Competition time! 5 Conference and Weekend Tickets Up For Grabs

Launch48 is running a competition to promote the Conference and Weekend events and to get everyone thinking about Pitches. We have 5 tickets to give away for the craziest business pitches submitted before Friday 17th September.

Each Launch48 Weekend begins with a couple of rounds of pitching to select the ideas that teams will work on for 48 hours. The best ideas are chosen using a simple show of hands from the weekend participants.

At previous events we have heard some spectacular pitches, but for this competition we’re asking entrants to think creatively. We want to see the 5 craziest business ideas. You have until Friday 17th September to submit your idea and we will announce the winners that evening – the top 5 will receive free tickets to the Conference and Weekend!

What exactly do we mean by “crazy”?
We are looking for ideas that you could describe as “viral”. The product should be a simple web app that users would really see some value in sharing. An amusing name that rolls off the tongue would help, perhaps something slightly cheeky. Business model, market share and the presentation of the pitch are important, but the main emphasis of this competition is focused on how quick and clever the marketing message is.

How do entrants submit their pitches?
Just blog your idea – that can be text, images, video, or something slightly different. Be creative! Then tweet a link to your blog post with the #Launch48 hashtag and we’ll reply to confirm we have received it.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or email help@launch48.com