Birmingham Launch48 Weekend


Friday 17th to Sunday 19th Oct 2014


The Studio, Birmingham

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Our Birmingham Launch48 Weekend Accelerator is here!

The Launch48 weekend Accelerator is a unique experience for building web startups with people from a range of backgrounds and different sets of skills.

The goal is simple: pitch, build and launch a startup in 48 hours.

Cost: All tickets: Free. (We ask that you pay a refundable £20 deposit to secure your space.)

What is launch48:

Why attend:

  • Before the Event:

    Buy your ticket to attend the event - everyone is welcome – techies and non techies.

  • Friday Evening:

    Drinks, Pizza, 60 second pitches anyone can pitch - ideas can anything from just dreamed up to well researched.

  • Friday Night:

    Team formation - pick which idea and team you want to work on for the weekend.

  • Over the Weekend:

    You will learn new tools through workshops, get advice from mentors and have loads of fun manically turning your idea into a startup.

  • Success Stories:

    New startups. New jobs. A new network of like-minded people.

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    The Launch48 Weekend, is an informal, high energy event. Everyone is welcome at our Weekend Events: Benefit from networking with like-minded individuals, Learn tools to validate your business ideas, Experience what it is like to be in a startup.
    We explain all the tools we use over the weekend, so everyone is on the same page & can contribute.


    Brainstorm and research your idea. All ideas presented at Launch48 should answer the following points:

    • Idea and problem it is solving
    • Business model and monetisation strategy
    • Target market and competitors

    Refine your pitch to 60 seconds and practice. You will be presenting your idea to other attendees and we will cut you off. Pull out the most attractive parts and prepare your hook.

    Research into startup tools and methodology. This is your opportunity to test out new concepts and ways of working.

    Sign up to the Launch48 LinkedIn group, follow us on Twitter and register for our newsletter to keep up to date with the startup scene.


    Fri 18:00 – 22:00 – registration, networking, keynote presentation, business ideas are pitched, participants vote on ideas and teams are formed. Pizza, beer & soft drinks are provided.


    Sat 09:00 – 10:00 – We introduce you to the Idea Map and lean startup methodologies. A practical session focused on ways of applying these core topics to the Launch48 Weekend and your future startups. These sessions lay the foundation to the weekend and ensure everyone is starting from the same position. Breakfast is provided.

    Sat 10:00 – 22:00 – work starts on your startup, mentors work with each team to take you through brainstorming, prototyping, and business plan development. Lunch and dinner is provided along with refreshments.


    Sun 09:00 – 22:00 – continue to work on your startup, present at the Launch48 demo session in front of attendees, mentors and accelerators. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided with soft drinks available all day and beer in the evening networking session.


Friday 17th Oct 2014: 18:00 to 22:00

Saturday 18th Oct 2014: 9:00 to 22:00

Sunday 19th Oct 2014: 9:00 to 21:00



Organisers, Mentor's & Judges

  • array (
      'company' => 'Working on a startup called TwoTen',
      'bio' => 'Chris Puttick has worked in many sectors, with his last proper job,
    some years ago, working as senior manager in the construction sector.
    He\'s also worked with tech in the education sector on and off for 20
    years, worked for a dot com in the late 90s, and developed new
    business units wherever he\'s worked. Currently he\'s mostly working on
    a startup called TwoTen, where his main responsibility is doing
    whatever a duck tells him.',
    array (
      'company' => 'Co-Founder of Whisk',
      'twitter' => 'nickholzherr ',
      'bio' => 'Nick heads up commercial aspects at Whisk, the business put to Lord Sugar in the final of the BBC Apprentice 2012. He has 3 years of commercial experience heading up two successful start-up companies where he has been responsible for product design, user experience and all management aspects of the businesses. In 2011 he was named Birmingham Young Professional of the Year for entrepreneurship after being named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Insider in 2010.  He grew up in Switzerland and loves home cooking.',
    array (
      'twitter' => 'mmmmmrob',
      'bio' => 'Rob Styles is a web technologist who’s been building web-based systems since the early nineties. He was one of the team behind the launch of Egg in 1999 and several other innovative finance sites. He was one of the early voices behind Open Data Commons (http://www.opendatacommons.org/licenses/pddl/1-0/) and has a keen interest in data on the web.
    Rob has been involved in several other successful hack events and brings technical expertise to Launch48, providing help and support on how to build web systems that are both fast and scalable yet simple enough to build quickly.',
    array (
      'company' => 'Co-Founder & CEO at Oxygen Accelerator',
      'twitter' => 'simonjenner',
      'email' => 'simon@oxygenaccelerator.com',
      'bio' => 'Even as a school boy Simon was a budding entrepreneur, running a car washing business at the age of 12 then progressing to a tuck shop business by the age of 16.
    Simon studied IT at university and started his career working for BT’s Research & Development division. After a few years working for large enterprises, the entrepreneurial bug was back. Aged 26, he started Trinity Security Services, an IT security professional services company. Trinity delivered IT security solutions to customers such as Cadbury Schweppes, Bank of England, RSPB and Tesco. A successful exit of Trinity via a trade sale took place in 2008.
    In 2008/09 Simon launched two web startups, inbizvest.com & ilikeucoz.com. Both failed but provided an important learning experience. In 2009 Simon then co-founded Urban Coffee Company, which now has 2 retail outlets in Birmingham and plans for further national growth.
    Simon was previously the Head of Incubation at Birmingham Science Park and incubated 50+ tech startups in  36 months.
    Simon is now the CEO & Co-Founder of Oxygen Accelerator.',


  • Can I sponsor Launch48?

    Launch48 has global and event specific sponsoring opportunities. Global sponsorship covers multiple events and are usually time-based. Event specific opportunities refer to a particular event.

    Can I be a mentor?

    Mentoring is reserved for people who can help attendees in a variety of ways, and Launch48 often asks mentors to demonstrate their success and why they should be giving advice to new entrepreneurs.

  • Do I need to pitch an idea?

    No, attendees at Launch48 events are invited to pitch. Pitching is not required.

    How are teams formed?

    Teams are created after the final round of pitching. Attendees are divided into interest groups based on what they want to do during Launch48. The interest groups are spaced evenly around the room. The interest groups are:

    - Development
    - Design
    - Marketing
    - Business and Finance

    Each chosen business idea is called out and attendees who want to participate in the current business idea come forward. Launch48 encourages attendees to evenly distribute themselves across the different groups, for example if all the developers go with one idea then the other ideas are likely to not have enough developers, and the developers are not going to have as much opportunity to work on an idea.

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