Adventure Urban’s first blog post

Our team leader, James Grafton put in an excellent and inspiring pitch for his concept of the ‘Adventure Urban’ mobile application. A multi-tiered application for creating and experiencing adventures in a city; it will provide the user with an exciting way of participating in themed tours within a local area.

We are going to team with retail partners and attractions throughout our target city to offer rewards to the consumer when reaching and completing challenges within the adventure. This will begin to open up the possibilities of various revenue streams.

Currently the team is hard at work with a multi-pronged approached to try and build this business within 48 hours, and over a third of those have expired already:

  • We are working on determining the customer base, targeting potential partners, and who will be our best customers.
  • We are looking at the different possible revenue lines, and articulating those for the different types of products we’re selling.
  • We are creating the first adventure as a demonstration for the application. It will take place in and around the Paypal building and this is leading into;
  • creating a mockup and flowcharts for the application itself.
  • We are performing competition analysis to see what else is out there in the market and how will differentiate ourselves to lead ahead of the other offerings.

The energy and excitement is palpable, with plenty of mentors sharing their valuable advice and experience to improve our concept and keep our heads on track.