2010 November

November 28, 2010

EventFeedr Blog post 2

Day 2 at Launch48, the SpotEvents team has rebranded their product offering to ‘EventFeedr’

The new strap line is….

‘Get your questions answered! EventFeedr lets you ask, comment and vote on questions live at the event from your mobile.
We help to get the most popular questions rated by the audience, answered by the speaker.’

The marketing focus now is how to focus our efforts on building awareness, creating some buzz, working out how to drive traffic, getting users to check out what we have and get some feedback.

We are trying to launch a tool that attendees to live-events ( conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows etc ) will want to use to be able to contribute to the event so they get more value from attending.

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Visit us: www.eventfeedr.com

The teams at alpha

EventFeedr (was Spot Events)

Spot Events managed to focus down on a single functionality by the second board meeting. This apparently worked very well for them because they had a clear idea of what they would deliver by Sunday evening: an application for crowdsourcing Q&As at a conference. It also meant a new name, “EventFeedr”. Different elements of the team found a way to contribute business plans, a logo and the presentation slides. EventFeeder had the fewest developers and worked closely with PayPal’s John Lunn on Appcelerator Titanium to create an iPhone app. Encouragingly the team got Ian Broom to promise to use and publicise their app for the next Launch48 conference in Romania! They’re also talking about a great strategy for viral marketing amongst conference attendees at Minibar, and allowing the attendees themselves to sell to organisers.


Itiner8 have also pulled together effectively. Things are going pretty well now for the team that had a bit of a grilling at the second board meeting. They have a logo, website and an HTML prototype. They’ve even managed to do market research by sending a team to Starbucks, although it’s questionable whether iPhone users at a Starbucks in Richmond represent a large market! Itiner8 lost one of their star coders due to the birth of a baby, though whether it was his baby, someone else’s baby or baby Jesus was a little unclear (well it’s nearly Christmas). They’ve also been playing with Appcelerator with the guidance of the PayPal mentors.

Adventure Urban

AU are a mysterious team, a lot of the value of the idea is contingent on the “adventurous” nature of their guided journeys. Guided tours on mobile are nothing new. They promise that their app will be much more fun than a simple guided tour. More like a real life computer game with ‘tasks’ to complete in different places. Their showcase for the investors on Sunday will be a ‘fun’ journey round the PayPal office, which L48′s Ian Broom is chronically skeptical about. We’ll see.

They’ve now got an impressive framework for the app itself built directly in Objective C by James Grafton. The team has slimmed down somewhat as some team members dropped out overnight. They’ve focussed their business model down too, now they aim to be a mobile app agency, providing an application structure for corporate clients to ‘skin’ with creative content for their ‘Urban Adventures’.

Now they’ve just a few hours until the presentations. Now they need to test, test and test some more. Can’t wait!

Spot Events’ First Blog Post

Traditionally, when you go to live events such as conferences, exhibitions and festivals, any type of audience response system for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, or submitting feedback etc. is by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices, while the mobile phones which are the devices which most commonly available to delegates/visitors go un-used.

The EventFeedr application is to be based on an existing service that Luke Glen’s company SpotiD provides which aggregates communications from various mobile phones streams such as sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype etc

Due to the time constraints of the Launch48 event, the main scope of the initial mobile application will include the ability to:

- Allow conference attendees to post live questions to the event organiser

- Let attendees vote up/down questions

- Display questions posted, sorted by attendee votes

Post-Launch48, the EventFeedr team plan port all the services (communication streams) already available from the SpotiD business into the EventFeedr application.

EventFeedr sees their key USP as the ability to aggregate cross-platform communications regardless of source, and gives attendees the valuable way to engage with the conference organisers/speakers in real time.

Adventure Urban’s first blog post

Our team leader, James Grafton put in an excellent and inspiring pitch for his concept of the ‘Adventure Urban’ mobile application. A multi-tiered application for creating and experiencing adventures in a city; it will provide the user with an exciting way of participating in themed tours within a local area.

We are going to team with retail partners and attractions throughout our target city to offer rewards to the consumer when reaching and completing challenges within the adventure. This will begin to open up the possibilities of various revenue streams.

Currently the team is hard at work with a multi-pronged approached to try and build this business within 48 hours, and over a third of those have expired already:

  • We are working on determining the customer base, targeting potential partners, and who will be our best customers.
  • We are looking at the different possible revenue lines, and articulating those for the different types of products we’re selling.
  • We are creating the first adventure as a demonstration for the application. It will take place in and around the Paypal building and this is leading into;
  • creating a mockup and flowcharts for the application itself.
  • We are performing competition analysis to see what else is out there in the market and how will differentiate ourselves to lead ahead of the other offerings.

The energy and excitement is palpable, with plenty of mentors sharing their valuable advice and experience to improve our concept and keep our heads on track.

Itiner8′s first blog post

The idea began as “Jet Setters”, an app that would suggest an itinerary for users visiting a new city who were too time starved to research through the Time Out or Lonely Planet guides themselves, or wanted a more custom experience than the top ten walks.

The team formed on Friday night and after introductions over beer, we got down to business trying to agree on the essence of the idea and a basic user journey. As Saturday began we claimed the best room, complete with sofa, and spread out flip charts, post its and sweets. Before the first board meeting, we started with UI designs and almost filled a flip chart sheet of feature ideas for the future … this idea seemed to have a mind of its own.

The first board meeting was less of a grilling than we’d expected, but our tasks for the day were laid out, including writing a business plan and producing financials, creating a marketing plan and competitor landscape, beginning a prototype and designing a UI. With the input of the mentors the team decided to divide and conquer, with the marketeers and business people driving through the business plan while the rest of us researched and designed the UI. The final name of Itiner8 was coined, domain name registered, and with twitter and Facebook, the plan for world domination was underway.

Throughout the day work continued, with problems developing as the team began to fracture, before coming back together to discuss sticky issues around the scope of the initial product. Progress on the prototype is still slow but starting to gain traction, eventually the team agreed on scope after a colourful board meeting …

The story will continue!

November 27, 2010

Launch Leaders

A launch48 event is stuffed with intelligent and skillful people, but what really makes the difference between a business that flops at hour 49, and an ongoing prospect, is leadership. As Hugh Chappell told the teams on Friday, performance this weekend is a pretty good indication of your prospects as a entrepreneur. Can you pull together a team of developers, designers, marketers and businesspeople to achieve a single goal in 48 hours? If so, you’ll have a business. And with the help of the mentors it can be a really promising startup.

You would think that the strongest leaders would emerge, regardless of who had the initial idea. But in a group of people who’d never met before yesterday it’s hard to stand up and take charge.

Adventure Urban: With just five members they should have been the

Adventure Urban

easiest team to handle. They certainly have heaps of passion. They even had wonderful UI designs created by James Grafton in advance and a strong vision for the user experience. But by mid-day on Saturday they were still struggling to form a plan for the next few hours. “If those guys can give me a fireworks UI on Sunday morning, I can put together an iPhone app by Sunday evening…” mused Grafton. Twenty hours to go mate, you’d better get your shouty head on.

Itiner8: With a broadly similar initial idea, the Itiner8 team is an interesting parallel to Adventure Urban. They seem to be having exactly the opposite problem. Their little room is plastered with A3 sheets of paper covered in motivational messages inspired by Friday’s L48 conference (“Build the simplest thing that could possibly work, then iterate!”), UI sketches and business structures. They’ve got a great idea of the business structure but someone needs to take control to push it forward. “Whose the project manager here?” asks mentor Dan Moon, there’s a rather worrying silence.

Despite the quotes they’re still debating whether to build a buggy


prototype for Sunday, or to take it slow go for a final version in a few weeks. Dan Moon says “They’re so slow! Usually by now [groups] have got environments set up, they’ve got data sets and working prototypes by now!”, which is a bit unfair because Itiner8 built an ultra-basic prototype on Friday evening, in record time!

L48 mentor Jeremy Parsons noted “Itiner8, they’re looking for too much advice! They grab all the mentors who come in the room and then go backwards…They have a great structure but seem to be lacking some drive. Adventure Urban, they’ve got load of passion, but [are] really unstructured”.

Spot Events: For the second time at a L48 event, someone pitched an idea that was already built into an incorporated company.  Luke Glen secured the biggest team, possibly helped by his offer of equity and salaries for successful mobile developers. No-one was going to complain about that. Oddly Spot also seem to be having some leadership issues, even when the idea’s originator is the one wearing the “Spot Events”-branded T-Shirts. “There’s either two teams or none” says Jeremy Parsons, “I can’t work out which”, so what’s his

Spot Events spread out

advice? “They need to completely flip round their approach” says Parsons. “Forget the really difficult problem of how to sell to conference organisers and focus on giving and insanely good user experience…If they get that right event attendees will be battering down the doors of conference organisers to use their product”.

Time for the second board meeting now, this should sort them out.

Intinerate's developers and their sweets

Teams Overview


Mobilising Audience Engagement for Live Events.

“ALL delegates/visitors at Live Events (Conferences, Seminars, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Networking Events, Meetings and Festivals) carry mobile phones, however they are very under utilised by Event Organisers. Traditionally audience response systems for voting, submitting questions to the speaker, submitting feedback etc are done by renting/buying expensive proprietary devices fit for purpose, but are limited.
SpotEvents will use all the available channels of mobile phones ( sms, email, twitter, facebook, skype, camera, NFC, Smart Apps, voice ) to be able to interact with the event they attend to participate in audience response programs, enter competitions, receive session reminders, request digital brochures, create a digital show bag etc”

Jet setters (now Itiner8)

Choose a city, choose some places, and click for an instant itinerary!

“Everyone likes to travel, but planning a trip takes time. The app helps users to find places to go and plans an itinerary to allow enough time to enjoy different places and travel between them.”

Adventure Urban

Hidden adventures and lucrative rewards await the inquisitive amongst you – look and you shall find!

“Introducing Adventure Urban, a unique city adventuring mobile application that aims to expose you to people, places and experiences that would otherwise go completely unnoticed!
The application would be written in three parts:
1. A mobile application which allows users to participate in various different Urban Adventures, view friends adventures and behold their adventuring achievements.
2. An online community allowing registered users to submit and moderate adventures along with various other standard features such as profile creation/modification.
3. An affiliate portal which would allow various interested businesses to submit offers/vouchers as part of an existing adventure.
The overarching problem that is being solved here is that currently, there really is no stand out method of discovering new people and places in a fun and interesting way while keeping track of all your finest exploits ;-)”

November 11, 2010

London Launch48 Mobile

London Launch48 Mobile is only 2 weeks away and we have some of the best speakers and mentors that we have ever had.

Attendees to Launch48 Mobile will be able to listen to and be mentored by the following people:

  • John Chasey – CEO, Metismo
  • Hermes Pique – Founder, Robot Media
  • Mark Doherty – Evangelist, Adobe
  • Andy Munarriz – CEO, Hullomail
  • Andrew Scott – CEO, Rummble
  • Will Coleman – Evangelist, Microsoft
  • David Erasmus – CEO,
  • Wayne Gibbins – Marketing Director, Viadeo
  • Ben Brown – CEO, Vouchacha
  • John Lunn – Director, PayPal

Full speaker details are available on the London Launch48 web site.

Don’t miss out on a great event on the 26 to 28 of November at PayPal’s office in London!

November 1, 2010

Launch48 Edinburgh Summary

The latest exhilarating Launch 48 Weekend took place at the University of Edinburgh Business School this past weekend.

The Launch48 Weekend introduced talented and diverse mentors to 4 teams, formed from 90 participants. These mentors brought a wealth of experience in business and software development to each team and they individually worked tirelessly to form internet start-up businesses in just 48 hours.

We are proud to present to you the four unique start-ups created from our weekend:

Compare The Universities
CompareTheUniversities.com allows prospective students to fully investigate their options for attending universities by aggregating information about each university, programme of study, and associated tuition fees. By inputting their qualifications, skills and interests, users are provided with potential prospects for further education.

For those who love to run and travel this is a one stop site. Arrive in a new city and keen for safe routes to go running? Look no further. The run2see mobile app harnesses the inbuilt GPS in smartphones to provide users with the safest running routes nearby. Along the way, the app will narrate a guided tour giving the listener interesting information about historical landmarks and sites of local significance.

Social Catalogue
Find products and services in your local area, compare prices, and read reviews from other users. The team made a bold statement that they are looking to change the culture and process behind purchasing decisions. They believe that accessibility and availability to information will assist the provision and recommendation of goods and services.

Choose a date and time to have information delivered in the form of a phone call, which in turn acts as an alarm clock service. Consider being called by a hotel receptionist with a morning wake up call, but then that person also provided you with a quick update on local weather and traffic reports, the news headlines, and perhaps even the number of unread emails you have.

For further details on any of the above please visit edinburgh.launch48.com

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