2009 November

November 28, 2009

What happens during a Launch48 Weekend?

Please see the agenda page at http://www.launch48.com/weekend/

How are teams formed?

Teams are created after the final round of pitching.  Attendees are divided into interest groups based on what they want to do during Launch48.  The interest groups are spaced evenly around the room.  The interest groups are:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Business and Finance

Each chosen business idea is called out and attendees who want to participate in the current business idea come forward.  Launch48 encourages attendees to evenly distribute themselves across the different groups, for example if all the developers go with one idea then the other ideas are likely to not have enough developers, and the developers are not going to have as much opportunity to work on an idea.

People can always move groups after they have joined one group.  This often occurs because:

  1. A team is missing a key skill
  2. Someone wants to move teams
  3. Someone’s skills would be better used by another team

How does ownership work?

Launch48 does not take a stake or ownership of any of the web businesses created during the event.

Each group should decide during the event how they want to distribute ownership and the intellectual property across the team.

Some examples of what has previously happened at Launch48 events include:

  • Teams have licensed their IP under open source/creative commons allowing anyone to continue using the IP for their own purposes
  • Teams have formed companies and transferred ownership of the IP to the company
  • Teams have decided to do nothing and leave the event each having a right to the IP they created during the event

November 26, 2009

Launch48 Romania – working with Netcamp

netcamp_logoLaunch48 Romania, in conjunction with Netcamp, is being held on the 7th to the 9th of December in Bucharest.

We are very excited to be working with an amazing group of Romanian entrepreneurs to put on Launch48′s first event outside of the UK.

Launch48 Romania will be associated with Netcamp, a web-orientated conference designed to inspire and educate attendees.

If you want to attend more information and to register please visit Launch48 Romania web site or Netcamp site for more information.

Launch48 Follow-up Event at Google

The Launch48 Follow-up event, announced at the Launch48 Conference and Launch48 Weekend held in October at PayPal, is now open for registrations.

The Launch48 Follow Up event is being held on December the 8th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at Google’s office in London.

Each group that attended Launch48 is invited to present for 15 minutes.  Groups are asked to present the following:

  1. What have you acheived since Launch48 Weekend
  2. What do you need to grow and be successful
  3. What is your vision and plan for the next 12 months

Numbers are limited so please register early to avoid dissapointment.  We will try and live stream the event for those who cannot make it and we look forward to seeing everyone there soon.

Only people who have registered will be allowed in, please ensure you bring proof of registration when attending the event.

Register now and we look forward to seeing you at the follow-up event.

November 11, 2009

Launch48 Video – Thanks Viadeo and Newspepper

The Launch48 video is up!  If you are having problems trying to explain exactly what is Launch48 to your friends this may help!

The video was sponsored by Viadeo and created by Newspepper, and Launch48 really appreciates their support.

So without further ado I give you the Launch48 October 2009 promotional video!

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