2010 February

February 15, 2010

Can I sponsor Launch48?

Launch48 has global and event sponsoring opportunities available.  Global opportunities cover multiple events and are usually time-based.  Event opportunities cover one event.

Launch48 works with some large brands such as Google, PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft, Adobe, and others.  If you would like to be associated with Launch48 and are keen to help make Launch48 a success please contact Launch48.

Can I be a mentor?

Mentoring is reserved for people who can help attendees in a variety of ways, and Launch48 often asks mentors to demonstrate their success and why they should be giving advice to new entrepreneurs.

Launch48 wants mentors to bring a wealth of advice to the event, and therefore we screen our mentors carefully.  Qualities we look for in a mentor include:

  1. Ability to engage with groups of people
  2. Self-starters who are keen to help
  3. People who are actively mentoring and assisting entrepreneurs
  4. Successful entrepreneurs with experience and knowledge that will help Launch48 attendees

If you think you fit into this category please contact Launch48 and we will be in touch.

Do I need to pitch an idea?

No, attendees at Launch48 events are invited to pitch.  Pitching is not required.

If you do want to pitch, it is best if you cover the following points:

  1. Name
  2. The Idea and the problem it is solving
  3. Business model and monetisation strategy
  4. The target market & competitors

If you do pitch your idea please keep in mind this event is about learning and networking, we encourage you to share your ideas but please do realise that Launch48 cannot offer any protection for your ideas or what other people will do with them.

For more information please see the Launch48 Weekend agenda.

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