Introducing… decisions decisions

Team D has the enviable task of producing an engaging social web app in which dilemmas are shared online for the hive mind to solve. With one of the largest groups at #launch48 and a fairly even spread of skill sets that cover: Development, Design, Sysadmin, Business and Marketing all helmed by the charismatic Shed Simove.

The starting point for the creative and commercial decision making which began immediately from the forming of groups on the Friday night quickly identified a feel similar to Hot or Not? The initial concept for look and feel have been provided by Shed:


Over the next few hours we aim to build a simple user experience, fine tune our business model, and mesh our developer team with the expertise of the mentors.

Our current consideration is how to create a product that engages both consumers and commercial sectors. We are concerned about how to attract the initial user base and moderating the content they produce.