2011 July

July 26, 2011

Video section launched

Launch48 has collected a large number of videos over the years, today we are launching our new video section which will progressively include videos from The Inspire Conference as well as videos about Launch48 events from across the world.

Currently we have:

  • 8 x The Inspire Conference videos
  • Launch48 London
  • Launch48 Edinburgh
  • Launch48 Melbourne
  • Launch48 Moldova

Visit the video page now and please contact us if you have any Launch48 videos you would like us to add.

2 hot startups – WeTeachMe and Tasksauce

In the last few days I have heard of 2 great startups launching into beta on opposite sides of the world. Both startups hope to help the community through connecting people to each other but for different reasons:

Teaching through WeTeachMe

WeTeachMe connects people who have a skill to share, with people who want to learn. It allows teachers to create a lesson and students can search and book via the site.

WeTeachMe started at Launch48 Melbourne earlier this year. Since then the team has shrunk but continued to work hard to release an updated version of their product.  They are currently focussed on 5 countries including the UK, US, and Australia and are using PayPal to manage payment. They intended to make money through a sales commission model.


Tasks through Tasksauce

Tasksauce is a simple system allows visitors to list odd jobs they need filling, a bit like Mechanical Turk but for physical as well as virtual tasks. Their model is similar to Task Rabbit in the US that has experienced strong growth.

People who have a task list it on the site and state how much they will pay, the money is held until the job is completed and the funds are released. Anyone can apply to do the tasks although they must have a credit check done which helps to ensure only serious people will apply to perform the task.


July 20, 2011

Going Going Bike needs your help

Going Going Bike has been listed as a finalist in the Venture Candy competition run by Metro Newspaper and they need your help to win it!  Please vote for them now and support startups within the Launch48 community.

Going Going Bike is a startup helping people to buy and sell bikes as well as other complimentary services.  To date they have funded the business themselves and they are looking to raise £300,000.00 to assist them to grow the business.  Winning this competition will help them by giving them access to a wide variety of services including promotion in the Metro newspaper worth £50,000.00.

James, from Going Going Bike, attended our recent Launch48 Kingston event.  It was great to hear that they were rapidly expanding yet he was still keen to spend a weekend exploring new business ideas and working with other entrepreneurs.

Vote for them now! It only takes 3 seconds.

Learn more about Going Going Bike or the Venture Candy competition.

July 19, 2011

Want to attend a Launch48 event near you?

We are planning a number of events for the 2011.  To help us know where there is demand for Launch48 events you’re welcome to complete this form below, or register for our newsletter to receive the latest Launch48 news.

July 8, 2011

HipSnip secures funding

Congratulations to HipSnip, the 2nd of the 2 Launch48 Launchpad companies wanting to raise money following the Launchpad demo day in February 2011.

HipSnip has been having a great time recently, they received some funding, they won Ericsson Application Awards Company Category for 2011 including €15,000.00, they employed some developers to increase the pace of product development and they settled into their new offices in Smithfield London at Innovation Warehouse where they sit a few desks away from Bluefields.com the other Launchpad company to raise funding following the Launchpad program.

We hope to hear more from HipSnip as their business progresses. If you want to learn more about their business please sign up for email updates at http://hipsnip.com

July 5, 2011

PepsiCo10 – win £10,000 and PepsiCo as a client

It seems it is the season for fantastic startup opportunities, and this is proving a great opportunity for Launch48 to promote a suite of programs and competitions for early stage startups to enter.

PepsiCo10 is one of these programs, run by PepsiCo in the USA last year, the program proved so successful it has expanded to Europe, Turkey, and Russia.

PepsiCo10 is looking for companies under 2 years old to enter with innovative technology products with the chance to win £10,000.00, PepsiCo as a client, and introductions to mentors and investors.

If your startup fits the bill apply now as applications close on the 15th of July 2011.

Here is a short video from last year’s US applicants:

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