Itiner8′s first blog post

The idea began as “Jet Setters”, an app that would suggest an itinerary for users visiting a new city who were too time starved to research through the Time Out or Lonely Planet guides themselves, or wanted a more custom experience than the top ten walks.

The team formed on Friday night and after introductions over beer, we got down to business trying to agree on the essence of the idea and a basic user journey. As Saturday began we claimed the best room, complete with sofa, and spread out flip charts, post its and sweets. Before the first board meeting, we started with UI designs and almost filled a flip chart sheet of feature ideas for the future … this idea seemed to have a mind of its own.

The first board meeting was less of a grilling than we’d expected, but our tasks for the day were laid out, including writing a business plan and producing financials, creating a marketing plan and competitor landscape, beginning a prototype and designing a UI. With the input of the mentors the team decided to divide and conquer, with the marketeers and business people driving through the business plan while the rest of us researched and designed the UI. The final name of Itiner8 was coined, domain name registered, and with twitter and Facebook, the plan for world domination was underway.

Throughout the day work continued, with problems developing as the team began to fracture, before coming back together to discuss sticky issues around the scope of the initial product. Progress on the prototype is still slow but starting to gain traction, eventually the team agreed on scope after a colourful board meeting …

The story will continue!