2014 June

June 8, 2014

Events/Ticketing Hack Weekend with The Ticket Factory: Meet the Teams

We’re coming to the end of a special Launch48 weekend – instead of coming up with all sorts of ideas for new businesses, we’ve focused on the events/ticketing space. To provide insight into the industry, and the problems/developments the industry is facing, the event was kindly sponsored by The Ticket Factory, the UK’s fastest growing ticketing agency. The attendees were a mixture of developers, entrepreneurs already working in this area and those who are interested in doing so.

We came up with a whole load of ideas in this space, here’s just a few of the ideas that were selected to work on:

Team EventMaster

logo small

photo 3

Web: http://eventmaster.launchrock.com/

Twitter: @eventmasterapp_

Eventmater is an iBeacon app enabling better event experiences for attendees. It also acts as a CRM for event organisers.


Team Ticketpass


photo 1

Ticketpass is a mobile platform that allows consumers to store, track, return,  gift and forward tickets at the touch of a button through the primary seller.




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