Launch48 progress update

Launch48 has been busy over the last couple of weeks. Here is a quick update:

Advisors and Mentors

As the Event Format page says, Launch48 will have a range of people from the web and technology industries attending throughout the event.  The names are still under wraps, but as soon as we receive biography and photos from our wonderful mentors, we will be adding a new page to this web site so you can see who will be attending, and begin thinking of questions you can ask them.

Actually, of everyone we have spoken to about Launch48 in the industry, everyone is very supportive and positive.  I can’t wait for the event, it should be a lot of fun.


A number of exciting sponsors have contacted Launch48 recently creating amazing opportunities for Launch48 attendees.  I don’t want to say too much, but we expect to have some exciting technology partners and sponsors  that all attendees will benefit from.

If you are interested in sponsoring Launch48, please contact us.


With 25 days remaining before the event, there isn’t much time to register or tell your friends and promote Launch48.  Launch48 needs your help to ensure we have lots and lots of people attending.  If you can tell the groups and communities you are involved with about Launch48, that would be great!  Don’t forget to tell people on facebook and twitter about us too!

Who is behind Launch48?

A couple of people have wanted to know who is behind Launch48, which big conglomerate is funding the event, are we robots from another planet?

All is revealed on the updated About Launch48 page.  Adil and I have added our biographies and photos to give everyone a chance to find out why we are doing this event and what our backgrounds are.

What’s Next?

Expect the format for capturing web app ideas to be ready soon.  Please discuss your ideas in the Launch48 message boards, promote the event, and I look forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks!