Launch48 Exeter launched 2 new startups

Launch48 Exeter was held last weekend at the fantastic Innovation Centre at Exeter University. The sun was shining and the team were working hard to launch their new business ideas before 5 pm on Sunday. A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors:

The results were:

Quiz with me

Status: Website live

Quiz with me aimed to enhance the experience of playing quizzes with friends through adding the use of smart phones and creating engaging challenges for players.

Based on the idea that most pub quizzes ban the use of smart phones, Rob pitched the idea of embracing the idea. Based on the number of people interested to play pub quizzes and using smart phones, they attempted to marry to the 2 into something special.



Status: Live

NutriMunch is trying to make everyone healthier 1 meal plan at a time. In order to reduce the barriers to great meal plans and to encourage the public to eat healthier food, NutriMunch built a system that allows visitors to find, review, and add meal plans.  Ultimately they hope to add a premium offering that includes custom meal plans from trained nutritionists and complimentary products.

Why not add your favourite meal plan now?