique experience for building web startups with people from a range of backgrounds and different sets of skills.

The goal is simple: pitch, build and launch a startup in 48 hours.

Cost: Standard Ticket: £59.95 Student Ticket: £29.95 - Early Bird tickets are available if you are quick!

What is launch48:

Why attend:

  • Before the Event:

    Buy your ticket to attend the event - everyone is welcome – techies and non techies!

  • Friday Evening:

    Drinks, Pizza, 60 second pitches anyone can pitch - ideas can anything from just dreamed up to well researched!

  • Friday Night:

    Team formation - pick which idea and team you want to work on for the weekend!

  • Over the Weekend:

    You will learn new tools through workshops, get advice from mentors and have loads of fun manically turning your idea into a startup!

  • Success Stories:

    New startups! Teams that just want to work together forever! New jobs! New friends!

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    The Launch48 Weekend, is an informal, high energy event. Everyone is welcome at our Weekend Events: Benefit from networking with like-minded individuals, Learn tools to validate your business ideas, Experience what it is like to be in a startup!
    We explain all the tools we use over the weekend, so everyone is on the same page & can contribute.



    Brainstorm and research your idea. All ideas presented at Launch48 should answer the following points:

    • Idea and problem it is solving
    • Business model and monetisation strategy
    • Target market and competitors

    Refine your pitch to 60 seconds and practice. You will be presenting your idea to other attendees and we will cut you off. Pull out the most attractive parts and prepare your hook.

    Research into startup tools and methodology. This is your opportunity to test out new concepts and ways of working.

    Sign up to the Launch48 LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter and register for our newsletter to keep up to date with the startup scene.


    Fri 18:00 – 22:00 – registration, networking, keynote presentation, business ideas are pitched, participants vote on ideas and teams are formed. Pizza, beer & soft drinks are provided.


    Sat 08:00 – 10:00 – We introduce you to the Business Model Canvas and lean startup methodologies. A practical session focused on ways of applying these core topics to the Launch48 Weekend and your future startups. These sessions lay the foundation to the weekend and ensure everyone is starting from the same position. Breakfast is provided.

    Sat 10:00 – 22:00 – work starts on your startup,�mentors�work with each team to take you through brainstorming, prototyping, and business plan development. Lunch and dinner is provided along with refreshments.


    Sun 08:00 – 22:00 – continue to work on your startup, present at the Launch48 demo session in front of attendees, mentors and accelerators. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided with soft drinks available all day and beer in the evening networking session.


Friday 22nd Nov 2013: 18:00 to 22:00

Saturday 23rd Nov 2013: 9:00 to 22:00

Sunday 24th Nov 2013: 9:00 to 22:00


88 Wood Street Liverpool, L1 4DQ

Organisers, Mentor's & Judges

  • array (
      'company' => 'Matt is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and a Technologist',
      'bio' => 'Matt is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and a Technologist. As an 
    experienced and ethical leader with over fifteen years of Chief 
    Executive Experience, he holds a number of Chairman and 
    non-executive positions in both commercial and charitable 
    organisations and also sits on various national and international 
    Matt is a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional and a 
    Chartered Marketer and has been elected as a Fellow of The 
    Chartered Institute of Marketing, The British Computer Society and 
    the Institute Of Engineering And Technology (IET). He’s also a 
    visiting Professor of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at
    the University of Essex.
    As a pioneer in the communications industry, Matt launched his first 
    website in 1995 offering Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services 
    that are run “virtually” negating the need for companies to buy 
    expensive hardware and software and therefore paving the way for 
    centralised resources that are offered on a pay-per-use model more 
    recently known as a “cloud”. 
    His entrepreneurial but astute business acumen earned him small 
    business of the year award from Trinity Mirror in 2005.
    In 2011 Matt was asked to join the editorial team with the IET for a 
    publication commissioned by the London Organising Committee of 
    the Olympic Games and completed a publication that reviews the 
    innovative engineering behind the London 2012 Olympic Games.
    In the same year Matt was awarded the Mike Sergeant Young 
    Professional of the year award for exceptional contribution to 
    engineering from the IET.
    Matt has delivered over 50 lectures to numerous institutions; 
    inspiring audiences with his positive can do attitude whilst imparting
    knowledge, experience and best practice.
    More recently and through Matt’s savvy leadership and acquisition 
    of key competitors, coupled with an existing customer base, he 
    created the new start-up Telecoms Cloud Limited who are a cloud 
    based communications platform and a provider of telephone 
    numbers for business.',
    array (
      'bio' => 'I’m a SFEDI accredited business adviser and enterprise educator 
    who believes passionately that our students and graduates should 
    be given every opportunity to develop enterprise skills and be 
    supported to launch businesses and freelance careers. My current 
    position at LJMU enables me to inspire and support the young 
    people I work with, through sharing my direct experiences of 
    launching and growing my own venture and the knowledge I’ve 
    gained from supporting the creation of small businesses since 2004.
    I hope I’m someone my clients can trust, someone they can count 
    on to support them when they need help, but also give them the 
    space to develop the skills and confidence that will enable them to 
    grow sustainable businesses.
    I’m heavily involved in the creative industries and have worked in 
    the sector, directly and indirectly, for the past 15 years, culminating 
    in my current voluntary role as a Director of Baltic Creative CIC, 
    providing fit for purpose space for the creative and digital sector.
    I’m always interested in finding new people to work with and 
    projects to work on, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you 
    think we can do something together.',
    array (
      'company' => 'Mentor',
      'bio' => 'Having now worked in the digital, mobile, commerce and tech space
    for 3 years, Instinctive Creations has a full service digital marketing 
    approach with our clients and work with a small handful to provide 
    consistent focussed growth.
    The technology side of our business now has its own solid library in 
    both web systems and mobile applications commercialising this IP 
    as well as delivering consistent growth for our clients are the key 
    drivers of Instinctive Creations in 2013.
    In my spare time, in a work capacity, I love working towards a long 
    term goal of turning Liverpool into a world renowned digital, tech 
    and creative hub for business and start-ups. 
    Leon is also a Trustee of the Liverpool Chapter of the Awesome 
    array (
      'company' => 'Mentor',
      'bio' => 'Leon is a website and software development consultant who 
    develops solutions for web, Facebook, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac 
    and Windows. He has been involved with projects ranging from 
    small business websites, through to digital projects of household 
    names including New Scientist magazine and Unicef.
    Leon\'s work has been featured in multiple publications, including a 
    cover feature on the subject of website security in Web Designer 
    magazine from Imagine Publishing, advice on freelancing in Future 
    Publishing\'s .Net magazine, and a detailed feature on Leon\'s 
    freelancing in the Liverpool Echo.
    In addition to applying his software development and consultancy 
    skills to real business projects, Leon also preaches what he practises
    by delivering software development and Internet marketing training 
    services for businesses and organisations on the subjects he has 
    hands on experience with. Notable organisations Leon has delivered 
    training to include O2, Sage, the NHS, Halesowen College and 
    array (
      'company' => 'Executive Director of FACT',
      'bio' => 'I returned to FACT as Executive Director in 2012 having worked for 
    the organisation previously when the FACT centre was being built.
    My role is responsible for a number of departments at FACT 
    including marketing and communications, FACT Services and 
    fundraising as well as leading on the strategic and business 
    development plans for FACT. 
    FACT is an amazing organisation to work for and it’s a privilege to be
    involved with a creative charity that is so firmly rooted in Liverpool, 
    which is a city I’ve loved since moving here over 20 years ago.',
    array (
      'company' => 'Founder & CEO of Thinking Digital Limited',
      'bio' => 'I am the Founder & CEO of Thinking Digital Limited. We produce the 
    Thinking Digital Conference annually every May. Since its founding 
    in 2007, the Conference has quickly grown to become one of 
    Europe\'s best known events of its kind. The Next Web (Europe\'s 
    leading online tech publication) described Thinking Digital as "The 
    UK\'s Answer to TED" which is both a great honour and perhaps the 
    best way of describing the conference.
    I have been honoured to be included in Wired Magazine\'s 2011 
    Wired 100 list in the UK as well as in the Guardian Newspaper\'s 
    Media Guardian 100 list for 2010.
    Previous to Codeworks, I\'ve spent 15 years in various management 
    posts in the Internet, media & mobile sectors including O2, 
    Bertelsmann, Blackwell\'s, IBM & Dow Jones. 
    I earned my MBA from the Wharton School of Business in 
    Philadelphia and my undergraduate degree from Princeton 
    I\'ve lived in the UK since 1997 but was born in Brooklyn, NY to 
    Korean parents.
    Specialties:Creating Brands; Company Strategy; Marketing Strategy;
    Converting Ideas into Reality; Recognising & Recruiting Talent',
    array (
      'company' => 'CEO of ScraperWiki',
      'bio' => 'A technology leader, Francis is CEO of Internet data analysis 
    startup, ScraperWiki stealing data from the rich to give to the 
    poor..... Francis created the original TortoiseCVS, which has 
    improved version control for tens of millions of people. He was a 
    founder of TheyWorkForYou and WhatDoTheyKnow, which show the 
    world how to use scraping and good user experience to improve 
    Francis is also a Tudor time-traveller who puts orange juice on his 
    cereal!! He is the founder of the Liverpool Chapter of the Awesome 
    Francis says that he started Awesome Liverpool "because he wanted
    to know what ideas people in Liverpool will come up with as we\'re a 
    creative city, very different from other places and with very different
    array (
      'company' => 'Mentor',
      'bio' => 'I have created technology and operational concepts that I seek to 
    licence to relevant buyers. 
    My pending patent (USPTO11/485,164) and associated brand and 
    operational concepts would be of great use to any transport 
    company who is prepared to pay a reasonable licence fee for them.
    This latest endeavour, Texxi, evolved from a set of research projects 
    over 12 years, from fields as diverse as electricity research, 
    transport economics, quantitative trading (capital structure 
    arbitrage, convertible bonds), macroeconomics, computing, 
    topology/set theory and my own observations on the (then) 
    controversial subject of "credit contagion" in November 2003.
    I would describe myself as an eclectic entrepreneur who is best 
    suited to inventing or improving ways of doing things with other like 
    minded folk. A background in computing, aeronautical engineering, 
    banking and finance gives me certain perspectives on system 
    design and construction.',
    array (
      'company' => 'CMO at ScraperWiki',
      'bio' => 'Aine is the CMO at ScraperWiki. Aine founded Pygmalion, the UK’s 
    first Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and prior to that had a career 
    selling Hewlett Packard systems into the City of London. She builds 
    brand awareness, identifies routes to market, partner channels and 
    also cultivates relationships with ScraperWiki’s large data science 
    array (
      'company' => 'Founder of Digital Advisors',
      'bio' => 'Clemens has worked in the games industry since 1992, starting his career in Germany and moving to Liverpool in 1997 to work at Psygnosis. In that time, he\'s worked with some amazing development teams on games including Wipeout for PSP and PS3 and 10-years\' worth of Formula One games for PlayStation. He ran a successful development studio with 120 staff for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for 7 years and after 15 years left there to make the jump in the start-up world. He founded Digital Advisors in 2009 and co-founded Setgo in 2010, each company focussing exclusively on digital games, mobile and cloud services. He still lives in Liverpool today. ',
    array (
      'company' => ' Programme Director for MSc Entrepreneurship at the University of Liverpool',
      'bio' => 'Dr Dale Heywood was a serial entrepreneur for 30 years and is now Programme Director for MSc Entrepreneurship at the University of Liverpool. She has extensive practitioner experience having had six successful businesses of her own before she began teaching in higher education. One of her businesses went bust in 1991 but she soon bounced back.',


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