Inspire Conference Startup Exhibition Competition

Thanks to everyone who applied to our Inspire Conference startup exhibition competition.  There were so many good startups that entered, unfortunately we could only fit 5 in each day.  The 10 winners are:

  • Gavurin – A light weight, cloud based data visualization tool called G-View, designed to allow anybody, regardless of technical expertise, to manipulate, explore and get insight from data via attractive, intuitive visualizations.
  • MarketInvoice - Marketinvoice is an online marketplace for invoices, where small companies can sell invoices due from large corporates due in 30, 60 or 90 days to a network of investors.
  • colourDNA – colourDNA helps you discover new things to enjoy in life through Social Discovery. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant, movie, book or band, you no longer have to rely only on the suggestions of your small network of friends or risk the faceless written review sites. By sharing what you love, you get matched with new things to try out based on the interests of people with similar tastes
  • SourceRail – SourceRail is an advanced media monitoring tool with the capability to monitor the web for specific mentions of companies, competitors, clients, products, services or topics.
  • Eventasaurus – Eventasaurus is a dashboard for online event services. Dubbed “Tweetdeck for events”.
  • Lutebox – Lutebox is a social entertainment hub, where users can instantly stream premium entertainment content while socializing with friends through video-chats and simulcasts.
  • OWJO – Owjo is a social commerce service. Uniquely it handles transactions within the widget so users are not pushed off facebook (or any other platform that owjo works on) to a payments system.
  • HipSnip – HipSnip is a personal shopping application to get product advice, and solves the consumer problem of deciding what products to buy (e.g. which TV is best for them) by plugging into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and profiling the products people know about. HipSnip enables consumers to get product advice and reviews through their social groups or through the expert HipSnip community.
  • Blippar – Blippar is the soon-to-launch universal mobile platform that will enable any smart-phone-owning consumer to interact with and pull content from any physical ad creative whether outdoor, on pack, on page or in-store.
  • Tastebuds – Tastebuds is a dating site for music fans. The site has 20,000 users, half of whom have been active on the site in the last month, with over 10,000 messages being sent between them every week.

Congratulations to all our winners who will be exhibiting on either the 7th or 8th of June 2011 at The Inspire Conference.

If you want to attend the Inspire Conference there are still a few tickets available via the web site http://theinspireconference.com