Exciting news – Amazon Web Services and Google

Hello fellow Launch48 attendees

What? You’re not attending?  You best register very very soon because we are nearly all sold out!

For those that are attending, we have good news.  Amazon Web Services will be sponsoring Launch48 by supplying each group with servers during the Launch48 weekend until after the Launch48 Follow-up Event in December.  This means each Launch48 group will be able to use the powerful Amazon Web Services that include EC2, S3, and their other wonderful cloud-based services.  Not sure what this means?  Want to find out more information?  Visit http://aws.amazon.com

Speaking of the follow-up event, Google has generously offered to host the follow-up event at their London-based office early December.  Full details will be included in the Launch48 booklet, and the event will be invite-only due to limited numbers.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, and don’t forget to purchase your tickets before they all sell out!