Interviews from a range of entrepreneurs – Start Uploaded

Recently I was told Start Uploaded, the guys behind the recent Launch48 London event video, launched their website.

It’s got some great videos on it and is really well organised. Start Uploaded is hoping to capture great entrepreneurial stories, put them online as videos, and link viewers with suppliers the entrepreneurs recommend. It’s a great idea and gives viewers a chance to take the entrepreneurs advice and use their trusted sources.

They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Insight – things entrepreneurs wished they knew
  • Space – where to you base your startup
  • Legal – the best legal advisors
  • Design – how to approach and manage design
  • Accounts – the best finance advisors
  • Technology – managing technology
  • Fundraising – how to raise cash
  • Misc – everything else!

Visit Start Uploaded if you’re after some entertaining videos covering a wide range of topics.

You can see all the videos they have uploaded from Launch48 on the Launch48 search results page.