How are teams formed?

Teams are created after the final round of pitching.  Attendees are divided into interest groups based on what they want to do during Launch48.  The interest groups are spaced evenly around the room.  The interest groups are:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Business and Finance

Each chosen business idea is called out and attendees who want to participate in the current business idea come forward.  Launch48 encourages attendees to evenly distribute themselves across the different groups, for example if all the developers go with one idea then the other ideas are likely to not have enough developers, and the developers are not going to have as much opportunity to work on an idea.

People can always move groups after they have joined one group.  This often occurs because:

  1. A team is missing a key skill
  2. Someone wants to move teams
  3. Someone’s skills would be better used by another team