2012 October

October 30, 2012

London Launch48 Weekend Summary

London Launch48 Weekend came back to UCL with our largest event yet.

90+ people attended forming 9 teams, working on a range of startups from a social network dedicated to feet to a simple upload function for website building (that finished the weekend with 10 customers).

As usual we pushed our startups hard and expected them to deliver, and in their own way they all did.

Roy Tuvey (Scansafe and Snappli) kicked us off with an inspiring presentation on his experiences building Scansafe and eventually selling to Cisco for $183m. You could tell the mood in the theatre was full of energy after the talk and this led in to a brilliant pitching session.

The pitching was of exceptional quality and it was a hard task narrowing the ideas down to 9 startups. Looking at the pitches that won there were some interesting trends; each person was prepared, energetic and had an almost crazy enthusiasm for their idea. Their pitches stood out, people bought in to their enthusiasm and they ultimately won.

Over the Saturday and Sunday each team focused in on the core of creating a sustainable startup, they built basic MVPs and focused hard on the business side; looking at the business model canvas, their target customers, understanding their market and getting out of the building to talk to customers.

Uploadr.io had a complete product with 10 customers by the end of the weekend. FeetShot had a brilliant product with people all over the world uploading pictures of where they were standing. SellPlex built a basic landing page and got out the building to talk to customers.

Our mentors, as usual, were fantastic and each startup came away from the weekend with a number of valuable questions answered.

Our Gold Sponsors, Pearson and Twilio, provided advice and guidance on product development and using their API’s. Pearson provided access to huge quantities of content from across their brands, including recipes, travel guides and stock photos. Twilio provided access to text and voice functionality, which has the ability to turn any app in to a fantastically interactive concept They are due a huge thank you for their support during the weekend.

A thanks also goes to Crunch and Everycity who provided sponsorship and product to our entrepreneurs.

Our London Launch48 Weekend was a great success and we can’t wait for future Launch48 Weekends (watch this space), in the mean time we have:

  • Launch48 Academy: Customer Discover – a 1 day workshop on understanding your business model and getting your first users.
  • Launch48 Showcase – an opportunity for startups to present their business to the startup community including VCs, accelerators, angel investors, and other entrepreneurs.

October 20, 2012

Meet the London Launch48 Weekend teams

Announcing the London Launch48 Weekend teams; here’s what we’re all working furiously on this weekend:

Voiced is a suggestions and improvement platform for products and services. Follow Voiced on Twitter @voicedHQ and find out why they are at Launch48 in this 20 second video

Shiftr.tv is an online free TV recorder that allows you to watch what you want, how you want. Follow Shiftr.tv on Twitter @shiftrTV find out what Shiftr.tv do and why they’re at Launch48 in this short video.

Nine Studios aims to bring the SMART home to the masses. We’re initially developing an online store that focuses on selling well designed compatible SMART home products. We eventually want to move into designing our own products and systems. Follow on Twitter @nine_designs

Co to Work is the place where employees get paid to refer their friends for available posts. Employees get paid referrals and businesses save money by using their existing employees network.

Uploadr is a simple way for everybody to do something they’ve needed a programmer for until now: upload files to any website.  It works for all the document, audio and video files people use in their daily life, and it works on any site. Follow Uploadr on twitter @uploaderio, find out what uploadr.io do and why they came to Launch48 in this 20 second video.

Every step tells a story. Use FeetShot.com to tell yours. Share images with a brand new perspective: show us where you stand. Follow Feetshot on Twitter @feetshot and watch a 30 second video on Vimeo

CareerMentor.Me is an interactive web-based career-coaching platform designed to manage individuals through the process of career planning and job-hunting in a systematic and manageable format.
84% of people are unhappy in their career. Don’t be one of them.

My Festival Fix is a web-based app that allows festival-goers to plan their festival experience: what to take, what to expect, who to see; and to share this with their friends.  The aim is to make organising a trip to a festival super easy and leave more time for fun. Find out how they pivoted and what they learnt in this short video

Sellplex is disrupting the eCommerce industry by providing sellers the ability to list on multiple platforms simultaneously with minimum effort. Follow Sellplex on Twitter @sellplex

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