decisionsdecisions status update

A manic day of work has found the DecisionsDecisions team working flat out to create our site.

We have a constantly evolving and improving site thanks to the astounding effort from our dedicated developers. We hope to have a complete prototype by 5pm.

We suffered from some disagreements amongst the business and marketing group members following a dissection of the business model by Bindi from Microsoft. Her keen eye for detail exposed some critical flaws in the proposal, causing panic and mild hysteria.

The group had a fantastic session with the UX mentor who guided us through profiling users and suggested how to tailor the experience to that target.

With help from “the PR guy” at Dennis Publishing, we devised a campaign that involves ruining running Shed’s life. This day 2 campaign will see the site populated with Shed’s content and our control.

Next up is work on our blogs, social media accounts and finalising EVERYTHING. Less than half an hour to go…. PANNIIIICC

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