May 18, 2013

The Launch48 Birmingham Teams

50 people came together on a Friday night in Birmingham to build something cool in a weekend. 25 people pitched their ideas, and 6 were chosen to be developed over 48 hours.

So, here they are – the Launch48 Birmingham Teams!


1. Entrepreneurs’ Lunch Club

Bid for face time with some of the most influential entrepreneurs this side of forever. Lunch, laugh, learn – all for charity.






2. Aiya

 Aiya is a revolutionary home system that comfortably learns your lifestyle to relax your daily routine, one step ahead of you.





3. Shared Memories

Join Shared Memories – a tool helping you create a bucket list, share with your friends & complete together.





4. Team Genes

Team Genes logo 1Team Genes is here to help businesses build the best teams & find the best people to fill the gaps.




5. SoulTradr

SoulTradrSoulTradr.com is the number one destination for buying and selling souls. Are you looking to sell your soul? Need some quick cash to pay off your debt collectors or drug dealers? Or maybe you are struggling under the weight of your halo and want to save some souls? Now Soultradr.com makes it possible to buy and sell souls instantly! SoulTradr.com- Because you’re not worth it…




6. Friend Alert

friendalert2Friend Alert brings you and your friends together, wherever you are.



December 7, 2012

Launch48 Showcase Review

Launch48 Showcase took place at Innovation Warehouse on Wednesday and even if we do say so ourselves it was a great event.

16 startups setup shop and exhibited in front of 100+ guests from a range of professions. Informal pitches were done, feedback given and business cards exchanged and we hope everyone left with contacts and networks that they didn’t have before the event.

A small competition was included in Launch48 Showcase and we recruited seven top entrepreneurs and investors to judge the startups in four categories. A huge thank you goes out to our judges:

  • Jon Bradford – CEO of Springboard.
  • Hugh Chappel – Investor.
  • Simon Jenner – CEO of Oxygen Accelerator.
  • James Kightley – founder of AngelHub.
  • James Parton – Director of European Marketing at Twilio.
  • Julian Ranger – Investor.
  • Ben Tompkins – General Partner at Eden Ventures.

And the winners were….

B2C Launch48 Showcase Winner sponsored by Eden Ventures

BuyMyWardrobe provides a trusted online venue for individuals and businesses to buy and sell pre-owned designer fashion.

B2B Launch48 Showcase Winner sponsored by Smith and Williamson

A Launch48 alumni team, Unifyo is a disruptive data integration tool which helps customer facing employees at SMEs to get 360 customer profiles inside any website while they browse.

Launch48 Showcase One-to-Watch Award sponsored by Twilio

Hobzy is a social network built around your hobbies and interests. Rather than show you content based on who you already know we find the most interesting content based on what you do and like.

Launch48 Showcase Team Award sponsored by AngelHub

Weboo has developed Fliplet. Fliplet help companies build and maintain their own iPads apps without development or design skills. The product is easy to use, offers immediate results and can be used to produce apps for the app store or for use within companies (private apps).

A huge thank you to all the teams that showcased and all the attendees that made the event great. The next event is in April 2013 to coincide with the conclusion of Launch48 LaunchPad.

Launch48 Showcase was sponsored by:


October 20, 2012

Meet the London Launch48 Weekend teams

Announcing the London Launch48 Weekend teams; here’s what we’re all working furiously on this weekend:

Voiced is a suggestions and improvement platform for products and services. Follow Voiced on Twitter @voicedHQ and find out why they are at Launch48 in this 20 second video

Shiftr.tv is an online free TV recorder that allows you to watch what you want, how you want. Follow Shiftr.tv on Twitter @shiftrTV find out what Shiftr.tv do and why they’re at Launch48 in this short video.

Nine Studios aims to bring the SMART home to the masses. We’re initially developing an online store that focuses on selling well designed compatible SMART home products. We eventually want to move into designing our own products and systems. Follow on Twitter @nine_designs

Co to Work is the place where employees get paid to refer their friends for available posts. Employees get paid referrals and businesses save money by using their existing employees network.

Uploadr is a simple way for everybody to do something they’ve needed a programmer for until now: upload files to any website.  It works for all the document, audio and video files people use in their daily life, and it works on any site. Follow Uploadr on twitter @uploaderio, find out what uploadr.io do and why they came to Launch48 in this 20 second video.

Every step tells a story. Use FeetShot.com to tell yours. Share images with a brand new perspective: show us where you stand. Follow Feetshot on Twitter @feetshot and watch a 30 second video on Vimeo

CareerMentor.Me is an interactive web-based career-coaching platform designed to manage individuals through the process of career planning and job-hunting in a systematic and manageable format.
84% of people are unhappy in their career. Don’t be one of them.

My Festival Fix is a web-based app that allows festival-goers to plan their festival experience: what to take, what to expect, who to see; and to share this with their friends.  The aim is to make organising a trip to a festival super easy and leave more time for fun. Find out how they pivoted and what they learnt in this short video

Sellplex is disrupting the eCommerce industry by providing sellers the ability to list on multiple platforms simultaneously with minimum effort. Follow Sellplex on Twitter @sellplex

September 12, 2012

I’m not technical, what can I do?

A common question we get asked at Launch48 is,
“I’m not technical, what can I do?”

We thought it would be easier to write down a list of the key actions we think a non-technical team member can do during the Launch48 Weekends.

Refine the business plan.
Where does your company fit in the market? Now is the time to do some major competitor analysis and find out what they are doing well and how you will beat them. Answering questions such as:

  1. What is their value proposition?
  2. What customer demographic are they targeting?
  3. How have they tailored their product design and voice to this customer demographic?
  4. What keywords do they target in their SEO?
  5. How are we going to better the above?

We recommend using tools such as the business model canvas to help visualise your business plan.

Do some finances.
A critical part of the formation of a startup is to understand what you are going to spend and when you will start to see money. All startups require a small amount of capital outlay. Use this time to work out what that will be and how the company will be able to pay for it.

Schmooze some investors.
There will be active investors at Launch48. They are there because they want to find entrepreneurs to invest in, this is your time to show them you are that entrepreneur. Get to know all of the mentors and start to find out what they look for when investing in a startup, take this feedback and start to apply it to your startup.

Marketing & Sales.
At the very least you want to have a plan of action, for the more pro-active person you will be finding initial customers and reaching out to them. The internet is a 24/7 entity, there will always be someone you want to communicate with on the net waiting for you to find them.

If you are more sales focused you will be focusing on creating your sales hit list, preparing your sales pitch and materials and identifying your sales proposition.

There is a lot of copywriting to do and it is not the “interns” job. The written word is one of a startups most powerful tools, this is your chance to add credibility, form a first impression, and communicate your message, if you get this wrong then you won’t be seeing that visitor again. It’s not just the website that needs copy, you also need to focus on:

  1. Welcome emails.
  2. Presentations.
  3. Sales materials and verbal pitches.
  4. Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter bio’s.
  5. Blog posts.

Product design.
There is a huge amount of skill required to design a great product, however a novice can work on basic mockups and prototyping. You can reach for the pen and pad of paper (if you remember what they are) and start knocking up some basic page designs. You could even start to plan some A/B test of page designs.

Bond with your team.
These are the people you could be spending a significant amount of time with. Working in a high pressure situation to achieve the goals you will be setting. You need to figure out if these are the people you want to do that with – it is not a bad thing if you figure out the answer is no, at least you found out early and gave it a go.

Have fun.

Not signed up for the London Launch48 Weekend between the 19th and 21st October? Visit london.launch48.com to sign up now.

July 31, 2012

Launch48 has been acquired

It’s official, Launch48 has been acquired by Oxygen Enterprise Partners the operator of Oxygen Accelerator.

Launch48 is extremely excited by what this will mean for the organisation. In particular Launch48 will benefit from:

  • More dedicated people working on the business (more to be announced soon)
  • More events
  • Greater support of the UK and International startup community
  • More resources to support the community
  • A strong relationship with Oxygen Accelerator

Read the full press release with the full details. Join our newsletter to be kept informed over the coming months of our next London event date and other exciting changes.

July 20, 2012

Momentous.me Shell LiveWIRE award help

Recently we heard that MomentousMe, who started after Launch48 Birmingham in March 2012, has been shortlisted for a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award. Now they need our help to vote them through.

According to MomentousMe, they are a daily deals site with a difference. They offer exceptional activities and experiences at a discounted price allowing you to make everyday momentous!  They also offer the ability for people to create, discuss and blog about a wish list of experiences that MomentousMe will try to help people achieve.

Their web site is available at www.momentous.me

To vote for MomentousMe you will need to visit http://www.shell-livewire.org/awards/grand-ideas-awards/ and click the ‘Vote Now’ button in the banner then find their video and vote (voting requires you have a LiveWIRE account).

July 18, 2012

Launch gaming conference

For those of our readers are love gaming and want or are starting a business in the gaming industry, you may want to check out the upcoming Launch conference on the 13th & 14th November 2012 as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week at Birmingham Science Park.

The super early bird offer has been extended, tickets are only £99.00 for both days (full price is £249.00).

Companies speaking at the event include:

  • Codemasters
  • Sega
  • Guardian
  • Activision
  • Vodafone
  • EA games

Discount ends 31st July 2012, full details and event information can be found at http://launchconference.co.uk

July 11, 2012

Springboard Mobile applications extended

In case you weren’t aware, Springboard Mobile has extended their application period.

If you’re a startup, you’re building a mobile product, service or technology you may want to consider applying to Springboard’s first mobile-only accelerator. Here are the facts you need:

  • £15,000 per team
  • 3 to 6%
  • From Sep 10th to Nov 30th 2012
  • Lots of free services from F6S deals
  • Based in London at Google Campus

Applications are open via F6S now and close on Sunday the 22nd of July 2012. For more information read their Springboard Mobile blog post.

June 26, 2012

Oxygen Accelerator applications open

If you’re a startup looking to rapidly grow your knowledge, size and funds then you may want to consider Oxygen Accelerator. It seems Oxygen has overhauled their program and funding for this year’s program and it now includes:

  • A 13-week acceleration phase remains the same as last year but will run Oct – Jan (breaking for Christmas).
  • A further 13-week incubation programme which starts straight after the 13-week accelerator (total 26 weeks)
  • The investment amount has increased from €6,000 to €7,500 per founder, maximum of 3 founders per team
  • They offer up to €6000 as a re-location allowance to help startups move to Birmingham, UK
  • An additional €12,500 of investment is available for the incubation phase for a further 2% of equity
  • The total potential investment for the whole 26 weeks is €41,000 for 10% equity.
  • €100,000 worth of free services is also available to teams from companies like rackspace, paypal & uservoice.
  • Office space for the full 26 weeks is included

This programme looks different to a lot of others because:

  1. The initial accelerator followed by an incubation programme means startups will finish the programme and continue to have support from Oxygen during any further investment offers made following demo day
  2. The relocation fee makes it easier for teams to move to the UK to participate making it easier to join the accelerator

Applications for this year’s programme close on 31st July 2012 and the programme commences on 1st October 2012. Adil and Ian from Launch48 will be mentoring at Oxygen Accelerator again this year.

For more information visit http://oxygenaccelerator.com

June 22, 2012

Launch48 returns to Sydney July 6-8

Launch48′s recent Melbourne event was deemed very successful with some great feedback, some of which can be ready in this review by The Fetch Blog

If you’re interested to participate in a Launch48 event, live near Sydney, Australia don’t miss the upcoming event:

When: Friday Jul 6 – Sunday Jul 8

Where: Marque Lawyers, Level 4, 343 George St

Get your tickets now!

You can hear what Joe thought of Launch48 in Melbourne and what he’s doing now:

May 13, 2012

Launch48 Melbourne returns 1-3 of June 2012

After successful Melbourne and Sydney events in 2011, Launch48 Australia is back this year with its first event in Melbourne at the York Butter Factory on the 1st to the 3rd of June.

Buoyed by the support of our circle of past attendees, we’ve got more planned for this year, including another event in Sydney!

Tickets available now at Launch48 Melbourne and register your interest now for the upcoming Launch48 Sydney.

May 9, 2012

Launch48 alumni join Springboard and 500 Startups Accelerators

Congratulations to Bluefields and HipSnip for recently begining their journeys in Startup Accelerator land.

HipSnip – a social shopping system – recently started their 3 month journey with Springboard, a UK-based accelerator program.  They are doing extremely well and are closing deals with new clients and developing new releationships.

Bluefields – a sports management system – announced today they have been accepted into 500 Startups in USA. They only recently moved over to the US and we wish them all the best on their journey.

If you’re considering an accelerator make sure you check out Launch48′s Startup Programs page and please let Launch48 know if you’re an alumni and involved in any similar programs.

May 3, 2012

Launch48 Birmingham Meetup

I was just informed of a Launch48 meetup in Birmingham on Thursday May the 24th, 2012.

If you have attended a Launch48 event, such as the Launch48 Birmingham event held in March 2012, this could be a great opportunity to meetup with past Launch48 people and catchup.

This isn’t a formal Launch48 event but we are excited to be helping the organisers to reach out and promote events that support the Launch48 community. If you organise a Launch48 meetup event please don’t hesitate to email us the details and we will do our best to promote it for you.

Register for the Launch48 Birmingham Meetup.

April 23, 2012

Launch48 is looking for a CEO

Do you want to have a big impact on lots of entrepreneurs globally?

Launch48 is looking for a CEO to drive the business forward and build on its successes. If you’re entrepreneurial, like working with lots of people, have experience managing a community and running events –  you may be what we’re looking for.

Launch48 is 4 years old and was started by Adil and Ian, two passionate entrepreneurs who wanted to help grass-root entrepreneurs to meet other people, mentors, and companies that could help them achieve their goals. Throughout the 4 years Launch48 has achieved a lot:

  • Over 1.700 attendees
  • Over 17 events
  • UK, Australia, Romania and Moldova events
  • Busy website and social media channels
  • A fantastic board made up of Resham Sohoni – CEO of Seedcamp, Hugh Chappel – investor and successful entrepreneur, and Julian Ranger – investor and successful Entrepreneur.

Adil and Ian have been running Launch48 in parallel with other ventures and it’s time Launch48 found someone to focus on it 110%, grow it, and make the most of the opportunities available to it. This is why we are looking for a CEO.

If you’d like to apply please review the CEO Role Description and apply before the 11th of May 2012.

April 19, 2012

Interviews from a range of entrepreneurs – Start Uploaded

Recently I was told Start Uploaded, the guys behind the recent Launch48 London event video, launched their website.

It’s got some great videos on it and is really well organised. Start Uploaded is hoping to capture great entrepreneurial stories, put them online as videos, and link viewers with suppliers the entrepreneurs recommend. It’s a great idea and gives viewers a chance to take the entrepreneurs advice and use their trusted sources.

They cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Insight – things entrepreneurs wished they knew
  • Space – where to you base your startup
  • Legal – the best legal advisors
  • Design – how to approach and manage design
  • Accounts – the best finance advisors
  • Technology – managing technology
  • Fundraising – how to raise cash
  • Misc – everything else!

Visit Start Uploaded if you’re after some entertaining videos covering a wide range of topics.

You can see all the videos they have uploaded from Launch48 on the Launch48 search results page.

Looking for a co-founder? New event launching

I heard of this great new event today being host at Google Campus next week. If you’re looking for a founder you may want to check it out:
Founders Fit helps you connect with highly talented and experienced designers, technologists and business people who are willing to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with you. We are running our first pilot at Google Campus.
Date: 25 April 2012, 6-9pm
Venue: Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London EC2A 4BX
Register and find out more: http://bit.ly/HWBQvO

April 13, 2012

Upcoming Conferences – Dibi, Bacon, On The Edge

It’s clearly conference time in the UK and that means lots of great events to attend. Here is a list of upcoming events that we hope Launch48 alumni are interested in. Where possible we have secured a special discount for Launch48 readers:

Dibi Conference – Newcastle – April 17th

Design It Build It (DIBI) conference educates developers and designers in a multi-stream conference held in central Newcastle. There are only a few £299.00 tickets left for this conference as it is on Tuesday next week, but if you’re fast you may get one. They have a long list of impressive tech and creative people involved.


Bacon – London – April 20-21st

Bacon is a conference by developers, for developers. Come along to be inspired, keep up to date with the latest tech and connect to world leaders in data science, web development and hardware. If you want to hear from some of the leading startups and meet with top hackers, Bacon is the event for you. Speakers include Hilary Mason (bit.ly), Zach Holman (GitHub) and Chris Haseman (Tumblr).

Use ‘LAUNCH48′ to get a £60 discount when you signup at http://devslovebacon.com

On The Edge – London – June 21st

A one-day marketing conference and networking event with a line-up from brands including News International, Red Bull, Barclays and Wunderman.

Quote Launch48′s special promotional code ‘L48100′ to get a £100 discount on your conference ticket http://ontheedgelive.co.uk

April 4, 2012

Exeter Launch48 Summary Video

Wow, recently Launch48 events have been a hot video topic, and Launch48 Exeter held in March was no exception. Ross Gill was on site and made an extremely high quality video summarising what Launch48 is and demonstrating what was achieved at Launch48 Exeter.

Are you thinking of coming to a Launch48 event? Don’t miss this fantastic video:

Launch48 Exeter! Summary video by Ross Gill from Inspire Conference – Launch48 on Vimeo.

March 19, 2012

Learn about social media with UCL and Launch48

Ian Broom, founder of Launch48, has partnered with SMILE and HELO programs from UCL to run 2 social media information sessions.

The sessions are:
SMILE and HELO Social Media for Start-Ups: Understanding social media for business
Learn about the different social media channels, which are suitable for your business, and find out how other businesses are using social media.
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 from 5:45 PM to 8:45 PM at UCL in central London

SMILE and HELO Social Media for Start-Ups: Make social media work for your business
Learn how to effectively use social media for your business, create a social media marketing plan, use different tools to manage social media depending on your businesses size, confirm if your marketing is working, and what to be mindful of as social media evolves.
Thursday, March 29, 2012 from 5:45 PM to 8:45 PM at UCL in central London

If you’d like to come you need to be a registered company based in London and contact Anna Thomlinson from UCL and she will be able to add you to the guest list: akt4@hotmail.com

March 5, 2012

Launch48 Exeter launched 2 new startups

Launch48 Exeter was held last weekend at the fantastic Innovation Centre at Exeter University. The sun was shining and the team were working hard to launch their new business ideas before 5 pm on Sunday. A huge thank you goes out to our sponsors:

The results were:

Quiz with me

Status: Website live

Quiz with me aimed to enhance the experience of playing quizzes with friends through adding the use of smart phones and creating engaging challenges for players.

Based on the idea that most pub quizzes ban the use of smart phones, Rob pitched the idea of embracing the idea. Based on the number of people interested to play pub quizzes and using smart phones, they attempted to marry to the 2 into something special.



Status: Live

NutriMunch is trying to make everyone healthier 1 meal plan at a time. In order to reduce the barriers to great meal plans and to encourage the public to eat healthier food, NutriMunch built a system that allows visitors to find, review, and add meal plans.  Ultimately they hope to add a premium offering that includes custom meal plans from trained nutritionists and complimentary products.

Why not add your favourite meal plan now?


Launch48 Newcastle – April 27 to 29

Launch48 is heading north to Newcastle to host an event at Northumbria University on April the 27th to 29th 2012. The event will be the first event in Newcastle and Launch48 is very excited. We will be bringing a great list of mentors, some ex Launch48 attendees, some mentors from London, and of course lots of locals to help run the event on the day.

Receive over £1,500.00 worth of startup tools to help your business succeeed

All ticket purchases include access to the Launch48 Newcastle Goody Bag worth over £1,500.00 – use it at or after Launch48

  • When Friday the 27th of April to Sunday 29th of April 2012. See the agenda for full details
  • Where Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, Falconar Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1UY. See the directions for a map and accommodation
  • Cost From £29.95 including drinks on Friday and drinks and pizza on Sunday. Purchase tickets now
  • Bring Business ideas, creativity, business cards, laptop/tablet
  • Receive Launch48 Newcastle Goody Bag worth over £1,500.00 – use it at or after Launch48

February 19, 2012

Launch48 London’s new Startups

Launch48 London is over and what an event! 9 teams – the highest number of teams Launch48 has ever had at any Launch48 event.

Below is a summary of the ideas that were worked on at Launch48 London.  Keep in mind, these ideas were only worked on for 48 hours so they are all very new. Congratulations to all the teams and we look forward to seeing which of these startups is the next Launch48 Success Story.


Status: Landing page online

QuickFlog simplifies the process of selling your product online through multiple channels such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, and more. They intend to launch and add additional sales channels over time.


Nosy Neighbour

Status: Early version

Aggregates local news from your neighbourhood including safety, news, what’s on, property, community, and classifieds. They will launch initially in London and spread to other large cities.



Status: Early version

Vouback improve the customer feedback experience by allowing customers to supply feedback on mobile phones. After supplying feedback the customer receives a voucher to incentivise them to return to the store.


Watch Them Grow

Status: Website online

Capture multimedia of your child as you grow and upload the content to watch them grow. The system securely stores the content and offers complimentary merchandise.



Status: Pre-launch

Tool for small and medium business to increase the rate and frequency of their customers returning to their store. It will be a mobile app that allows businesses to capture client data and message their customers using images and text through facebook, twitter, or email.

We help you complain

Status: Pre-launch

When you’re not satisfied with your service provider. They are going to help you complain, without the pain.


Kill the nicotine monster

Status: Pre-launch

An app that motivates smokers to quit smoking, tracks smokers progress quitting, and aggregates statistics about smokers.

Project Groundhog

Status: Pre-launch

Present a voucher to customers who return to an ecommerce website to increase the liklihood they will purchase when they return.


Inbox Unified

Status: Launched

A Google Chrome extension that integrates social media notifications from facebook, twitter and linkedin into Gmail.


February 6, 2012

Birmingham Launch48, get ready Midlands – March 16 to 18

Launch48 Birmingham will be held on Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th of March 2012 at Birmingham Science Park – block your diaries now!

Launch48 returns to Birmingham for the first time in over 12 months, and we are looking forward to it for a number of reasons:

  • E4F is currently incubating over 20 companies in Birmingham
  • Oxygen Accelerator ran in Birmingham and supported 9 new startups including Launch48′s Fashiny
  • Over 98 mentors participated in Oxygen Accelerator increasing the amount of technology aware mentors in the city
  • Birmingham Science Park has embraced the startup was and now has more tech startups than ever before
  • Tech events like the LAUNCH gaming conference and other meetups have sprung up all over the city

In a nutshell, Birmingham has a lot to offer startups right now.  So Launch48 is going to help create some new Birmingham startups!

  • When Friday the 16th of March to Sunday 18th of March 2012. See the agenda for full details
  • Where Birmingham Science Park Aston, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street, Birmingham, B7 4BB. See the directions for a map and accommodation
  • Cost From £29.95 including drinks on Friday and drinks and pizza on Sunday. Purchase tickets now

Tickets start from £29.95 and can be purchased now.

February 1, 2012

Fashiny.com – Launch48′s first success story video

If you’re thinking of coming to a upcoming Launch48 events you might want to check out our first Launch48 success story from Fashiny.

Fashiny is a fashion recommendation engine who started in June 2011 at Launch48 Kingston. From there they went on to complete Oxygen Accelerator, receive funding, and launch their first product.

You can learn about their journey and they tips for Launch48 and startups in their 10 minute video on the Success Stories page.

January 27, 2012

Mi Expo awards – startups enter for free

Launch48 is supporting the upcoming Marketing Innovation Expo (MI Expo) as so many of the ideas that come our of Launch48 are either looking to market their startup or in the marketing industry.

The MI Expo is offering startups the opportunity to enter their awards for free, which is a fantastic opportunity considering the exposure winners will receive.

Some of the awards available include:

  • Innovative use of social media
  • Innovative use of mobile marketing
  • Innovative start-up 2012
  • Innovative technology 2012

Further they are running a conference which will cover:

  • Techniques that are delivering success for marketers
  • Digital trends driving the market place
  • Which new platforms are hot & set to explode in 2012
  • The hot new marketing start-ups for 2012
  • New opportunities for marketers in 2012

Speakers at the Expo include representatives from Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Virgin Media, 10 Downing Street, The British Army, PeerIndex, Adjustyourset, Youtube, Buyapowa & many more.

To enter the awards visit www.marketinginnovationawards.com

Launch48 readers can also get a 20% discount using promocode 20LAUNCH. For full event details & to book your place at MI Expo visit www.marketinginnovationexpo.com

January 23, 2012

Launch48 Exeter tickets on sale now – March 2 to 4

This is the first Launch48 event to be held in the South West of England and we are excited to be holding it in Exeter.

  • When Friday the 2nd of March to Sunday 4th of March 2012. See the agenda for full details
  • Where The Innovation Centre, Rennes Drive, University of Exeter, Exeter, EX4 4RN. See the directions for a map and accommodation
  • Cost From £29.95 including drinks on Friday and drinks and pizza on Sunday. Purchase tickets now
  • Bring Business ideas, creativity, business cards, laptop/tablet

Don’t miss it and we look forward to seeing you in March!

January 8, 2012

3 new videos from the Inspire Conference

If you attended the Inspire Conference mid 2011 you may remember a number of panels and interviews taking place.  The wait is over, they are now online!

There are plenty of other Inspire Conference and Launch48 videos available in our growing video library.

January 5, 2012

London Launch48 announced – Feb 17 to 19

Launch48 is returning to London to kick off 2012 with a bang!

Following the success of Launch48 at University College London last year Launch48 is returning to host what will no doubt be an even bigger event.

Last event saw 5 teams develop ideas from car sharing to finding a good lunch. Over 15 mentors attended from Google, Sky, Seedcamp, Oxygen Accelerator, and Timeout.

If you want to start a business in 2012, or meet entrepreneurially minded people, grab your early bird ticket now for just £29.95!

  • When Friday the 17th of Februrary to Sunday 19th of February 2012. See the agenda for full details
  • Where UCL Engineering Front Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE. See the directions for a map and accommodation
  • Cost From £29.95 including drinks on Friday and drinks and pizza on Sunday. Purchase tickets now
  • Bring Business ideas, creativity, business cards, laptop/tablet

Full details are available on http://london.launch48.com

December 23, 2011

Springboard’s Christmas Present to Start-ups

Springboard, the 13-week accelerator boot-camp programme, today announced an early Christmas present for start-ups who apply to the Springboard London programme – a virtual goodie bag.

With support from Microsoft, SendGrid, Twilio, Google, FreeAgent and Pivotal Tracker, Springboard has created a virtual goodie bag worth over £350 for any start-up who makes an application for the Springboard London programme, which starts in early 2012.

In addition, start-ups selected to participate in the Springboard programmes both in London and Cambridge will get additional services from a number of these companies. Microsoft, for example, has generously offered £40,000 of free cloud hosting over two years to each Springboard team.


November 9, 2011

Launch48 London in a video

A video from Launch48 London has been created by the team at UCL Enterprise Society, our gracious hosts for Launch48 London. The video includes some testimonials and highlights from the final presentations:

November 1, 2011

Launch48 Sydney results

The following teams presented at Launch48 Sydney earlier this year, this is another great set of business ideas:

Happy Tribe – A platform to connect charities, individuals and corporations to coordinate and aggregate social contributions. Gives people a place to track their many social contributions to various charities and causes and gives corporates a tool for managing the volunteer effort in their Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR initiatives.

Sitting Social – Connecting pet lovers so they can look after each others pets on holidays and coordinating pet events like get togethers.

Give Teams – A platform to make group gift giving easier, get people together, organise contributions and select a gift all in the one place. Takes the hassle out of chasing people and simplifies the endless back and forth when organising groups to give for 21st birthdays, weddings or farewells at work.

Locongo – Real People. Unreal Experiences. Connecting real locals with travellers looking for an authentic, local experience.

October 31, 2011

Launch48 London summary

Thank you to everyone who attended Launch48 London including our fantastic sponsors X.com, Viadeo and our special hosts UCL Enterprise Society.  Thanks for the last minute support from Springboard for the pizza on Sunday night too!

The final presentations were a lot of fun with 75 attendees and 5 teams presenting, below are the URLs and a description. Note – the sites are unfinished:

Eat In The Street – The street food vendor directory site collected a number of vendor’s from Bricklane Market and created their own branded stickers which most people at Launch48 on Sunday ended up wearing.

Float My Note – A system to anonymously post content (balloons) online and support anonymous responses. Users have the ability to track a balloon to see other people’s comments.

Beauty Minis – A system that will capture cosmetic preference data from users then work with cosmetic brands to send relevant samples to key users. After the user receives a sample additional data will be collected and fed back to to the brands.

Styletab – A tablet-based system for browsing and purchasing products. It offers a refined interface that is specifically suited to tablets.

CarTime – Attempting to fix car sharing by focussing on specific areas in the UK and adding value to car sharing such as learning French or listening to a genre of music.

If you missed out on Launch48 London you can sign up to our newsletter to be notified when our next event is announced.

October 7, 2011

Seedhack founder collaboration agreement

Seedcamp has released a new document designed to help early stage companies start working together.

The Seedcamp web site states the document:

is designed for a newly formed team to agree on what each founder’s shareholding should be as well as how to make sure that each founder puts a continued effort throughout the lifetime of the company in order to keep their equity stake.

You can download the documents now from the Seedcamp web site.

Mozilla Festival arrives in London

Are you passionate about the web, web standards, HTML5, CSS3, and how new technologies can help to improve our world and be used innovatively?

If you are then you may want to consider attending Mozilla Festival on November the 4 to 6 at Ravensbourne College in London.  The event will be an interesting mixture of different industries to make for a mamouth hackday event including people from:

  • developers
  • gamers
  • designers
  • teachers
  • reporters and journalists
  • activists

Overall it looks very exciting and it will be a great events.  What’s more it is being run by the fantastic guys at Mozilla, so I have no doubt it will be worthwhile.

Purchase your ticket from here.

September 25, 2011

Launch48 Sydney Announced Oct 28-30

Calling all Aussies, the next Launch48 Australia event has been announced.

After the success of Launch48 Melbourne earlier this year and the level of interest in a Sydney event, Grant, Daniel, and Tim have organised their second event.

When Fri Oct 28 (from 6 pm) to Sun Oct 30 (to 9 pm) – The same dates as Launch48 London.

Where Atlassian, 173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney (map)

How Get tickets here

Kickstart your business with CEME

CEME Innovation Centre, to the west of London in a fantastic new building, is offering 11 prizes to promising new startups.  If you send them your business plan you could win the major prize of:

  • Meeting or conference room at the CEME Conference Centre, a great venue for a product launch or promotional event – I’ve seen it and it really is awesome.
  • Office or workshop space at CEME Innovation Centre for one year
  • Support developing a marketing strategy and plan
  • A business mentor and a tailored package of workshops
  • Meeting with an Angel Investor Manager
  • HR Support
  • Cash

10 runners up will receive:

  • A half days meeting or conference room at CEME Innovation Centre
  • A year’s free Virtual Office service at CEME Innovation Centre
  • A tailored package of workshops

All you have to do is email d.nix@oxin.co.uk your business plan.  For more information see http://www.launchpadceme.co.uk/


September 17, 2011

Pitching and insight at techpitch 4.5

Are you new to pitching? Do you want to quickly learn what works and doesn’t?

Techpitch 4.5 is coming up on the 5th of October with keynote speaker Steve O’Hear who founded Beepl and writed for TechCrunch Europe and other blogs.

They will also have a number of startups pitching whose pitches will be reviewed by a panel including:

  • Danvers Baillieu, Bootlaw and Pinsent and Masons
  • Harry Briggs, Balderton Capital
  • Robert Higginson, Par Equity
  • Femi Adesina, Girlygeekdom + creative technologist
  • Liz Wilson, Albion
  • Steve O’Hear, beepl

Tickets are available now for just over £20.00 when you enter ‘LAUNCH48′ as the discount code on www.4pt5.co.uk

September 9, 2011

First Viadeo London Hackday Sept 30

Launch48 has partnered with Viadeo to help host their first Viadeo Hackday.  The event is being held at Innovation Warehouse near Farringdon Tube from 6:30 pm on Friday 30th September until 7.30pm on Saturday October 1st.

It is a FREE event with Viadeo supplying plenty of food and drink to keep all attendees hacking for a full 24 hours.  The event is intended for developers, designers, and startups to learn about Viadeo’s APIs and hack either a new app together or integrate their technology into an existing app.

You should come if you love APIs, want to meet other devs and designers and enjoy free pizza and beer! Participants will also get the opportunity to win great prizes including an all-expenses paid trip to Le Web in Paris.

Register at http://dev.viadeo.com/londonhackday

August 23, 2011

Launch48 returns to London Oct 28-30

Launch48 and UCL are holding the first London Launch48 event of 2011 at UCL.  We are very excited as we haven’t run an event in central London for over 2 years, and this event will be held in the center of London.

This event has already received numerous enquiries about mentoring and attending.  Unfortunately we are only offering limited tickets in order to ensure all attendees receive appropriate attention from mentors and sponsors, and to ensure we can keep team sizes reasonble.

When: Friday the 28th of October to Sunday 30th of October. See the agenda for full details
Where: UCL Engineering Front Building, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 6. See the directions for a map and accommodation
Cost: From £29.95 including drinks on Friday and drinks and pizza on Sunday. Purchase tickets now
Bring: Business ideas, creativity, business cards, laptop/tablet

We hope you can make it!

August 9, 2011

London Startup Leadership Program applications open

The Startup Leadership Program is a 6 month program spread across a few Saturdays and 12 evening classes.  The program covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to people starting their own business and it sounds like it builds a strong bond between all who attend the event.

Statistics show that previous participants in the program have typically been in the technology field and together they have raised over $90 million in VC funding.  Last year over 140 people participated in the program globally.

It sounds like a great program that offers a lot to its participants.  Applications are screened and only the best people are accepted, the London program will only accept 25 participants.  If the participant can afford it, the program does ask for £250.00 from each participant.

If you would like more information or apply visit the London Chapter site. Applications close on the 15th of August.

August 1, 2011

Reverse conference has investors present to startups

Capital on Stage is a bit of a different conference, instead of startups pitching and investors listening they are attempting to turn the process on it’s head.  They hope investors will present and startups will listen.

This is a very interesting concept and I think it could be very valuable to startups who attend as they will hear from investors:

  • their views on the market
  • their added value
  • what they’re looking for in their next investments

The organisers have partnered with startup events, incubators, and accelerators such as Launch48 to ensure the audience contains high-growth, scalable startups.  Attendees will be able to book 20 minutes with different investors in the morning to discuss their business ideas with them.

If you would like to attend the event on the 14th of September 2011 in Amsterdam please complete this form and mention you’re from Launch48 so they know you’ve received some prior training.

July 26, 2011

2 hot startups – WeTeachMe and Tasksauce

In the last few days I have heard of 2 great startups launching into beta on opposite sides of the world. Both startups hope to help the community through connecting people to each other but for different reasons:

Teaching through WeTeachMe

WeTeachMe connects people who have a skill to share, with people who want to learn. It allows teachers to create a lesson and students can search and book via the site.

WeTeachMe started at Launch48 Melbourne earlier this year. Since then the team has shrunk but continued to work hard to release an updated version of their product.  They are currently focussed on 5 countries including the UK, US, and Australia and are using PayPal to manage payment. They intended to make money through a sales commission model.


Tasks through Tasksauce

Tasksauce is a simple system allows visitors to list odd jobs they need filling, a bit like Mechanical Turk but for physical as well as virtual tasks. Their model is similar to Task Rabbit in the US that has experienced strong growth.

People who have a task list it on the site and state how much they will pay, the money is held until the job is completed and the funds are released. Anyone can apply to do the tasks although they must have a credit check done which helps to ensure only serious people will apply to perform the task.


July 20, 2011

Going Going Bike needs your help

Going Going Bike has been listed as a finalist in the Venture Candy competition run by Metro Newspaper and they need your help to win it!  Please vote for them now and support startups within the Launch48 community.

Going Going Bike is a startup helping people to buy and sell bikes as well as other complimentary services.  To date they have funded the business themselves and they are looking to raise £300,000.00 to assist them to grow the business.  Winning this competition will help them by giving them access to a wide variety of services including promotion in the Metro newspaper worth £50,000.00.

James, from Going Going Bike, attended our recent Launch48 Kingston event.  It was great to hear that they were rapidly expanding yet he was still keen to spend a weekend exploring new business ideas and working with other entrepreneurs.

Vote for them now! It only takes 3 seconds.

Learn more about Going Going Bike or the Venture Candy competition.

July 19, 2011

Want to attend a Launch48 event near you?

We are planning a number of events for the 2011.  To help us know where there is demand for Launch48 events you’re welcome to complete this form below, or register for our newsletter to receive the latest Launch48 news.

July 8, 2011

HipSnip secures funding

Congratulations to HipSnip, the 2nd of the 2 Launch48 Launchpad companies wanting to raise money following the Launchpad demo day in February 2011.

HipSnip has been having a great time recently, they received some funding, they won Ericsson Application Awards Company Category for 2011 including €15,000.00, they employed some developers to increase the pace of product development and they settled into their new offices in Smithfield London at Innovation Warehouse where they sit a few desks away from Bluefields.com the other Launchpad company to raise funding following the Launchpad program.

We hope to hear more from HipSnip as their business progresses. If you want to learn more about their business please sign up for email updates at http://hipsnip.com

July 5, 2011

PepsiCo10 – win £10,000 and PepsiCo as a client

It seems it is the season for fantastic startup opportunities, and this is proving a great opportunity for Launch48 to promote a suite of programs and competitions for early stage startups to enter.

PepsiCo10 is one of these programs, run by PepsiCo in the USA last year, the program proved so successful it has expanded to Europe, Turkey, and Russia.

PepsiCo10 is looking for companies under 2 years old to enter with innovative technology products with the chance to win £10,000.00, PepsiCo as a client, and introductions to mentors and investors.

If your startup fits the bill apply now as applications close on the 15th of July 2011.

Here is a short video from last year’s US applicants:

June 27, 2011

Oxygen Accelerator prioritises Launch48 attendees

Oxygen Accelerator, a UK-based acceleration and investment program similar to Y-Combinator and TechStars in the US, is offering Launch48 attendees the opportunity to go straight to the interview stage of the application process.

Are you looking for:

If you’re looking for funding and want to work with other startups you may want to apply via the Oxygen Acceleration web site.  Full details are available on their web page.

Launch48 attendees: once you’ve applied, please contact Oxygen Accelerator via their contact us page and tell them you’re a Launch48 attendee to ensure they prioritise your application.

June 23, 2011

Inspire Conference roundup video

Thanks for newspepper for their fantastic coverage of the Inspire Conference.  The below video includes interviews with attendees and speakers.


The Inspire Conference Final version from Newspepper on Vimeo.

June 19, 2011

Seed money options and Moldova live stream

Launch48 has created a new page to support our teams find programs that may incubate and accelerate them.  If you are looking for investment or want to review your options for early stage funding, please have a look at our startup program page.

If you want to see what Launch48 Moldova has created please visit the live stream on http://moldova.launch48.com from 3:30 pm London/5:30 pm CEST (GMT+2) to see the 5 teams present.

June 14, 2011

Mendeley announce £10,000 API competition

Mendeley, the system that makes research easier and more fun, has announced a joint competition with PLoS, a library of scientific research, to award a series of prizes to developers who build interesting apps on top of their APIs.

The interesting thing about this competition is that the app being built could improve the lives of scientists and researchers, potentially improving the quality of research or the findings. Who knows, maybe your entry will help to change the world?

First prize is £10,000.00 and AWS credits, second prize is £5,000.00 and AWS credits, and third prize is £1,000.00 and a Parrot AR Drone (remote controlled flying toy controlled via iPhone). So the prizes are definitely worth going for.

This is very timely considering the upcoming Launch48 Moldova and Launch48 Kingston events where new startups could integrate and use these APIs. If you’re interested you can get an API key and enter at http://dev.mendeley.com/api-binary-battle/

June 10, 2011

Launch48 Moldova – 1 week away

If you live in Eastern Europe and you want to work on a new business idea, don’t miss Launch48 Moldova.

This event is going to be more like a weekend entrepreneurial retreat as the event is being held in Moldtelecom Training and Recreation Center 1 hour outside Chisinau.  A bus will collect attendees from Chisinau on Friday afternoon and take everyone to the venue for the 2 days.  The event includes transport, meals, and accommodation for the entire weekend.

I can’t wait for the event, the venue looks great and all the startups will literally live together for a few days which should bring teams closer and increase the amount of time that can be spent building the businesses and products.

Dan and I are flying in from London on Thursday, Octav, a mentor from Launch48 Romania, will also be travelling from Romania to join us.  Get your ticket now.

Birmingham’s first startup accelerator – apply now

If you’re a a startup looking for guidance and cash, you may want to look at Birmingham’s Oxygen Accelerator.  It is being run by long time friend and Launch48 support Simon Jenner who has been running E4F for the last couple of years.

They are offering an initial loan for £20,000.00, mentoring, and office space for their 13 week program.  Applications close the 30th of June, apply now if you’re interested.

Of course, Launch48 will be mentoring.

TechPitch 4.5 – do you want to pitch?

TechPitch 4.5 is back for a second event.  If you have a startup and want to pitch it may be a good event to apply for or you can simply buy a ticket if you want to see a good list of startups pitching.

Judges include:

Chaired by: Danvers Baillieu, Pinsent Masons / Bootlaw
Fraser Davidson, Preparation Capital
Alex Harvey, Silicon Valley Bank
Bindi Karia, Microsoft BizSpark
Rodolfo Rosini, Namaste / Angel Investor
Sitar Teli, Doughty Hanson

If you want to apply all you need to do is review the bottom section of http://www.4pt5.co.uk.  Applications close on the 17th of June 2011.

June 1, 2011

Inspire Conference Startup Exhibition Competition

Thanks to everyone who applied to our Inspire Conference startup exhibition competition.  There were so many good startups that entered, unfortunately we could only fit 5 in each day.  The 10 winners are:

  • Gavurin – A light weight, cloud based data visualization tool called G-View, designed to allow anybody, regardless of technical expertise, to manipulate, explore and get insight from data via attractive, intuitive visualizations.
  • MarketInvoice - Marketinvoice is an online marketplace for invoices, where small companies can sell invoices due from large corporates due in 30, 60 or 90 days to a network of investors.
  • colourDNA – colourDNA helps you discover new things to enjoy in life through Social Discovery. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant, movie, book or band, you no longer have to rely only on the suggestions of your small network of friends or risk the faceless written review sites. By sharing what you love, you get matched with new things to try out based on the interests of people with similar tastes
  • SourceRail – SourceRail is an advanced media monitoring tool with the capability to monitor the web for specific mentions of companies, competitors, clients, products, services or topics.
  • Eventasaurus – Eventasaurus is a dashboard for online event services. Dubbed “Tweetdeck for events”.
  • Lutebox – Lutebox is a social entertainment hub, where users can instantly stream premium entertainment content while socializing with friends through video-chats and simulcasts.
  • OWJO – Owjo is a social commerce service. Uniquely it handles transactions within the widget so users are not pushed off facebook (or any other platform that owjo works on) to a payments system.
  • HipSnip – HipSnip is a personal shopping application to get product advice, and solves the consumer problem of deciding what products to buy (e.g. which TV is best for them) by plugging into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and profiling the products people know about. HipSnip enables consumers to get product advice and reviews through their social groups or through the expert HipSnip community.
  • Blippar – Blippar is the soon-to-launch universal mobile platform that will enable any smart-phone-owning consumer to interact with and pull content from any physical ad creative whether outdoor, on pack, on page or in-store.
  • Tastebuds – Tastebuds is a dating site for music fans. The site has 20,000 users, half of whom have been active on the site in the last month, with over 10,000 messages being sent between them every week.

Congratulations to all our winners who will be exhibiting on either the 7th or 8th of June 2011 at The Inspire Conference.

If you want to attend the Inspire Conference there are still a few tickets available via the web site http://theinspireconference.com

May 24, 2011

Vodafone Mobile Clicks, €225,000 prize money

If you have a mobile startup you may want to invest the time to enter Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition.

The important things you need to know about this competition are:

  1. €225,000.00 total prize pool for the winners, 1st prize is €150,000.00 with lots of promotion and mentoring
  2. There is an awesome group of judges including David Leftley (Vodafone Ventures), Dave Tharp (Roulette Cricket), Joe Neale (m8 Capital), Fred Perron (Vodafone UK), Rudy de Waele (Founder of Mobile 2.0 Europe and dotopen), and Yuri van Geest (Co-Founder Mobile Monday Amsterdam & TEDx Amsterdam).  Reshma Sohoni from SeedCamp is judging the final at PICNIK
  3. Every entry receives feedback on their application and this alone is worth the entry just to see what the Jury and Vodafone think of your idea

Entries close the 12th of June, don’t miss out on this opportunity if your startup has anything to do with mobile (tablet, app, web, etc).  Enter at the Vodafone Mobile Clicks web site.

This video covers the judging from last year’s event and includes Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Angry Birds, who will also be speaking at The Inspire Conference on June 7 and 8 in London.

May 15, 2011

Win exhibition space at the Inspire Conference

Launch48, the organisers of The Inspire Conference, have announced a competition for 10 exhibition spaces solely dedicated to startups.

  1. Do you have a startup?
  2. Do you have a working web or mobile product?
  3. Would you like to exhibit your startup at The Inspire Conference on the 7th and 8th of June 2011?

If you answer YES to the above questions then you could be exhibiting alongside IBM, Dennis Publishing, and other sponsors at The Inspire Conference.

Why should you enter?

The Inspire Conference includes over 25 of the most impressive entrepreneurial speakers ever brought together for a UK conference, many of the speakers have presented at TED, DLD, SXSW, and Le Web.

Some of the companies attending the event include:

Google / DN Capital / DFJ Espirit / Mozilla / MIT Enterprise Forum / Boston Consulting Group / SparkPR / McGibney & Company / Reuters / Elstree Film Partnership / Binary Vision / The Telegraph / Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures / Springboard / WIRED / TweetDeck / Deutsche Bank / MSN / Clearleft / Latitude Group / Ideo / Seedcamp / 33 Seconds / The Guardian / Adaptive Labs / We Are Human

Full details are available on the Inspire Conference Competition page.

Kingston event June 24 to 26

Mark your diaries, update your calendars, and notify your friends.  You are going to be busy building a brand new business from Friday 24th of June to Sunday the 26th of June!

Launch48 announces Kingston Launch48, the UK’s first Launch48 event in 2011 to be held in conjunction with Kingston Entrepreneurs at Kingston University.

Tickets are onsale now, and there are a limited number of early bird tickets and student tickets available starting at £29.95 for the whole weekend.

The event will be held at Kingston University and will make use of their newest building at the Penrhyn Road Campus with open-plan work areas and laptop-designed workstations.

Keep an eye on http://kingston.launch48.com and @launch48 for sponsor and mentor announcements as the event approaches.

Enfinite event announced at Imperial College London

Imperial Entrepreneurs, who are working closely with Launch48 to organise a Launch48 event in London later this year, has announced a new event for social entrepneneurs; Enfinite: Potential Unleashed.

The event will include 10 teams of 5 from some on London’s best business schools competing for £500.00 in prize money and support from their sponsors including IBM, who is sponsoring Launch48′s Inspire Conference.

The event takes place at Imperial College on Saturday the 11th of June 2011 and you can apply by visiting their web site.

Launch48 is hoping to attend to offer guidance and introductions to our wider network of mentors and sponsors to successful teams.  We hope to see you there.

Visit the Enfinite: Potential Unleashed web site for more details.

May 2, 2011

UK Gov Startup Grants discussed at Flagons Den

Recently the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) was given money by the UK Government to distribute to technology and innovate startups. This drew a lot of interest and some controversy when it was announced.  The grants can be up to £100,000.00 and there are a number of rules and ways companies can apply for them. Techcrunch has a good writeup and you can apply and ready about the grants at InnovateUK.org.uk

For those who are interested to learn more about the grants, want to practice pitching, or just want to hang out with startups you may want to visit Flagons Den on Tuesday the 17th of May at the Innovation Warehouse near Smithfield Market/Clerkenwell.  It’s free and includes some drinks and nibbles.

April 19, 2011

Crunch helps startups with accounting

Are you looking for a good accountant? Do you need a cost effective solution that is flexible and targeted at startups?

Launch48 has been aware of Crunch since it first began. Their solution is a clever mix of technology and real-world accounting so that you can get advice when you need it.

If you need tax and account advice mixed with an online invoicing and bookkeeping system then crunch may be right for you.


April 1, 2011

Launch48 Melbourne underway

For those lucky enough to be attending Launch48 Melbourne, registration has begun and a fantastic event run by the organisers Grant, Daniel, and Tim and supported by staff from Deloitte’s Melbourne office is expected this weekend.

Support for the event has been fantastic with a strong list of business ideas registered for the Friday night pitching session.

Keep an eye on http://melbourne.launch48.com to see all the latest updates, and track #launch48melb and @launch48melb on twitter.

March 30, 2011

Launch48 Launchpad Demo Day

For those luck few who were invited to attend the Launch48 Demo Day last Thursday, you were lucky enough to hear from 3 great startups including:

  • Bluefields - a social network and management system for football teams
  • HipSnip - a social shopping system that aggregates product advice and prices
  • MinuteBase - a mixture of minute taking and project management system

TechFluff was there and they interviewed each of the startups and Nick from London Business Angels.

Feedback was great, we met lots of great people from Google to Turner Broadcasting, and everyone thought the pitches were very professional which was great feedback for the Launchpad program and the startups!

If you’re interested in participating in future Launchpad programs please visit the Launchpad page and we will notify when we open applications for the next Launchpad program.

I’m not sure why the video looks squashed, I have notified techfluff.

March 10, 2011

Bootlaw – learn about law and business

If you haven’t heard of Bootlaw yet, you should definitely check it out.  It is run by Danvers and Barry, both professional lawyers who work a lot with startups, and they run regular events discussing the topic of law in relation to tech-related businesses.  They also sponsor Launch48 and are huge fans of our 48 hour startup weekends.

They have just announced their next event which will be held on the 20th of April in central London.  The format for the evening is:

6.30pm – doors open, drinks and networking.

7pm – erudite legal discussion with questions.

8pm – legal bit ends; more drinks, pizza (or something comparable) and networking

9pm – adjourn to local pub, toast success of new Bootlaw HQ etc.

Please note: this event is already full but you can sign up to their meetup group and Danvers will send you a humorous email when the next event is announced, read their web site, or join the waiting list for the upcoming event.


March 9, 2011

Interested in a lively discussion about business?

Deborah Huisken, a previous Launch48 mentor and business coach, is hosting a fantastic evening event that delve into issues faced by startups.

I have attended the last 2 events and found the discussion lively and engaging.  Other notable people have also attended including Chris Muktar from Wikijobs and Paul Sturrock from Slingshot Ventures.

If you are interested to learn about the following then you should definitely attend:

  • Strategy – art or science?
  • How do you start a strategic conversation?
  • How important is a business plan, and at what stage of the business?
  • What is scalability, and what role should it play in planning?
  • Given the complexity of the world we live in, how much can we plan for, anyway?

Grab your tickets.

March 1, 2011

Launch48 Melbourne Announced

Our first event in Australia has been confirmed.

You should attend Launch48 Melbourne if you:

  • Want to launch a startup business
  • Learn what is takes to launch a web or mobile product
  • Have marketing, business, design, or development skills
  • Like meeting new people

When Fri April 1 (from 6 pm) to Sun April 3 (to 9 pm).

Where Deloitte, 550 Bourke Street, Melbourne (map)

Daniel May, one of the organisers, explains what Launch48 Melbourne is about:

About Launch48 Melbourne from launch48melb on Vimeo.

For more information and to purchase a ticket please visit http://melbourne.launch48.com

February 28, 2011

Inspire Conference Announced

Launch48 is running their biggest conference ever in London early June. The event, called The Inspire Conference, will cover the latest business trends and ideas in technology, creativity, entrepreneurship, and society.

Some of the speakers attending the event:

  • Alex Breuer / Design Editor – The Times
  • Ann Cotton / Founder – Camfed
  • Anthony Browne / Policy Director for London Mayor
  • Aza Raskin / Ex Head of UX – Mozilla Labs
  • Conrad Wolfram / CEO – Wolfram Research
  • Erik Hersman / Co-Founder – Ushahidi
  • Michael Birch / Founder – Bebo, Profounders
  • Parag Khanna / Best Selling Author – Second World
  • Rajesh Sawhney / President – Reliance BIG Entertainment
  • Rory Sutherland / Vice Chairman – Ogilvy
  • Roshaneh Zafar / Founder – Kashf Foundation
  • Stephan Shakespeare / CEO & Co-Founder – YouGov
  • Tom Chatfield / Author, Game Theorist

Attendees will meet:

  • Entrepreneurs and startups
  • Corporate decision makers and senior managers
  • Investors including VCs and Angels
  • Designers and developers

You can book your tickets now via http://theinspireconference.com

February 27, 2011

Launchpad Status Update

Launch48 has been running our accelleration program for the last 4 months and so far the program has been going very well.

The 4 businesses we have been working with are:

  • 42voices - a crowd-sourced voice over marketplace
  • Bluefields - a team-based social network for football
  • HipSnip - a mobile app for finding and verifying buying decisions with your network
  • MinuteBase - a project management system based around meeting minutes

We are nearly at our demo day which is planned for March the 24th.  We are looking forward to seeing the wider communities response to the businesses.

November 28, 2010

EventFeedr Blog post 2

Day 2 at Launch48, the SpotEvents team has rebranded their product offering to ‘EventFeedr’

The new strap line is….

‘Get your questions answered! EventFeedr lets you ask, comment and vote on questions live at the event from your mobile.
We help to get the most popular questions rated by the audience, answered by the speaker.’

The marketing focus now is how to focus our efforts on building awareness, creating some buzz, working out how to drive traffic, getting users to check out what we have and get some feedback.

We are trying to launch a tool that attendees to live-events ( conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows etc ) will want to use to be able to contribute to the event so they get more value from attending.

Follow us at @eventfeedr
Like us on Facebook.
Visit us: www.eventfeedr.com

The teams at alpha

EventFeedr (was Spot Events)

Spot Events managed to focus down on a single functionality by the second board meeting. This apparently worked very well for them because they had a clear idea of what they would deliver by Sunday evening: an application for crowdsourcing Q&As at a conference. It also meant a new name, “EventFeedr”. Different elements of the team found a way to contribute business plans, a logo and the presentation slides. EventFeeder had the fewest developers and worked closely with PayPal’s John Lunn on Appcelerator Titanium to create an iPhone app. Encouragingly the team got Ian Broom to promise to use and publicise their app for the next Launch48 conference in Romania! They’re also talking about a great strategy for viral marketing amongst conference attendees at Minibar, and allowing the attendees themselves to sell to organisers.


Itiner8 have also pulled together effectively. Things are going pretty well now for the team that had a bit of a grilling at the second board meeting. They have a logo, website and an HTML prototype. They’ve even managed to do market research by sending a team to Starbucks, although it’s questionable whether iPhone users at a Starbucks in Richmond represent a large market! Itiner8 lost one of their star coders due to the birth of a baby, though whether it was his baby, someone else’s baby or baby Jesus was a little unclear (well it’s nearly Christmas). They’ve also been playing with Appcelerator with the guidance of the PayPal mentors.

Adventure Urban

AU are a mysterious team, a lot of the value of the idea is contingent on the “adventurous” nature of their guided journeys. Guided tours on mobile are nothing new. They promise that their app will be much more fun than a simple guided tour. More like a real life computer game with ‘tasks’ to complete in different places. Their showcase for the investors on Sunday will be a ‘fun’ journey round the PayPal office, which L48′s Ian Broom is chronically skeptical about. We’ll see.

They’ve now got an impressive framework for the app itself built directly in Objective C by James Grafton. The team has slimmed down somewhat as some team members dropped out overnight. They’ve focussed their business model down too, now they aim to be a mobile app agency, providing an application structure for corporate clients to ‘skin’ with creative content for their ‘Urban Adventures’.

Now they’ve just a few hours until the presentations. Now they need to test, test and test some more. Can’t wait!

Spot Events’ First Blog Post

Traditionally, when you go to live events such as conferences, exhibitions and festivals, any type of audience response system for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, or submitting feedback etc. is by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices, while the mobile phones which are the devices which most commonly available to delegates/visitors go un-used.

The EventFeedr application is to be based on an existing service that Luke Glen’s company SpotiD provides which aggregates communications from various mobile phones streams such as sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype etc

Due to the time constraints of the Launch48 event, the main scope of the initial mobile application will include the ability to:

- Allow conference attendees to post live questions to the event organiser

- Let attendees vote up/down questions

- Display questions posted, sorted by attendee votes

Post-Launch48, the EventFeedr team plan port all the services (communication streams) already available from the SpotiD business into the EventFeedr application.

EventFeedr sees their key USP as the ability to aggregate cross-platform communications regardless of source, and gives attendees the valuable way to engage with the conference organisers/speakers in real time.

Adventure Urban’s first blog post

Our team leader, James Grafton put in an excellent and inspiring pitch for his concept of the ‘Adventure Urban’ mobile application. A multi-tiered application for creating and experiencing adventures in a city; it will provide the user with an exciting way of participating in themed tours within a local area.

We are going to team with retail partners and attractions throughout our target city to offer rewards to the consumer when reaching and completing challenges within the adventure. This will begin to open up the possibilities of various revenue streams.

Currently the team is hard at work with a multi-pronged approached to try and build this business within 48 hours, and over a third of those have expired already:

  • We are working on determining the customer base, targeting potential partners, and who will be our best customers.
  • We are looking at the different possible revenue lines, and articulating those for the different types of products we’re selling.
  • We are creating the first adventure as a demonstration for the application. It will take place in and around the Paypal building and this is leading into;
  • creating a mockup and flowcharts for the application itself.
  • We are performing competition analysis to see what else is out there in the market and how will differentiate ourselves to lead ahead of the other offerings.

The energy and excitement is palpable, with plenty of mentors sharing their valuable advice and experience to improve our concept and keep our heads on track.

Itiner8′s first blog post

The idea began as “Jet Setters”, an app that would suggest an itinerary for users visiting a new city who were too time starved to research through the Time Out or Lonely Planet guides themselves, or wanted a more custom experience than the top ten walks.

The team formed on Friday night and after introductions over beer, we got down to business trying to agree on the essence of the idea and a basic user journey. As Saturday began we claimed the best room, complete with sofa, and spread out flip charts, post its and sweets. Before the first board meeting, we started with UI designs and almost filled a flip chart sheet of feature ideas for the future … this idea seemed to have a mind of its own.

The first board meeting was less of a grilling than we’d expected, but our tasks for the day were laid out, including writing a business plan and producing financials, creating a marketing plan and competitor landscape, beginning a prototype and designing a UI. With the input of the mentors the team decided to divide and conquer, with the marketeers and business people driving through the business plan while the rest of us researched and designed the UI. The final name of Itiner8 was coined, domain name registered, and with twitter and Facebook, the plan for world domination was underway.

Throughout the day work continued, with problems developing as the team began to fracture, before coming back together to discuss sticky issues around the scope of the initial product. Progress on the prototype is still slow but starting to gain traction, eventually the team agreed on scope after a colourful board meeting …

The story will continue!

November 27, 2010

Launch Leaders

A launch48 event is stuffed with intelligent and skillful people, but what really makes the difference between a business that flops at hour 49, and an ongoing prospect, is leadership. As Hugh Chappell told the teams on Friday, performance this weekend is a pretty good indication of your prospects as a entrepreneur. Can you pull together a team of developers, designers, marketers and businesspeople to achieve a single goal in 48 hours? If so, you’ll have a business. And with the help of the mentors it can be a really promising startup.

You would think that the strongest leaders would emerge, regardless of who had the initial idea. But in a group of people who’d never met before yesterday it’s hard to stand up and take charge.

Adventure Urban: With just five members they should have been the

Adventure Urban

easiest team to handle. They certainly have heaps of passion. They even had wonderful UI designs created by James Grafton in advance and a strong vision for the user experience. But by mid-day on Saturday they were still struggling to form a plan for the next few hours. “If those guys can give me a fireworks UI on Sunday morning, I can put together an iPhone app by Sunday evening…” mused Grafton. Twenty hours to go mate, you’d better get your shouty head on.

Itiner8: With a broadly similar initial idea, the Itiner8 team is an interesting parallel to Adventure Urban. They seem to be having exactly the opposite problem. Their little room is plastered with A3 sheets of paper covered in motivational messages inspired by Friday’s L48 conference (“Build the simplest thing that could possibly work, then iterate!”), UI sketches and business structures. They’ve got a great idea of the business structure but someone needs to take control to push it forward. “Whose the project manager here?” asks mentor Dan Moon, there’s a rather worrying silence.

Despite the quotes they’re still debating whether to build a buggy


prototype for Sunday, or to take it slow go for a final version in a few weeks. Dan Moon says “They’re so slow! Usually by now [groups] have got environments set up, they’ve got data sets and working prototypes by now!”, which is a bit unfair because Itiner8 built an ultra-basic prototype on Friday evening, in record time!

L48 mentor Jeremy Parsons noted “Itiner8, they’re looking for too much advice! They grab all the mentors who come in the room and then go backwards…They have a great structure but seem to be lacking some drive. Adventure Urban, they’ve got load of passion, but [are] really unstructured”.

Spot Events: For the second time at a L48 event, someone pitched an idea that was already built into an incorporated company.  Luke Glen secured the biggest team, possibly helped by his offer of equity and salaries for successful mobile developers. No-one was going to complain about that. Oddly Spot also seem to be having some leadership issues, even when the idea’s originator is the one wearing the “Spot Events”-branded T-Shirts. “There’s either two teams or none” says Jeremy Parsons, “I can’t work out which”, so what’s his

Spot Events spread out

advice? “They need to completely flip round their approach” says Parsons. “Forget the really difficult problem of how to sell to conference organisers and focus on giving and insanely good user experience…If they get that right event attendees will be battering down the doors of conference organisers to use their product”.

Time for the second board meeting now, this should sort them out.

Intinerate's developers and their sweets

Teams Overview


Mobilising Audience Engagement for Live Events.

“ALL delegates/visitors at Live Events (Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Networking Events, Meetings and Festivals) carry mobile phones, however they are very under utilised by Event Organisers. Traditionally audience response systems for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, submitting feedback etc are done by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices fit for purpose, but are limited.
SpotEvents will use all the available channels of mobile phones ( sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype, camera, NFC, Smart Apps, voice ) to be able to interact with the event they attend to participate in audience response programs, enter competitions, receive session reminders, request digital brochures, create a digital show bag etc”

Jet setters (now Itiner8)

Choose a city, choose some places, and click for an instant itinerary!

“Everyone likes to travel, but planning a trip takes time. The app helps users to find places to go and plans an itinerary to allow enough time to enjoy different places and travel between them.”

Adventure Urban

Hidden adventures and lucrative rewards await the inquisitive amongst you – look and you shall find!

“Introducing Adventure Urban, a unique city adventuring mobile application that aims to expose you to people, places and experiences that would otherwise go completely unnoticed!
The application would be written in three parts:
1. A mobile application which allows users to participate in various different Urban Adventures, view friends adventures and behold their adventuring achievements.
2. An online community allowing registered users to submit and moderate adventures along with various other standard features such as profile creation/modification.
3. An affiliate portal which would allow various interested businesses to submit offers/vouchers as part of an existing adventure.
The overarching problem that is being solved here is that currently, there really is no stand out method of discovering new people and places in a fun and interesting way while keeping track of all your finest exploits ;-)”

November 11, 2010

London Launch48 Mobile

London Launch48 Mobile is only 2 weeks away and we have some of the best speakers and mentors that we have ever had.

Attendees to Launch48 Mobile will be able to listen to and be mentored by the following people:

  • John Chasey – CEO, Metismo
  • Hermes Pique – Founder, Robot Media
  • Mark Doherty – Evangelist, Adobe
  • Andy Munarriz – CEO, Hullomail
  • Andrew Scott – CEO, Rummble
  • Will Coleman – Evangelist, Microsoft
  • David Erasmus – CEO,
  • Wayne Gibbins – Marketing Director, Viadeo
  • Ben Brown – CEO, Vouchacha
  • John Lunn – Director, PayPal

Full speaker details are available on the London Launch48 web site.

Don’t miss out on a great event on the 26 to 28 of November at PayPal’s office in London!

November 1, 2010

Launch48 Edinburgh Summary

The latest exhilarating Launch 48 Weekend took place at the University of Edinburgh Business School this past weekend.

The Launch48 Weekend introduced talented and diverse mentors to 4 teams, formed from 90 participants. These mentors brought a wealth of experience in business and software development to each team and they individually worked tirelessly to form internet start-up businesses in just 48 hours.

We are proud to present to you the four unique start-ups created from our weekend:

Compare The Universities
CompareTheUniversities.com allows prospective students to fully investigate their options for attending universities by aggregating information about each university, programme of study, and associated tuition fees. By inputting their qualifications, skills and interests, users are provided with potential prospects for further education.

For those who love to run and travel this is a one stop site. Arrive in a new city and keen for safe routes to go running? Look no further. The run2see mobile app harnesses the inbuilt GPS in smartphones to provide users with the safest running routes nearby. Along the way, the app will narrate a guided tour giving the listener interesting information about historical landmarks and sites of local significance.

Social Catalogue
Find products and services in your local area, compare prices, and read reviews from other users. The team made a bold statement that they are looking to change the culture and process behind purchasing decisions. They believe that accessibility and availability to information will assist the provision and recommendation of goods and services.

Choose a date and time to have information delivered in the form of a phone call, which in turn acts as an alarm clock service. Consider being called by a hotel receptionist with a morning wake up call, but then that person also provided you with a quick update on local weather and traffic reports, the news headlines, and perhaps even the number of unread emails you have.

For further details on any of the above please visit edinburgh.launch48.com

October 31, 2010

Launch48 Edinburgh Final Presentations

Launch48 Edinburgh final presentations will be starting at 5:00 pm GMT and run to 6:30 pm GMT.

If you’d like to chat with other viewers please visit the Ustream Launch48 page.

October 25, 2010



Viadeo is one of the world’s largest online professional social networks with over 30 million registered members from a variety of professions and 226 different countries.

Members use Viadeo to improve their career prospects, discover business opportunities and build relationships with new contacts as well as to create an effective online identity. It’s a one stop shop for business networking whose reach is worldwide, expanding exposure while building contacts.

Viadeo understands how important social and cultural differences are in the way different countries conduct business. They have offices and teams located in the US, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, China, India, Mexico and Canada where they form partnerships with local companies, organisations and associations and support locally run events.

Viadeo are big supporters of the start up community and we are grateful for their support for us in Edinburgh by becoming a Silver Sponsor.


Bootlaw provides free information on legal issues facing emerging technology, internet and digital businesses and they run monthly free monthly meetings – a “bootcamp” brought to you by Barry Vitou and Danvers Baillieu the friendly lawyers at Winston & Strawn in London.

Bootlaw, by providing this free information empowers start ups with the knowledge and protection they need in an ever changing field of legalities which can be confusing and frustrating. Having help at hand cuts through the legal mumbo jumbo and they go the extra mile to provide timely and relevant advice.

Bootlaw is the biggest legal themed meetup on meetup.com anywhere in the world – and they’ve got nearly 700 members signed up to the group.

Bootlaw is a champion of the little guys and we’re very grateful for their Silver Sponsor support for us at Edinburgh.

October 20, 2010

Edinburgh Launch48 Guardian Feature

Edinburgh Launch48 is really taking off!

We are having a great response to our latest upcoming event and can’t thank Edinburgh enough for the warm welcome we’ve received. Read about our latest mention in the Guardian here and be sure to get your tickets soon for what we know will be a very special Launch48 Event. We have great speakers and mentors lined up already but be sure to watch this space as we’ll update you as soon as new ones are confirmed! It’s going to be an exciting event!

For more information about the event please visit : http://edinburgh.launch48.com/

October 18, 2010

Launch48 Edinburgh Speakers and Mentors Corner

Jon Bradford – Speaker and Mentor

Jon Bradford is the CEO of The Difference Engine, an acceleration programme for early stage digital businesses who believe that the first stage of any business is the most formative and can define how a team will evolve.  They also recognise that at such an early stage “money is not enough” – the right sort of intensive support is invaluable and the provision of the right mentoring is priceless. The programme is supported by DigitalCity Business, Sunderland Software City and the Entrepreneurs’ Forum and through their combined expertise and experience they hope to make dreams a reality.

Jon has spent most of the last ten years working in and around start-ups; both for advisory firms and venture capital backed start-ups, including an Oxford university spin-out. Jon started his career at Arthur Andersen including a secondment to Melbourne, Australia.  Having recently completed the conversion of a Northumberland barn, Jon knows far too much about septic tank than he really cares for! He has enormous knowledge in his field and we are excited to have him on board.

Rebecca Difford – Mentor

Rebecca Difford is the Company Formation Executive of LAUNCH.ed, a University of Edinburgh programme which provides free startup advice and business support to students at the University of Edinburgh interested in starting up a business. Students, from undergraduates to PhDs and recent alumni, can access one-to-one help from a business advisor on all aspects of setting up a business.  LAUNCH.ed supports students with technical, early stage ideas as well as non-technical, near-to-market business ideas.

In the last four years, LAUNCH.ed has helped more than 50 students form their own companies, many of which have grown into successful, profitable enterprises. Rebecca started working for the University of Edinburgh in 2005, working initially for the Edinburgh Pre-Incubator Scheme (EPIS). Prior to this she developed and managed a service offering initial market assessments for small businesses at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Rebecca  graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1996 with a degree in Law and Business Studies and was recently awarded a Masters degree in Marketing, focussing on Market Research for high-tech start-ups. She is Chartered Marketer and member of the CIM, and has a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma. Her insight is invaluable to our attendees and are are thrilled to have her as a mentor.

Today is the last day when you can buy discounted Early Bird tickets for the Edinburgh Launch48 event so don’t miss the chance!

October 8, 2010

Early bird tickets now available

Launch48 Edinburgh Early Bird tickets finish on Monday the 18th of October at midnight.

The event is quickly building momentum and we are excited to announce Julian Ranger will be speaking. Julian sold his defence contracting company to Lockheed Martin (the biggest defence contractor in the world) after expanding it from the English countryside to a global business, is now an active angel investor, is involved with companise such as DAD and Tweetmeme, and is booked in on one of the first Virgin Galactic flights.

Dragos Ilinca will also be presenting, the co-founder of UberVU the social media monitoring and analytics service. They started in Romania, moved to London, and are now in the process of expanding globally. Their customers are names like Sharp, Thomas Cook, Microsoft and others.

More speakers are being confirmed, keep an eye on our twitter, newsletter, and web site for more details.

October 6, 2010

Edinburgh Mini-Conference ‘Startups – From Local to Global’

Launch48 Edinburgh Mini-Conference will bring together a range of amazing speakers from both London and Edinburgh.

The theme of the conference is ‘Startups- From Local to Global’ and the subjects covered will be relevant for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.  It will investigate how to make the most of what startups have locally to expand globally.

We are proud to announce two of the speakers presenting at the event : Julian Ranger and Dragos Ilinca, two entrepreneurs that have expanded their businesses globally initially from local resources. You can find more information about them on our Speakers and Mentors page dedicated to the Launch48 Edinburgh event.

More speakers will be announced soon so keep an eye on our blog and sign up for our newsletter.

A limited number of Student and Early Bird tickets are now on sale so grab one while they last.

September 30, 2010

Launch48 Weekend 24/9 – 26/9 Summary

Another exciting Launch48 Weekend sponsored by PayPal and Yahoo has taken place in London at PayPal’s Richmond HQ.

The event is a frantic weekend of web app / business building activity. Each Launch48 Weekend is a chance for entrepreneurs, designers and developers to come together in teams and create a business from pitch to prototype in under 48 hours.

The experience provides an excellent opportunity for learning and networking that is hands-on and authentic.

4 teams came away from the event that the community will now track the progress of:

1) MatchFounders.com

Find a co-founder for your business idea. With expert mentoring from a representative of Lovestruck, the team built a matching system to pair up people looking for projects to work on. Search can take place by skill set and using preferences for criteria such as growth, commitment, funding and equity share.
http://matchfounders.com/ (demo)

2) Commutably

Middleware for any service that needs to know travel times instead of distance. Charging per block of calls to the API. Possible uses for this technology include searching for property to buy or rent based on commute times. The team spent the morning of Day 1 developing “Move Nearby” – a service that could find ideal homes for users based on local services, school catchment areas and commute distances.
http://commutably.com/ (demo)

3) ShowMeYourDay

An overhaul to the traditional dreary and unhelpful careers advice system. The team built a content management system that allows users to browse jobs and career paths, but accessing richer information about those prospects in the form of “a day in the life of a…”. Several revenue models were suggested and explored including corporate sponsorship – this lead to questions at the final presentations about objectivity in the job descriptions.
http://www.showmeyourday.com/ (landing page)

4) Buqoo

A dashboard for SMEs to better utilise the web. There are 4 aspects to the service – Chatter Intelligence, Reputation Shield, Customer Connections and Blink Promotions. Very similar to competitors in the space such as Postling and uberVu, but the business will focus on owning specific verticals, initially restaurants and bars. This team redeveloped an idea that had already been worked on, porting the platform from Ruby on Rails to PHP.
http://www.buqoo.com/ (landing page)

For a more detailed breakdown of the weekend’s event please visit our website: http://london.launch48.com/

There are many more exciting upcoming Launch48 events. The next one will be a Mini-Conference on Friday 29 October followed by the Launch48weekend from 29- 31 October, both taking place in Edinburgh.

September 26, 2010

Live streaming the final presentations

We are live streaming the final presentations live from Launch48 London (thanks for PayPal and Yahoo!).

Teams presenting include Buqoo, Commutability, Match Founders, and Show Me Your Day.

September 19, 2010

Paypal Charity Hack

This afternoon I went along to witness the final demonstrations by the teams that took part in Paypal’s Charity Hack. You can see a full list of the teams and the hacks right here.

From what I saw, there had been little sleep for most as coding continued throughout the night to ensure teams were ready in time for the afternoon presentations.

I want to highlight three ideas that caught my eye, I found something about each interesting and I’d like to see each concept developed further:

1) Games + Donations concept developed by Chuggr and VeryHardChoices.
These two teams had used a role playing game to encourage the user to donate more money and to put that user in the uncomfortable position of playing the role of a homeless person. Chuggr was a quick hack produced early this morning, literally in a couple of hours, and is a text based game. VeryHardChoices lets you choose your own adventure – it is live and you can try it using Facebook Connect.

2) Charity Shock.
Undoubtedly the funniest demonstration of the afternoon with the audience making donations to witness Tom Scott receive an electric shock. With reality TV so popular, I can see this concept rising to fame quickly and making a huge impact on charitable donations. Check out CharityShock.com and watch the shocking demonstration below.

3) Charity Box.
The winning team! Charity Box has a staggering number of features inside. I struggled to keep up with the presentation, and couldn’t believe how much the team had achieved. Out of the box, the service helps to encourage people to give by simplifying the donation process and providing incentives such as digital badges and widgets.

These three concepts stood out because they combined a crafty hack or two with an intricate understanding of human nature and possible ways to motivate users.

To anyone attending the London Launch48 Weekend, whether pitching or participating, be sure to consider the user experience and how compelling the app is to use.

September 16, 2010

Competition time! 5 Conference and Weekend Tickets Up For Grabs

Launch48 is running a competition to promote the Conference and Weekend events and to get everyone thinking about Pitches. We have 5 tickets to give away for the craziest business pitches submitted before Friday 17th September.

Each Launch48 Weekend begins with a couple of rounds of pitching to select the ideas that teams will work on for 48 hours. The best ideas are chosen using a simple show of hands from the weekend participants.

At previous events we have heard some spectacular pitches, but for this competition we’re asking entrants to think creatively. We want to see the 5 craziest business ideas. You have until Friday 17th September to submit your idea and we will announce the winners that evening – the top 5 will receive free tickets to the Conference and Weekend!

What exactly do we mean by “crazy”?
We are looking for ideas that you could describe as “viral”. The product should be a simple web app that users would really see some value in sharing. An amusing name that rolls off the tongue would help, perhaps something slightly cheeky. Business model, market share and the presentation of the pitch are important, but the main emphasis of this competition is focused on how quick and clever the marketing message is.

How do entrants submit their pitches?
Just blog your idea – that can be text, images, video, or something slightly different. Be creative! Then tweet a link to your blog post with the #Launch48 hashtag and we’ll reply to confirm we have received it.

Any questions? Leave a comment below or email help@launch48.com

Launch48 is Looking for an Events Organiser Intern

If you’re interested in helping Launch48 please check out our Jobs page, we’d love to hear from you!

September 3, 2010



Today is the LAST DAY that we will be selling Very Early Bird Tickets to the next Launch48 Conference and Weekend. Grab your tickets now if you’d like to take advantage of this discount. Don’t miss the special offer too – look carefully and you’ll see we’ve bundled passes to the Launch48 Conference and Weekend as a deal. This gives you full access for less than £25.


We would like to give all our thanks to the startups that exhibited at last night’s Showcase event, the mountain of work that went into preparing for it was very noticeable. Hopefully everyone came away with some useful feedback from our judges and visitors to your stands.

For those that couldn’t make it, you missed quite an event! Simon and Robin from the Rapid Innovation Group stunned the audience with intense and thought provoking talks.

While the speeches took place, our Showcase judges found a quiet spot to consider all they’d seen, then returned to the stage to announce the results:

Best Product – MinuteBox (runner up DBVu)
Best Team – HipSnip (runner up PlayNice.ly)
Future Star – SkyStack
Best Stand – QRky (runner up Nurph)
Judges Choice –  MinuteBox


Finally, thanks to everyone that came along and supported the exhibitors, especially our sponsors Viadeo and Paypal. We hope you enjoyed the evening and look forward to seeing you at the next event!

August 8, 2010

Vodafone launch48 Mobile Clicks 2010 Competition

Vodafone contacted me yesterday very excited because they had just announced the 2010 Mobile Clicks competition.  What makes this competition really interesting is:

  1. The team of judges is fantastic and include Om Malik from GigaOm, Russell Buckley from Admob, Peter Vesterbacka  from Mobile Monday and Rudy de Waele from Mobile 2.0 Europe.
  2. The prizes; €100,000.00 first prize, €50,000.00 second prize!

Vodafone awarded Layer with the main prize last year and, according to the video on the Mobile Clicks web site, really helped them to gain traction in their industry.

Registration for Mobile Clicks is now open and the award ceremony is being held at Picnic in Amsterdam on the 24th of September 2010.

If you are developing a mobile app or service you may want to consider applying.

July 27, 2010

Launch48 Showcase Announced

Launch48 Showcase is a new event designed to highlight the talent in startups. We provide a platform for teams to demo their products in a relaxed and fun environment.

The event is being held at PayPal’s London office in Richmond on the 2nd of September 2010 starting at 5:00pm.


The evening will include a series of product demonstrations, Q&A with exhibiting startups, a guest speaker, an awards ceremony, followed by pizza and beers.

During the event you will have the opportunity to network and speak with the startups, Launch48 Speakers and Mentors, and our special guests including venture capitalists and angel investors.

Make sure you bring your business cards!


First you’ll need to fill out the application form. The most impressive entries from startups will be selected to speak. The application process closes mid-August 2010, and is open to ANY startup – just sign up via the application form. Please note that preference will be given to Launch48 startups and members of the Launch48 community


Tickets are £10.00 and can be purchased now. There is a limited number available, so be sure to grab yours fast!

Find more information about the Showcase event on the Launch48 dedicated website.

July 15, 2010

Win big prizes, learn about PayPal X and Yahoo technologies

PayPal X, our fantastic sponsors and on-going supporter, along with Yahoo Developer Network, also great supporters of Launch48, have announced a massive competition.

In a nut shell, you could win $50,000.00 as the grand price, many other $10,000.00 prizes, and 1 of 10 iPad’s just for registering!

If you’re a developer, or have friends who are developers you can convince to work with you, or want to learn to code then you should definitely look at the PayPal X Developer Challenge web site.

If you want some more information you may want to visit the Paypal and Yahoo Developer Challenge demo evening on Tuesday the 20th of July.  It is being held at TechHub in London. The event is a great way to learn about the PayPal and Yahoo technologies available, and the competition.

June 26, 2010

Seedcamp Applications and Founder Dating!

Applications for Seedcamp, the pan-european seed fund will be closing on June 30th, less than a week from today. Here is some info about this from our friends at Seedcamp.

Applications for Seedcamp close on 30th June!

Seedcamp is a micro seed fund which invests in startup internet companies and also provides mentoring from a top tier selection of company builders. Applications for Mini Seedcamp London close on 30th June and are the last chance to apply for Seedcamp funding this year.  For more details and to apply check out http://seedcamp.com/pages/london10

Also for folk who are looking to form a company but not quite there yet we are running Founder Dating, which is an awesome opportunity for startup founders (business and technical) to meet.

Finding a cofounder is tough. But at Seedcamp and Techhub we believe that all it takes is to bring together some of the smartest technical and business minds in the world, and help them form fantastic companies.

At Founder Dating we will select 20 of the best founders and combined with a bit of matchmaking, enable cofounders to meet and beautiful startups to form.

The event will take place on 12th July at TechHub. If selected, attendance costs just £10 covering drinks and snacks for the event. Apply here and we’ll be in touch.

June 18, 2010

IBM launches SmartCamp

I spoke with Kevin today from IBM about an exiting new global entrepreneurial programme IBM has put in place called SmartCamp. In Kevin’s words:

Launch48 is an IBM Global Entrepreneur ecosystem partner. As part of its Smarter Planet vision, IBM is looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs to solve enterprise clients’ biggest challenges. IBM Global Entrepreneur opens new doors and resources to early stage technology startups looking to bring the next big idea to market.

What can you get from participating in IBM Global Entrepreneur?

  • No charge access to IBM’s software portfolio on-site or through the cloud to accelerate software development
  • Unlimited technical support from IBM Project Resource Managers to assist in product development
  • Mentoring and networking through IBM SmartCamp events and IBM Innovation Centres
  • Access to IBM industry insights and education to better understand the enterprise customer
  • Visibility as part of the IBM Smarter Planet agenda to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Access to a new social networking community on IBM developerWorks to connect with more than eight million IT professionals around the world.

We encourage you to learn more and register for IBM Global Entrepreneur at www.ibm.com/isv/startup

The London event is being held on the 21st of July 2010.  I hope some Launch48 participants find this information is helpful and please let us know if you are one of the winners!

June 6, 2010

Live streaming the final presentations from Launch48 London

Free video streaming by Ustream

May 21, 2010

London Launch48 tickets – 30% off until Monday

Launch48 announces 30% off all general admission tickets to Launch48 London on Friday the 4th to Sunday the 6th of June 2010. Don’t miss your opportunity to pay only £34.95 for your Launch48 Conference and Launch48 Weekend tickets.

The Launch48 Conference includes speakers from Clearleft, WAYN, Yahoo Developer Network, PayPal, Eden Ventures, and more.

The Launch48 Weekend is an event spanning 48 hours where attendees turn ideas into businesses. Participants pitch business ideas, develop them, and launch them while working together, meeting great people, and being mentored by people from Google, UberVu, PayPal, Yahoo Developer Network, and more.

This offer is limited and finishes on Monday the 24th of May 2010 so don’t wait, purchase your tickets now.

April 29, 2010


The first 2010 Launch48 London event is going to take place between the 4th and the 6th of June 2010. The event will be held at the PayPal Offices in Richmond, more details about the venue can be found on the venue page.

We have a dedicated Launch48 London website that will be continuously updated with the latest information. You can access this website at http://london.launch48.com

It’s a frantic, energy fuelled, entrepreneurial event designed to engage all participants while offering the opportunity to learn and meet new people. A Launch48 Conference will take place on Friday 4th June, 2010. The theme of the conference will be ‘The Lifetime of a Startup’. The Launch48 Weekend will kick-off right after the conference, bringing you an exciting and intense 48 hours to work towards launching a web app.

A limited number of Early Bird Tickets are available so grab them while they last!

We will be announcing the speakers and mentors shortly, so stay tuned!


Launch48 strives to create sustainable web businesses, therefore we are offering all Launch48 Weekend teams the opportunity to present their progress at the Launch48 Follow-up Event.

The Birmingham Launch48 Follow-up Event will take place on Thursday, 27th May starting at 18:30pm the venue will be announced shortly. The event is intended to bring Launch48 Weekend attendees back together for some drinks, networking and to see how each web business has weathered life after launch.

The Launch48 Follow-up Events will offer:

- A presentation from each group
- Networking with Launch48weekend attendees
- An opportunity to catch-up with mentors and sponsors

If you would like to join, register here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

March 1, 2010

Ticket Pricing for 2010

As many of you are already aware, Launch48 started charging for tickets at the second Launch48 event which was held in October. Also, recently Launch48 announced a Launch48 Birmingham event, we will also be charging for this event as well as our forthcoming events and we wanted to explain to you the reason behind this.

When Launch48 was started, it was voluntarily run by a team of dedicated volunteers. After the success of the first event, it was clear that the start-up and entrepreneurial community wanted Launch48 to continue running more events and we realised that to run more successful Launch48 events, we will need some strong dedicated skills. This would ensure that we are able to deliver more events, and maintain the high quality that the attendees have come to expect.

In October 2009 we introduced our first conference with a focus on helping early stage entrepreneurs learn what other successful business people have done to deliver a successful business. Through this process we learnt that involving excellent sponsors, mentors, and speakers took a lot of time to do it right.

Therefore in 2010, Launch48 intends to improve by becoming more stable by introducing professional help to ensure the quality of the events is maintained. We also want to work more closely with our mentors, sponsors, and speakers for the benefit of the Launch48 attendees. To achieve this Launch48 will be looking to ensure it is financially stable, able to deliver events that are better for everyone involved, and expand our efforts so we can help more entrepreneurs. We also hope to introduce on-going support services.

We intend to achieve this through working closely with sponsors and charging a small ticket price to attendees.

It is hoped the ticket price is seen as great value, as the feedback we received from many Launch48 attendees is that they receive significant, long-term value from attending our events. The intention is to be very competitive compared to other events in Europe and exceed attendees expectations.

We welcome your feedback, please post any comments against this blog post.

We look forward to seeing you at an event in 2010!

Launch48 Team

Launch48 Birmingham Announced

Launch48 Birmingham, the first Launch48 event for 2010, has been announced. Mark your diary now:

Date: Friday March 26th to Sunday March 28th, 2010

Venue: Birmingham Science Park Aston

Tickets: Available now

For all the latest updates related to the Birmingham event, please visit the Birmingham Launch48 web site at http://birmingham.launch48.com

January 31, 2010

Launch48 is looking for an event manager

Launch48 is expanding for 2010 and we are looking for someone to assist us to grow.

If you have experience running events, want to travel, and want to work with a great group of sponsors, volunteers, and attendees please read the job outline.



December 9, 2009

Want to attend or help Launch48?

There are 3 immediate ways you can help Launch48, they are:

Register your interest for future Launch48 events on the right of this web site.

Complete our survey if you attended the October Launch48 London event and make sure your feedback is included in future events.  Launch48 London Attendee Survey.

Offer your assistance by emailing Launch48 via the contact form and tell us who you are and what you would like to help with.

Launch48 on Romanian TV

A programme called “Antreprenor” on MoneyTV in Romania published this interview with attendees at Launch48 Romania.  For those who understand Romanian, please let the English speaking readers know what they are talking about in the comments on this post.

For those who speak English, this includes shots from the Romanian event so you can see what it was like.

Launch48 Follow up event recording

Last night’s event was great. In case you want to find out what went on, the video is now available on ustream for watching on demand.

We have also setup a channel for all Launch48 videos at http://www.youtube.com/Launch48. If I missed any please contact us.

Launch48 follow up event London is over

Thanks to everyone who attended the Launch48 follow up event. The attendees I spoke with enjoyed themselves and the ustream broadcast was watched by a number of people.

I really enjoyed the commercial structure question, the twitter feed, and the effort all the teams went to. The promotional videos and demos were fantastic.

A big thanks go to Google who hosted the event. The grass-coloured carpet, pizza, and beers meant no one wanted to leave!

If you want to help Launch48, don’t forget to email us via the contact us page with what you want to help with. We will be contacting all interested parties in 2010.

December 8, 2009

Live follow-up event broadcast online now

Ustream is now online. The presentations will start about 7:30 pm GMT.

If you want to chat with other people who are watching, please visit the Ustream web site at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/launch48-follow-up-event-december-2009.
Free video chat by Ustream

Handing over the reins to the Romanian team

photoDan Moon and I (Ian Broom) have had a fantastic time at Launch48 Romania. Why has it been so good, you might ask. Well there are a couple of reasons:

  1. Fantastic venue and event management – the team at Eventsys know their stuff! Cristi, Oana, and Georgiana have made our stay in Romania a great experience and we thank them very much for their effort and interest in Launch48. Without their effort and knowledge, this event would not have been anywhere near as successful.
  2. The Launch48 attendees – right from the beginning of the event we were made to feel welcome. We didn’t speak the language, we knew little about Romania, but everyone has gone out of their way to make us feel comfortable and speak English when near us which is truly appreciated.
  3. The entrepreneurial spirit – Romania has, in the last couple of years, drastically improved its IT entrepreneur skills. This is primarily down to the huge efforts of the Romanian people to create events that foster and drive entrepreneurialism within Romania. From what I have seen on this trip, this has worked well and the IT and web scene is booming. I can’t wait to see what Romanian companies achieve, and for this reason I look forward to future Launch48 events in Romania.

Good luck Launch48 teams! I wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your Launch48 event on Tuesday, and your presentations on Wednesday at Netcamp. Hopefully they will be recorded and posted online, because I think some of the ideas are truly inspiring and can grow to become strong businesses, and it would be great to show the rest of the world what Romania has been able to create at is first Launch48 event.

From now on we have asked Octav and the Eventsys team to take over the role of blogging and publicising the event online. Octav has been tirelessly helping Dan and I translate posts into Romanian, so I have no doubt he will do an excellent job.

December 7, 2009

Launch48 Romania is underway – expect regular updates

Launch48 Romania is underway at the Marriott Hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

Pitching is finshed and the atmosphere is electric.  More people than expected are participating and mentors are already advising teams on how to structure their teams and ideas.

A total of 20 ideas were pitched, 8 went to the second round, and 3 are being worked on.  The final 3 ideas are:

  1. OpenCV – A CV distribution system
  2. Sevinde – Connecting offline flyers with an online service
  3. Social decision making system- Help friends to decide what to do when going out

Keep an eye on http://romania.launch48.com for regular updates from the first Romanian Launch48 event.

November 26, 2009

Launch48 Romania – working with Netcamp

netcamp_logoLaunch48 Romania, in conjunction with Netcamp, is being held on the 7th to the 9th of December in Bucharest.

We are very excited to be working with an amazing group of Romanian entrepreneurs to put on Launch48′s first event outside of the UK.

Launch48 Romania will be associated with Netcamp, a web-orientated conference designed to inspire and educate attendees.

If you want to attend more information and to register please visit Launch48 Romania web site or Netcamp site for more information.

Launch48 Follow-up Event at Google

The Launch48 Follow-up event, announced at the Launch48 Conference and Launch48 Weekend held in October at PayPal, is now open for registrations.

The Launch48 Follow Up event is being held on December the 8th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Google’s office in London.

Each group that attended Launch48 is invited to present for 15 minutes.  Groups are asked to present the following:

  1. What have you acheived since Launch48 Weekend
  2. What do you need to grow and be successful
  3. What is your vision and plan for the next 12 months

Numbers are limited so please register early to avoid dissapointment.  We will try and live stream the event for those who cannot make it and we look forward to seeing everyone there soon.

Only people who have registered will be allowed in, please ensure you bring proof of registration when attending the event.

Register now and we look forward to seeing you at the follow-up event.

November 11, 2009

Launch48 Video – Thanks Viadeo and Newspepper

The Launch48 video is up!  If you are having problems trying to explain exactly what is Launch48 to your friends this may help!

The video was sponsored by Viadeo and created by Newspepper, and Launch48 really appreciates their support.

So without further ado I give you the Launch48 October 2009 promotional video!

October 25, 2009

Launch48-themed blog posts

In the past week a couple of blog posts have been written, I thought I would write up about them here in case anyone else wanted to read them:

Please let me know if there are any other articles written about Launch48 that I should be including in this list.


October 19, 2009

Launch48 on TechCrunch

Last night Mike Butcher from TechCrunch attended the final presentations by the groups at Launch48.

Not only were the presentations great, all startups have received their first dose of PR and interesting comments from third parties who feel passionate about their ideas.

You can read the write up and comment yourself via TechCrunch

October 15, 2009

FAQ Updated

If you have any questions regarding Launch48 this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, please consult our new FAQ section.

If your question is not answers please contact us and we will try and respond as soon as possible.

October 14, 2009

Launch48 Event Details

Launch48 is just 2 days away, the team is hard at work to bring you an amazing event and we wanted to share with you some useful information about the upcoming event.

The location for both the conference and the weekend is the PayPal office in Richmond located at Whittaker Avenue, Whittaker House TW9 1EH, Richmond Upon. We highly recommend that you check the TFL and the Southwest trains website for travel options and any potential service outages.


For the conference attendees, registrations starts at 09:00 on Friday 16th of October and a full agenda is now available at http://www.launch48.com/conference/

For the weekend attendees, registrations starts at 18:00 on Friday 16th of October and a full agenda for that is available at http://www.launch48.com/weekend/

When you arrive, please collect your name badges at the reception and there will be Launch48 organizers present to register you, give you an event booklet with more details and guide you to the conference hall.

Finally, we have been asked by quite a number of participants what to bring for the weekend and we recommend you bring a Computer, power pack, paper, pen, and camera if you wish.

We look forward to meeting you this weekend.

October 12, 2009

Exciting news – Amazon Web Services and Google

Hello fellow Launch48 attendees

What? You’re not attending?  You best register very very soon because we are nearly all sold out!

For those that are attending, we have good news.  Amazon Web Services will be sponsoring Launch48 by supplying each group with servers during the Launch48 weekend until after the Launch48 Follow-up Event in December.  This means each Launch48 group will be able to use the powerful Amazon Web Services that include EC2, S3, and their other wonderful cloud-based services.  Not sure what this means?  Want to find out more information?  Visit http://aws.amazon.com

Speaking of the follow-up event, Google has generously offered to host the follow-up event at their London-based office early December.  Full details will be included in the Launch48 booklet, and the event will be invite-only due to limited numbers.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, and don’t forget to purchase your tickets before they all sell out!

October 7, 2009

More sponsors!

shockWow, Launch48 is really pulling out all the stops.  Not only are attendees to Launch48 events receiving:

  1. Refreshments and a great venue from Paypal
  2. Dinner from Sun on Sunday night
  3. Refreshments from Google on Friday night
  4. Lunch at the conference and a great booklet from Dennis Publishing
  5. A free meeting at THECUBE for each team

We have now got 2 amazing new sponsors on board as well:

  1. Strawberry Way will be supplying all teams with box.net and helping them get the most from it
  2. justFDI will be supply a custom twitter app just for Launch48

What’s more, we have secured even more speakers and mentors to ensure all groups receive the best advice and assistance during the Launch48 Conference and the Launch48 Weekend

No wonder I am so excited!  There are only 8 days left and tickets are going fast.  DON’T MISS OUT get your tickets now!

Sponsors and mentors galore!

Launch48 is coming up and we have a great group of sponsors, speakers, and mentors involved.

Sponsors include: Paypal, Google, Sun, Dennis, and Thecube

Speakers include: Bill Morrow – Angels Den, Ryan Notz – MyBuilder, Dr Dorian Dugmore – Adidas, Jennifer Janson – Six Degrees, Chewy Trewhella – Google, Danvers Baillieu – Winston & Strawn, Liz Rice, Nicola Riordan – Nua Marketing, Jon Lunn – Paypal, Hugh Chappell, and Reshma Sohoni – Seedcamp.

Plus we have lots and lots of mentors who will be popping in to assist participants get their business up and going!

For more information on who you will be able to meet at Launch48 please visit our Mentors & Speakers page

Tickets are selling fast – don’t miss out on your ticket!

September 24, 2009

Updated web site and iPhone friendly version

Rather than have people hunt through the web site to find out what Launch48 is all about, we have introduced a new carousel feature to the home page. This new carousel explains what Launch48 is, what the goal of the conference and the weekend is, and offers instructions for registration.

The Launch48 web site can now be browsed on the iPhone (other other smart phones) by visiting www.launch48.com. The web site will automatically show a specially designed version of the web site, and even has it’s own iPhone icon if you want to bookmark the site or add it to your Home Screen.

Thanks go to Paul Cooper for helping to make these changes possible!

September 23, 2009

THECUBE sponsors Launch48

THECUBE_1253256876797THECUBE have come on board to help make the upcoming Launch48 events a success.  They have kindly offered to host each Launch48 team at their beautiful venue in East London for a meeting after the event.

THECUBE is a flexible workspace designed to help people network, learn, and work.  Their space offers lots of hot-desk space, wifi, breakout areas, meeting rooms, and an architectually designed environment.

In the mean time, check out THECUBE if you’re looking for somewhere to work in East London.

September 3, 2009

Launch48 London – October 16, 17, and 18

Launch48 has confirmed Paypal will host the next Launch48 event.

Paypal’s offices will be a great venue for Launch48 Conference on Friday the 16th of October, and Launch48 Weekend starting Friday night, and running Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of October.

Registration will open soon, so keep an eye on this web site.  We are currently updating the web site and preparing our ticketing systems.

August 21, 2009

Charity Hack 09

Launch48 met with Paypal during the week and we were told some exciting news; Paypal is running a hack day to release some new beta payment APIs and encourage developers to get involved with some leading charity-based businesses.

From their web site:

Charity Hack Weekend (19-20 September 2009) will be hosted by PayPal at their Richmond, London offices. PayPal have linked up with JustGiving, MissionFish and a number of supporting charities that are seeking to revolutionise their payment donation solutions.

Join us 19-20 September 2009 and be part of this extraordinary event, where you will get advance access and have the chance to play with a combination of APIs from many of our co sponsors.

Paypal are making the following available on the day:

  • PayPals new Beta API’s
  • JustGivings new API (available for the first time at this event)
  • MissionFish’s cash giving APIs available for the first time in the UK
  • Sneak Preview of other API’s

For more information and tickets please visit http://charityhack.org

July 12, 2009

$50k prize – AWS Start-Up Challenge Announced

If you’re wanting to start something new and would like some money to assist you, checkout the AWS Start-up challenge

The competition is open to anyone in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Israel.

The winner will win $50,000 in cash, $50,000 in AWS credits, mentoring sessions from AWS technical experts, and AWS Premium Support Gold for one year.

To enter you will need to:

…tell us about your existing company or your start-up idea by completing the online application by August 26, 2009. The judges will review all applications and choose 5 finalists based on the following criteria: originality and creativity of the idea, likelihood of long-term success and scalability, how well it addresses a need in the marketplace, implementation of payments functionality, quality of presentation, and implementation of AWS infrastructure services and/or other paid services.

If you want more information please head to the information page at http://aws.amazon.com/startupchallenge/

June 29, 2009

Nokia’s ‘calling all innovators’ competition

I received an email today regarding Nokia’s open screen project fund that is offering up to $30,000 USD for winners in their ‘calling all innovators’ competition.  If you are creating or have Flash-based software the runs on Nokia, you may be interested in the following:

“Calling All Innovators” is a contest for applications that run on Nokia devices, with cash prizes (of up to US$30,000) and business opportunities with Nokia. The contest closes on June 30 (this Tuesday).  To find out how to submit your Flash app visit http://www.callingallinnovators.com/flash.aspx

The “Open Screen Project Fund’ is a US$10 million market development fund offering grants to developers for apps, content or services that use Flash and work across multiple devices.  There’s a lot more info on the website: http://www.openscreenproject.org/developers/get_started.html

Both the contest and fund highlight the commitment that Nokia has to helping developers create amazing apps. Almost 40 percent of all new mobile devices in 2008 shipped with Flash Lite, so it’s a real opportunity to get an app delivered to a global audience.

June 25, 2009

Vouchacha nominated for Techcrunch Europa

The Launch48 team, Vouchacha, has been nominated for an award at the Techcrunch Europas.

Vouchacha has been nominated for the ‘Best Bootstrapped Startup‘.

To vote for vouchacha, please visit the best boostrapped startup voting page and select ‘vouchacha’.

Congratulations Vouchacha, and from everyone at Launch48, we wish you the best of luck at the Europas.

April 28, 2009

ilikeucoz attends Kindival

The team an ilikeucoz exhibit at the recent kindival, and event intend to help spread kindness. They have posted photos and a wrap up of the event on their blog, if you have time checkout what ilikeucoz has been up to by visiting their kindival blog post.

March 26, 2009

Launch48 follow-up event follow-up post!

Adil and Ian would like to say thank you to everyone who attended last nights Launch48 follow up event.  It was great to see how all the groups have progressed.

If you took photos, please upload them to flickr and tag them with ‘launch48′ so they appear on this website’s sidebar.

If your group has any information they would like to promote on the Launch48 website, please email Adil or Ian and we will publicise it for you.

If you are interested in assist Launch48 to continue to run events in London and world-wide, please contact Adil or Ian and we will include you in the upcoming meeting.

In summary – all the groups have continued to impress, and I hope to see more and more of the Launch48 web apps grow and prosper.  If there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Upcoming AWS User Group Meeting

If you enjoyed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) at Launch48 or want to learn more about AWS, maybe the following event will be of interest to you?

Regular London AWS User Group Meetings

We are looking to run regular London AWS UG meetings once a month. Hot on the heels of the successful AWS UG London meeting on 4th February and CloudCamp London last week, the AWS London community is coming together again.

Our next two meetings 31st March and 30th April will be jargon free events to educate, entertain and fascinate geeks and non-geeks about the “silent revolution” of using web, computing, storage, databases, and payment processing services in the same way as we today perceive electricity: an utility, on-demand service. This is real and it is happening today, everywhere.

Please come along, CohesiveFT will buy you a beer in the Crown on the Green afterwards. Let your friends, colleagues, boss, anyone who wants to know more about the Cloud know about the meetup.

Sign up (free of charge) at

31st March 2009 http://skillsmatter.com/event/cloud-grid/amazon-an-intro-to-cloud-computing

30th April 2009 http://skillsmatter.com/event/cloud-grid/amazon-web-services-meetup-323

March 13, 2009

Launch48 Follow-up Evening

Launch48 occurred just over 4 weeks ago and from what Adil and I have heard, the groups are continuing to thrive and working hard.  So it is time to get everyone together again and see how well they have progressed and catchup!

Everyone is invited to attend the Launch48 follow up event to be held at the City Tavern on Wednesday the 25th of March from 6 pm.  This event is open to everyone and the venue can hold up to 150 people.  So you are welcome to bring your friends.

Please make sure you RSVP to the meetup.com event at http://www.meetup.com/Launch48/calendar/9942585/

Presentations begining at 7 pm.  It is anticipated all the presentations will last for about an hour allowing plenty of time for everyone to mingle before and after.

Each group from Launch48 will be asked to present for a maximum 15 minutes on the following:
1. Introductions
2. How the group have progressed since Launch48
3. A demo/example of the application
4. Where the group plans to go from here

All groups: Please bring your presentation on a memory stick incase you have to use another computer for your presentation.

We will be inviting all the mentors and other special people, so please bring your business cards – who knows who you will meet!

Address: City Tavern, 29 Lawrence Lane, London, EC2V 8DP
Date/Time: Wed 25th of March from 6pm.
Map: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=City+Tavern&sll=51.515313,-0.092869&sspn=0.006583,0.019312&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=A
Website: http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/s/13/13902/City_Tavern/City_Of_London

Please make sure you RSVP to the meetup.com event at http://www.meetup.com/Launch48/calendar/9942585/

We look forward to seeing you there!

February 13, 2009

ilikeucoz you have had a massive overhaul!

I received the following email from Diane, a member of the ilikeucoz team.  I looks like their product is going very well!


Hi everyone,

After a gruelling 48 hours at Launch48, and some magic in the days following…’ilikeucoz’ is now live.  Please visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them. It’s simple, it’s spontaneous, it’s free. What are you waiting for? Make someone’s day.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can feel better about yourself by complimenting others.
  • You can feel great about the compliments you get.
  • And… you can help the likeucoz team spread the word about their idea.

Some things you can do to help us:

  1. Follow us on twitter: ilikeucoz
  2. Join our Facebook group and invite your friends to join?


    Here is a sample message with the correct character count that you can use when sending out the invite (just a guide, so we get our key messages out there):
    Please check out ilikeucoz… the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’, dedicated to bringing the feel-good factor back. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day… go on…make someone’s day. Join the FB group and get complimenting on www.ilikeucoz.com

  3. Send an email to your friends:
    Here’s an email you can send out to your network and friends and invite them to get complimenting. We want to make it easy for you to help out – so all you have to do is copy and paste this email (add your own personal flair if you like), send it to your contacts …and sit back and watch what happens in the Cozmos.

    Subject Line:

    Go on…make someone’s day. Visit ilikeucoz.com
    When was the last time you received a genuine, heartfelt complement? Remember the feeling?
    Yeah –it was good, wasn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Bring the feel-good factor back.
    Visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them.

    ilikeucoz is the world’s first appreciation engine.
    It’s simple. It’s spontaneous. It’s free. Go on… make someone’s day.

    Feeling the love? Take the Valentine’s Challenge.
    It’s easy – in honour of Feb 14th think of 14 reasons why someone (or several someones) in your life and tell them (yes, really!) whatever pops into your head—day or night – on ilikeucoz.com.

    Not sure what to say? Get inspired. See what’s happening in the Cozmos here.


The ilikeyoucoz team.

February 10, 2009

Techfluff.tv covers Launch48

As you know Launch48 was attended by Techfluff.tv.  Below is the video of their latest episode and Launch48 is covered at 6 minutes and 22 seconds…

February 8, 2009

Launch48 is over for now…

But there will be a follow up event for all groups to present their ideas, meet the mentors, and network with one another.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors.  It was an amazing experience.  Adil and I are very proud of all the groups and their progress.  It is amazing what can be achieved in 48 hours!

Now everyone is off to have pizza sponsored by Dennis Publishing and Campaign Monitor.

Congratulations everyone, and stay posted for updates on the groups and the upcoming event.

decisionsdecisions status update

A manic day of work has found the DecisionsDecisions team working flat out to create our site.

We have a constantly evolving and improving site thanks to the astounding effort from our dedicated developers. We hope to have a complete prototype by 5pm.

We suffered from some disagreements amongst the business and marketing group members following a dissection of the business model by Bindi from Microsoft. Her keen eye for detail exposed some critical flaws in the proposal, causing panic and mild hysteria.

The group had a fantastic session with the UX mentor who guided us through profiling users and suggested how to tailor the experience to that target.

With help from “the PR guy” at Dennis Publishing, we devised a campaign that involves ruining running Shed’s life. This day 2 campaign will see the site populated with Shed’s content and our control.

Next up is work on our blogs, social media accounts and finalising EVERYTHING. Less than half an hour to go…. PANNIIIICC

Follow us on Tumblr: http://decisionsdecisions.tumblr.com and on Twitter: http://twitter.com/decisionsx2

‘i like u coz’ status update

ilikeucoz_logo-v6_smallIt’s day 2 at Launch48 and i like u coz is gathering steam.

Here’s the new and improved pitch:

When was the last time you received a genuine, heartfelt compliment? Remember the feeling?
Yeah –it was good, wasn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Bring the feel-good factor back.
By the end of today, you can visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them.

i like u coz is the world’s first appreciation engine.
It’s simple. It’s spontaneous. Go on… make someone’s day.

Today, i like u coz is about people…telling others why they like them. Especially in these tough economic times, everyone needs a little boost. i like u coz is an easy, immediate and direct way to spread the love and make someone’s day.

What are our future plans? Once the good vibes start spreading across the web, we plan to branch out from people …to things and places as well. So people can talk about the products use and the places they go in a fun, spontaneous way.

Why are we different?

  • It’s not about you (for a change)—it’s about the people you like.
  • It’s personal—direct to the people you like in your life.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can feel better about yourself by complimenting others.
  • You can feel great about the compliments you get.

And – if you don’t know what to write – you will be able to check out our live feed of posts in the ‘cozmos’ and get inspired.

Read the i like u coz blog http://ilikeucoz.wordpress.com.

MyCharityPie Status Update

A tiny update on our project:

Product team is done and happily moved on to drinking, and became the business team.

Dev is devving on hardcore, the server and the website mycharitypie.com should be up and running pretty soon.

Design made great progress, cracked out some sexy wire-frames and moved on to make a proper design and do some css-mastering at the same time.

Marketing is on is way and just found out that running Google adsense might actual be a sustainable business for charity sites.


Dennis Publishing’s take on Launch48

dennis_logoSo we are now in the Summer of new business launches (and I think I missed most of Spring, managing start ups and young families has always been a difficult). But as I come in on Sunday my thoughts are full of admiration for the groups, how hard they are working, how comfortable they are already in each others company, it would be great to bottle this.

As anybody that works with me will know I have a very simple plan for business success, namely focusing on your people, your customers and your product. The hardest thing to do over a weekend such as this is really pay enough attention to the customer part of plan, whether it is your users, affiliates or willing advertisers you plan to draw to this new venture. It is hard because you won’t find out until Monday, what these potential customers really think of your weekend efforts and the production side of the project overwhelms you as you strive to get something out by that cruel deadline.

So my advice is this. Give your business development people a cuddle and a little bit more time today. Focusing on that plan, that first deal, first sign up, first agreement in principle, first £1000 is key. It gives everyone hope and will be the difference between you meeting up next year as business partners or just friends. Either way, in building a business the most important part is your People, you want them committed, flexible, appreciative and fun. I think each group has that. So you are half way there, just the last 50% to find!

Julian Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director of Advertising, Dennis Publishing

Vouchacha’s latest news

The Vouchacha team is storming ahead with our plan to deliver bargains on the move.

Yesterday the development team produced the core database, got the web site up and running, designed a logo, built a prototype Java client for mobiles and is well advanced on our iPhone application. People will be able to downloaded our software to their phone then click to have vouchers from local shops, restaurants and entertainment instantly delivered to their phone.

The business plan is in place, with our go to market work starting. So sign up for our trial service at  www.vouchacha.com/news and do the Vouchacha!

Matt Collins introduces Vouchacha :

Launch48 – the finale

All of the groups have arrived with some amazing progress made over night.  The four groups all have the technical, design, and logo aspects ready.

Currently some groups are struggling with server issues, and others are having heated debates about the goals they want to achieve today.

With the launch time of 5 pm looming, it is all hands on deck for the final sprint to the finish line with many groups eager to see how far they can take their applications.

Don’t forget, a follow-up event will be held on the 20th of March, 2009.  This event will invite all members of the Launch48 meetup group to attend an series of presentations by the groups to see how far they have gone in 6 weeks and see if they can entice the interest of organisations like seedcamp, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

February 7, 2009

I like u coz

I like u coz… you read my blog post

Have you ever wanted to tell someone you liked them because they did something great for you, are good fun to be around or bought you a favourite book, but just didn’t know where to say it?

I like u coz empowers you to do just that. As the world’s first “appreciation engine”, it’s a positive, fun and social web site that allows you to tell someone you like them and give the reason why – easily, immediately and directly. We’re bringing the feel-good factor back.

The idea is the brain-child of Fabio, who’s girlfriend asked him a few months ago – why do you love me? Completely perplexed by this question (as everyone is!), Fabio set about to write down reasons for ‘I like u coz’ whenever he thought about it over a month. But he knew there had to be a better way.

The team is a smaller group than most, with an even spread of business, developers and marketing. Design is currently being outsourced to a very ‘charitable’ group – thanks guys! We’re hard at work developing the idea and often find ourselves looking beyond this weekend at all the possibilities, and then bring ourselves back to reality with only 27 hours left to launch the site.

Charity Pie

It’s Mike from the CharityPie team. Its been a busy morning and we haven’t left the building yet since arriving. We have our user cases, Amazon EC2 keys are on the way, wireframes are everywhere and the development team is frantically workIng data models around me.

What we’re doing

CharityPie helps you choose and give to your favorite causes.

Users donate however much they like each month through a single direct debit, which is then divided amongst the charities according to the user’s own preferences, set in the form of a pie chart. People that care about particular issues : the environment, Africa, etc can also choose from pre-selected causes which distribute finds between multiple charities in that field. Users can show their pies – and hence the charities they’re supporting – to their Facebook friends.

Back to work now – we’re hoping to have a working demo by this evening!

Mike MacCana

CharityPie (soon to have a new name!)

Introducing Local Coupons!


Team A, has come up with a set base of principals to get us started on our Venture. We are catering to people that are interested in getting discounts on his or her mobile phone and web.

They will have an opportunity to browse and search for vouchers from our service, for the retail market we are offering them a service that saves them money off printing and also gets them quality leads.

Paul has come up with the following logo, please have a go at it and give us some reviews. As for the name we area still pending on a catchy name….stay tune.

Introducing… decisions decisions

Team D has the enviable task of producing an engaging social web app in which dilemmas are shared online for the hive mind to solve. With one of the largest groups at #launch48 and a fairly even spread of skill sets that cover: Development, Design, Sysadmin, Business and Marketing all helmed by the charismatic Shed Simove.

The starting point for the creative and commercial decision making which began immediately from the forming of groups on the Friday night quickly identified a feel similar to Hot or Not? The initial concept for look and feel have been provided by Shed:


Over the next few hours we aim to build a simple user experience, fine tune our business model, and mesh our developer team with the expertise of the mentors.

Our current consideration is how to create a product that engages both consumers and commercial sectors. We are concerned about how to attract the initial user base and moderating the content they produce.

Launch48 ideas confirmed

The four ideas for Launch48 have been selected:

  1. Charity Pie – a system for managing donations to charities
  2. Decision Decision – a system to assist with making decisions
  3. I love you cause – a system for sending messages to people based on a topic
  4. Local Coupons – a system for finding coupons based on your location

The status meetings are in progress, the teams are working hard, and the mentors are participating.

Twitter messages are taking a bigger part in the web site, please let me know when you post photos.  And follow Launch48 on twitter to get the latest news!

Expect blog posts from each group in the next couple of hours.

February 6, 2009

The big day is here

Some say today is the equivalent of Christmas for Launch48 attendees, the day everything starts, ideas are exchanged, questioned, and selected. People meet new people, share a drink or two, and form groups. This could be the beginning for some very exciting new web apps, something off-the-wall, or a sure-fire hit!
Sorry for getting a bit poetic on you, but I am excited! Today is LAUNCH48 DAY!

As of tomorrow, the Launch48 web site will change a bit. It will become a haven for Launch48 information. As of tomorrow tweets, photos and blog posts will erupt spectacularly as Launch48 activity consumes this blog and becomes a portal for everyone at Launch48 to communicate with one another and to show to world what Launch48 is doing.

During the weekend each group will be asked to write at least a blog post each day to keep the wider Launch48 community and people interested in Launch48 informed. Adil and I will also contribute blog posts describing the wider event. Who knows, maybe some of our mentors will write some blog posts giving their opinions? Watch this space.

We are hoping attendees will contribute photos. So, if you are coming, please bring your cameras, camera-phones, and even your web cams. All photo and video content that is added to the internet during the event will be added to the site for the rest of the world to see what’s happening at Launch48. Just let us know where your photos are and we will add them.

Twitter is booming, and Launch48 will leverage this medium for maximum benefit. Some of you may have noticed your tweets currently publicised on the right hand side of this blog. This section will become larger to accommodate the latest tweets about Launch48 from the event, and from around the world.

Adil and I are looking forward to meeting all attendees tonight for what we hope will be a life-changing experience for all participants.

February 3, 2009

4 days, more mentors, great ideas!

Adil and I are working hard to put together welcome packs, name tags, finalising agendas, confirming the format, and planning for Launch48 which starts this Friday at 6:30 pm.

5 more mentors have been added to the mentor page; Tim Farthing, Dan Moon, Lea Bajc, William Tunstall-Pedoe and Jonathan Kitchen. Please visit our Mentors page for detailed Bios of all our mentors.

Techfluff.tv briefly interviewed me in episode 7, you can view the interview on youtube or the entire episode on their website.

Friday night

Friday night will include:

  1. 6:30 pm
    Doors open
    Arrive, collect name tag, welcome pack, and drinks sponsored by Dennis Publishing.
  2. 7:00 pm
    Brief introduction
    First round of pitches (1 min per pitch, anyone can pitch their idea)
    Voting for the best pitches
    Best pitches re-pitched (2 min per pitch + question and answer time)
    Voting for the 4 best pitches
    Creation of groups
  3. 9:30 pm
    Networking session sponsored by Inbizvest at the pub

You will not need to bring anything with you on the Friday except for your pitch ideas.

January 29, 2009

Get ready for Launch48 in 7 days

The first ever Launch48 is roughly 7 days away. Adil and I have been working hard to ensure this event has the best mentors, sponsors, and attendees not only from London but from many other parts of Europe with people attending from Spain, Germany, France and other countries.


In addition to the Mentors already announced last week, we are delighted to add the following Mentors to our list (in alphabetical order):

  • Simone Brunozzi – Amazon Web Services
  • Andrew Culpan – Aroxo
  • Hugh Chappell – TrustedReviews.com and bit-tech.net
  • Julian Lloyd Evans – Dennis Publishing
  • Pascal Finette – Mozilla
  • Aidan Fitzpatrick – Reincubate
  • Bindi Karia – Microsoft
  • Andrew Shorten – Adobe

For more information see the mentors page where you will be able to find out more information about the mentors and can put faces to names.


The final Sponsors for Launch48 are Dennis Publishing, Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Campaign Monitor, Huddle, Inbizvest, the iPlatform, and Techfluff.tv.  Many of them will be there on the weekend, so if you see them please say hi!


If you haven’t registered yet, you may have missed out.  We have a limit of how many people we can we physically fit, so if you want to attend please sign up for the Launch48 group on Meetup and quickly RSVP!  Meetup will close the event automatically once it is full.

Of course, if you can’t attend, please change your response on Meetup so someone else can RSVP.

Business Ideas

The Launch48 Meetup message boards have been booming recently with a number of great ideas from participants.  Please contribute your ideas and review other people’s ideas.  The more ideas, the better the event will be.

Adil and I look forward to meeting you at the first Launch48 event on Friday, February the 6th, 2009.

January 17, 2009

Mentors & Sponsors Announced

We are very excited to announce the first of our mentors and sponsors for the Launch48 event.

The mentors are industry leading experts in their respective fields and have very graciously agreed to spend some of their time with the participants and teams as they build their web applications during Launch48. I am sure we all can learn a lot from these mentors so I strongly urge the participants to interact with these mentors over the weekend as this is a very exciting opportunity.

In alphabetical order the mentors are:

  • Rachel Bremer – Spark PR
  • George Hadjigeorgiou – Ex-Yahoo
  • David Lundblad – Swede
  • Chris Morton – Balderton Capital
  • Jalin Somaiya – Google
  • Jerome Touze – WAYN

More information, photos, and a biography of these mentors can we found on Our Mentors page.

We would also like to thank our sponsors who have very graciously offered us their support in making sure that Launch48 turns out to be a fantastic event. The list of our sponsors and what they are offering can be found on Our Sponsors page.

We will be adding more mentors and sponsors to this list over the next few days and we will keep the blog updated so stay tuned!

January 10, 2009

Launch48 progress update

Launch48 has been busy over the last couple of weeks. Here is a quick update:

Advisors and Mentors

As the Event Format page says, Launch48 will have a range of people from the web and technology industries attending throughout the event.  The names are still under wraps, but as soon as we receive biography and photos from our wonderful mentors, we will be adding a new page to this web site so you can see who will be attending, and begin thinking of questions you can ask them.

Actually, of everyone we have spoken to about Launch48 in the industry, everyone is very supportive and positive.  I can’t wait for the event, it should be a lot of fun.


A number of exciting sponsors have contacted Launch48 recently creating amazing opportunities for Launch48 attendees.  I don’t want to say too much, but we expect to have some exciting technology partners and sponsors  that all attendees will benefit from.

If you are interested in sponsoring Launch48, please contact us.


With 25 days remaining before the event, there isn’t much time to register or tell your friends and promote Launch48.  Launch48 needs your help to ensure we have lots and lots of people attending.  If you can tell the groups and communities you are involved with about Launch48, that would be great!  Don’t forget to tell people on facebook and twitter about us too!

Who is behind Launch48?

A couple of people have wanted to know who is behind Launch48, which big conglomerate is funding the event, are we robots from another planet?

All is revealed on the updated About Launch48 page.  Adil and I have added our biographies and photos to give everyone a chance to find out why we are doing this event and what our backgrounds are.

What’s Next?

Expect the format for capturing web app ideas to be ready soon.  Please discuss your ideas in the Launch48 message boards, promote the event, and I look forward to meeting you all in a couple of weeks!

December 30, 2008

Social network promotion is go!

As you can see, Launch48 is making the most of the social networking craze by setting up our own facebook group and posting on twitter.

Please help Launch48 to attract the best-of-the-best and to encourage sign ups by posting on twitter and other social networking sites with the term ‘launch48‘.  Any twitter posted with the term ‘launch48‘ will appear on this website.  We think this will encourage discussions about Launch48 and help to promote the event.

Jump on the facebook group to share photos, videos, and information you find relevant.

Of course, you are more than welcome to comment on any posts on this website too.

December 29, 2008

Registration is open

You can now register via Meetup.com for Launch48.

We will ask you to answer 5 questions when you register, please fill them out with as much detail as possible.  We will be approving registrations to ensure everyone attending has thought about what they can contribute and receive from Launch48.

We look forward to meeting many of you at Launch48.

Register for Launch48 at Meetup.com.

December 28, 2008

Launch48 is… launching

Welcome to Launch48.com

Launch48 is a new event in London which aims at bringing together individuals interested in web-technologies to start and launch a web app/apps in 48 hours.

If you are interested in web apps, business, technology, or networking with like-minded people, register.

Launch48 is going to be run in London, United Kingdom from the 6th to the 8th of February, 2009.  The venue is sponsored by Dennis Publishing.

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