2011 April

April 19, 2011

Crunch helps startups with accounting

Are you looking for a good accountant? Do you need a cost effective solution that is flexible and targeted at startups?

Launch48 has been aware of Crunch since it first began. Their solution is a clever mix of technology and real-world accounting so that you can get advice when you need it.

If you need tax and account advice mixed with an online invoicing and bookkeeping system then crunch may be right for you.


April 1, 2011

Launch48 Melbourne underway

For those lucky enough to be attending Launch48 Melbourne, registration has begun and a fantastic event run by the organisers Grant, Daniel, and Tim and supported by staff from Deloitte’s Melbourne office is expected this weekend.

Support for the event has been fantastic with a strong list of business ideas registered for the Friday night pitching session.

Keep an eye on http://melbourne.launch48.com to see all the latest updates, and track #launch48melb and @launch48melb on twitter.

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