2011 October

October 31, 2011

Launch48 London summary

Thank you to everyone who attended Launch48 London including our fantastic sponsors X.com, Viadeo and our special hosts UCL Enterprise Society.  Thanks for the last minute support from Springboard for the pizza on Sunday night too!

The final presentations were a lot of fun with 75 attendees and 5 teams presenting, below are the URLs and a description. Note – the sites are unfinished:

Eat In The Street – The street food vendor directory site collected a number of vendor’s from Bricklane Market and created their own branded stickers which most people at Launch48 on Sunday ended up wearing.

Float My Note – A system to anonymously post content (balloons) online and support anonymous responses. Users have the ability to track a balloon to see other people’s comments.

Beauty Minis – A system that will capture cosmetic preference data from users then work with cosmetic brands to send relevant samples to key users. After the user receives a sample additional data will be collected and fed back to to the brands.

Styletab – A tablet-based system for browsing and purchasing products. It offers a refined interface that is specifically suited to tablets.

CarTime – Attempting to fix car sharing by focussing on specific areas in the UK and adding value to car sharing such as learning French or listening to a genre of music.

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October 7, 2011

Seedhack founder collaboration agreement

Seedcamp has released a new document designed to help early stage companies start working together.

The Seedcamp web site states the document:

is designed for a newly formed team to agree on what each founder’s shareholding should be as well as how to make sure that each founder puts a continued effort throughout the lifetime of the company in order to keep their equity stake.

You can download the documents now from the Seedcamp web site.

Mozilla Festival arrives in London

Are you passionate about the web, web standards, HTML5, CSS3, and how new technologies can help to improve our world and be used innovatively?

If you are then you may want to consider attending Mozilla Festival on November the 4 to 6 at Ravensbourne College in London.  The event will be an interesting mixture of different industries to make for a mamouth hackday event including people from:

  • developers
  • gamers
  • designers
  • teachers
  • reporters and journalists
  • activists

Overall it looks very exciting and it will be a great events.  What’s more it is being run by the fantastic guys at Mozilla, so I have no doubt it will be worthwhile.

Purchase your ticket from here.

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