Launch48 London’s new Startups

Launch48 London is over and what an event! 9 teams – the highest number of teams Launch48 has ever had at any Launch48 event.

Below is a summary of the ideas that were worked on at Launch48 London.  Keep in mind, these ideas were only worked on for 48 hours so they are all very new. Congratulations to all the teams and we look forward to seeing which of these startups is the next Launch48 Success Story.


Status: Landing page online

QuickFlog simplifies the process of selling your product online through multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, and more. They intend to launch and add additional sales channels over time.


Nosy Neighbour

Status: Early version

Aggregates local news from your neighbourhood including safety, news, what’s on, property, community, and classifieds. They will launch initially in London and spread to other large cities.



Status: Early version

Vouback improve the customer feedback experience by allowing customers to supply feedback on mobile phones. After supplying feedback the customer receives a voucher to incentivise them to return to the store.


Watch Them Grow

Status: Website online

Capture multimedia of your child as you grow and upload the content to watch them grow. The system securely stores the content and offers complimentary merchandise.



Status: Pre-launch

Tool for small and medium business to increase the rate and frequency of their customers returning to their store. It will be a mobile app that allows businesses to capture client data and message their customers using images and text through facebook, twitter, or email.

We help you complain

Status: Pre-launch

When you’re not satisfied with your service provider. They are going to help you complain, without the pain.


Kill the nicotine monster

Status: Pre-launch

An app that motivates smokers to quit smoking, tracks smokers progress quitting, and aggregates statistics about smokers.

Project Groundhog

Status: Pre-launch

Present a voucher to customers who return to an ecommerce website to increase the liklihood they will purchase when they return.


Inbox Unified

Status: Launched

A Google Chrome extension that integrates social media notifications from facebook, twitter and linkedin into Gmail.