Launch48 is here for people that want to be part of a startup, from those with the skills to get a startup going to those dreamers with the next big idea but no team and no idea of how to get it moving.

Launch48 brings together people of all skill sets and experiences to create ideas, build products and launch their own startup.

Through Launch48 Weekend, Launch48 Launchpad, and Launch48 Online, Launch48 is a catalyst for new entrepreneurs.

Since launching in 2009 Launch48 has helped over 50 startups with alumni going on to accelerators such as 500 Startups, Seedcamp, Springboard, and Oxygen Accelerator.

Launch48 Team

Launch48 is managed by a dedicated team alongside a number of volunteers, sponsors, mentors and other generous folk.

Simon McCann


Simon has been involved with startup companies since graduating from Aston University in 2009. He founded Co-Go Coffee to Go and QRky building both companies from idea to revenue generation, employing 10+ people across both companies.

Before joining Launch48 Simon worked in Business Development for The Beans Group, focusing on studentbeans.com, a lifestyle site for 18 – 24 year olds with more than 1 million site visits per month.

The Board

Launch48 is supported by a fantastic Board of experienced entrepreneurs and big hitters from the startup community:

  1. Mark Hales – Chairman
  2. Hugh Chappel
  3. Julian Granger
  4. Reshma Sohoni
  5. Ian Broom – Non Executive Director
  6. Adil Mohammed – Non Executive Director

The History of Launch48

Launch48 was founded by Ian Broom and Adil Mohammed in 2009. They wanted to find out what it took to build a successful web app and to experience fun and excitement whilst they were doing it.

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