Corporate Hackathons

  • Innovation
  • Culture of ideas
  • Retain talent

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Why do a corporate hackathon?

In a world where technology is affecting every aspect of your consumers’ lives , your company needs to not just keep up, but stay ahead of the pack.

  • Get your teams to innovate and get new ideas flowing within the business, outside of ordinary environments.
  • Give your teams the stimulus to find new approaches to age-old problems.
  • Help your company stay abreast of markets that are changing at a rapid pace.
  • Attract, retain and energise your best talent

The energy and atmosphere we create at your corporate hackathon will help foster a new way of thinking within your organisation – where collaboration and innovation are the norm, and where ideas don’t just belong to one department. Your teams will become inspired and challenged, and will learn the tools and speed of startup development, bringing that learning back into the organisation.

``We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them.`` Albert Einstein
``We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used to create them.`` Albert Einstein

What happens at an Oxygen Corporate Hackathon?

We can tailor your experience to suit your company’s needs. Typically, our hackathons are a 48 hour event with the following format:

Day 1 (evening)

Challenge: Your company sets participants a big scale challenge that they need to solve.
60 second pitches: Anyone can pitch an idea for a business; ideas can be anything from just dreamed up, or something you’ve been thinking about for ages.
Voting: The top 10 ideas are selected
Team formation: Pick which idea and team you want to work on for the weekend.
Oxygen Tech Gurus: Each team will be joined by a pair of Oxygen Tech Gurus, who are experienced designers and developers who work with each team to bring their ideas to life.


Day 2 (all day)

Learn new startup methodology through workshops led by our team.
Put together your business model using Oxygen Idea Maps
Board-meetings with expert mentors from different industries
Potential customers are brought in so that you can develop and test your idea
Build your app

Day 3 (all day)

Teams continue developing the app
Take part in pitching workshops to develop pitch content, delivery and presentation skills
Pitch to a panel of judges
One idea is selected as a winner

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How does Oxygen work with you?

Before the hackathon: We will work with your team to understand your strategy and desired outcomes, and we’ll ensure the relevant stakeholders are engaged along the way.

During the event: We will take care of all aspects of the event, including delivery of presentations and workshops, recruitment and training of mentors and all other logistics.

After: We can work with you to communicate the event throughout the organisation and sustain the results so that they have a long-term impact.

“With the Oxygen weekend we saw some fantastic ideas go from concept to real world functioning applications in such a short space of time. The future of public transport relies on innovation like this to meet the rapidly changing demands of the modern day commuter.” John McNicholas, Centro Chairman

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