2010 March

March 1, 2010

Ticket Pricing for 2010

As many of you are already aware, Launch48 started charging for tickets at the second Launch48 event which was held in October. Also, recently Launch48 announced a Launch48 Birmingham event, we will also be charging for this event as well as our forthcoming events and we wanted to explain to you the reason behind this.

When Launch48 was started, it was voluntarily run by a team of dedicated volunteers. After the success of the first event, it was clear that the start-up and entrepreneurial community wanted Launch48 to continue running more events and we realised that to run more successful Launch48 events, we will need some strong dedicated skills. This would ensure that we are able to deliver more events, and maintain the high quality that the attendees have come to expect.

In October 2009 we introduced our first conference with a focus on helping early stage entrepreneurs learn what other successful business people have done to deliver a successful business. Through this process we learnt that involving excellent sponsors, mentors, and speakers took a lot of time to do it right.

Therefore in 2010, Launch48 intends to improve by becoming more stable by introducing professional help to ensure the quality of the events is maintained. We also want to work more closely with our mentors, sponsors, and speakers for the benefit of the Launch48 attendees. To achieve this Launch48 will be looking to ensure it is financially stable, able to deliver events that are better for everyone involved, and expand our efforts so we can help more entrepreneurs. We also hope to introduce on-going support services.

We intend to achieve this through working closely with sponsors and charging a small ticket price to attendees.

It is hoped the ticket price is seen as great value, as the feedback we received from many Launch48 attendees is that they receive significant, long-term value from attending our events. The intention is to be very competitive compared to other events in Europe and exceed attendees expectations.

We welcome your feedback, please post any comments against this blog post.

We look forward to seeing you at an event in 2010!

Launch48 Team

Launch48 Birmingham Announced

Launch48 Birmingham, the first Launch48 event for 2010, has been announced. Mark your diary now:

Date: Friday March 26th to Sunday March 28th, 2010

Venue: Birmingham Science Park Aston

Tickets: Available now

For all the latest updates related to the Birmingham event, please visit the Birmingham Launch48 web site at http://birmingham.launch48.com

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