2012 September

September 12, 2012

I’m not technical, what can I do?

A common question we get asked at Launch48 is,
“I’m not technical, what can I do?”

We thought it would be easier to write down a list of the key actions we think a non-technical team member can do during the Launch48 Weekends.

Refine the business plan.
Where does your company fit in the market? Now is the time to do some major competitor analysis and find out what they are doing well and how you will beat them. Answering questions such as:

  1. What is their value proposition?
  2. What customer demographic are they targeting?
  3. How have they tailored their product design and voice to this customer demographic?
  4. What keywords do they target in their SEO?
  5. How are we going to better the above?

We recommend using tools such as the business model canvas to help visualise your business plan.

Do some finances.
A critical part of the formation of a startup is to understand what you are going to spend and when you will start to see money. All startups require a small amount of capital outlay. Use this time to work out what that will be and how the company will be able to pay for it.

Schmooze some investors.
There will be active investors at Launch48. They are there because they want to find entrepreneurs to invest in, this is your time to show them you are that entrepreneur. Get to know all of the mentors and start to find out what they look for when investing in a startup, take this feedback and start to apply it to your startup.

Marketing & Sales.
At the very least you want to have a plan of action, for the more pro-active person you will be finding initial customers and reaching out to them. The internet is a 24/7 entity, there will always be someone you want to communicate with on the net waiting for you to find them.

If you are more sales focused you will be focusing on creating your sales hit list, preparing your sales pitch and materials and identifying your sales proposition.

There is a lot of copywriting to do and it is not the “interns” job. The written word is one of a startups most powerful tools, this is your chance to add credibility, form a first impression, and communicate your message, if you get this wrong then you won’t be seeing that visitor again. It’s not just the website that needs copy, you also need to focus on:

  1. Welcome emails.
  2. Presentations.
  3. Sales materials and verbal pitches.
  4. Linkedin / Facebook / Twitter bio’s.
  5. Blog posts.

Product design.
There is a huge amount of skill required to design a great product, however a novice can work on basic mockups and prototyping. You can reach for the pen and pad of paper (if you remember what they are) and start knocking up some basic page designs. You could even start to plan some A/B test of page designs.

Bond with your team.
These are the people you could be spending a significant amount of time with. Working in a high pressure situation to achieve the goals you will be setting. You need to figure out if these are the people you want to do that with – it is not a bad thing if you figure out the answer is no, at least you found out early and gave it a go.

Have fun.

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