Dennis Publishing’s take on Launch48

dennis_logoSo we are now in the Summer of new business launches (and I think I missed most of Spring, managing start ups and young families has always been a difficult). But as I come in on Sunday my thoughts are full of admiration for the groups, how hard they are working, how comfortable they are already in each others company, it would be great to bottle this.

As anybody that works with me will know I have a very simple plan for business success, namely focusing on your people, your customers and your product. The hardest thing to do over a weekend such as this is really pay enough attention to the customer part of plan, whether it is your users, affiliates or willing advertisers you plan to draw to this new venture. It is hard because you won’t find out until Monday, what these potential customers really think of your weekend efforts and the production side of the project overwhelms you as you strive to get something out by that cruel deadline.

So my advice is this. Give your business development people a cuddle and a little bit more time today. Focusing on that plan, that first deal, first sign up, first agreement in principle, first £1000 is key. It gives everyone hope and will be the difference between you meeting up next year as business partners or just friends. Either way, in building a business the most important part is your People, you want them committed, flexible, appreciative and fun. I think each group has that. So you are half way there, just the last 50% to find!

Julian Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director of Advertising, Dennis Publishing