2012 November

November 12, 2012

Customers discovered at Launch48 Academy

Saturday the 10th November saw our first Launch48 Academy session held at UCL.

The topic was Customer Discovery and we had 3 fantastic sessions on the business model canvas, customer acquisition channels and introduction to metrics.

Participants created their own business model canvas to map out their initial business idea before deciding on their first tests to validate their idea.

After this session Matt Wheeler from Forward Labs took an in-depth look at Adwords and how to use them to acquire your first customers. Participants were knocked in to the reality of paying for their first customers but saw that if managed properly Adwords are the easiest way to acquire your first customers.

Finally, Shahid Hussain of Kii Capital ran a session on metrics and what your startup should be focusing on during the acquisition, engagement, retention and conversion stages.

All the sessions have been recorded and will be appearing on Launch48.com very soon.

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