2009 October

October 25, 2009

Launch48-themed blog posts

In the past week a couple of blog posts have been written, I thought I would write up about them here in case anyone else wanted to read them:

Please let me know if there are any other articles written about Launch48 that I should be including in this list.


October 19, 2009

Launch48 on TechCrunch

Last night Mike Butcher from TechCrunch attended the final presentations by the groups at Launch48.

Not only were the presentations great, all startups have received their first dose of PR and interesting comments from third parties who feel passionate about their ideas.

You can read the write up and comment yourself via TechCrunch

October 15, 2009

FAQ Updated

If you have any questions regarding Launch48 this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, please consult our new FAQ section.

If your question is not answers please contact us and we will try and respond as soon as possible.

What if I can’t attend the entire event?

Not everyone will be able to attend Launch48 for the entire time.

If you need to leave, please speak with your group and ensure they are aware.  It is recommended you help your group to plan for your leave and try to deliver any tasks you have been given before leaving so the group can launch their business on Sunday.

What happens after Launch48 Weekend?

What happens afterwards is up to the group.  Launch48 can offer advice, but there is no mandate.

Launch48 encourages teams to continue to run by offering a follow-up event for attendees of the Launch48 Weekend.  The follow-up event encourages teams to keep working and present their progress since the Launch48 Weekend to their peers, mentors, speakers, and investors.

It is hoped all groups will go on to become successful businesses, and we try to assist groups by giving them lots of helpful advice and guidance from the begining through the life of their business.

Will my IP be protected?

Unfortunately Launch48 cannot guarantee the protection of your Intellectual Property (IP).

If you believe you idea has value, we would recommend you do not pitch it as attendees are not asked to sign an NDA by Launch48.

How does pitching work?

The information about how pitching is run on the Friday night of the Launch48 Weekend is available at on the Launch48 Weekend page.  This information will also be included in the booklet given to all attendees.

During the Launch48 Conference on Friday there will opportunities for people to practice their pitch and receive feedback from past Launch48 attendees and speakers/mentors. Make your pitch as compelling as you can, and covers the points other people would want to know.

Unfortunately because of the number of pitches we are expecting and the short amount of time, we cannot have people use powerpoint but if you want to use paper/card/drawings/printouts you may as they have zero setup time!

Discuss your business ideas before or after the event within the Business Ideas group on network.launch48.com

October 14, 2009

Launch48 Event Details

Launch48 is just 2 days away, the team is hard at work to bring you an amazing event and we wanted to share with you some useful information about the upcoming event.

The location for both the conference and the weekend is the PayPal office in Richmond located at Whittaker Avenue, Whittaker House TW9 1EH, Richmond Upon. We highly recommend that you check the TFL and the Southwest trains website for travel options and any potential service outages.


For the conference attendees, registrations starts at 09:00 on Friday 16th of October and a full agenda is now available at http://www.launch48.com/conference/

For the weekend attendees, registrations starts at 18:00 on Friday 16th of October and a full agenda for that is available at http://www.launch48.com/weekend/

When you arrive, please collect your name badges at the reception and there will be Launch48 organizers present to register you, give you an event booklet with more details and guide you to the conference hall.

Finally, we have been asked by quite a number of participants what to bring for the weekend and we recommend you bring a Computer, power pack, paper, pen, and camera if you wish.

We look forward to meeting you this weekend.

October 12, 2009

Exciting news – Amazon Web Services and Google

Hello fellow Launch48 attendees

What? You’re not attending?  You best register very very soon because we are nearly all sold out!

For those that are attending, we have good news.  Amazon Web Services will be sponsoring Launch48 by supplying each group with servers during the Launch48 weekend until after the Launch48 Follow-up Event in December.  This means each Launch48 group will be able to use the powerful Amazon Web Services that include EC2, S3, and their other wonderful cloud-based services.  Not sure what this means?  Want to find out more information?  Visit http://aws.amazon.com

Speaking of the follow-up event, Google has generously offered to host the follow-up event at their London-based office early December.  Full details will be included in the Launch48 booklet, and the event will be invite-only due to limited numbers.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, and don’t forget to purchase your tickets before they all sell out!

October 11, 2009

What can I do at Launch48?

A couple of people have asked whether they will be able to contribute to Launch48 effectively.  I therefore thought it would be best to answer the question publicly.

Yes! Everyone can participate in Launch48.  The ways you can participate include:

  • Being part of a team and helping out where you can
  • Taking a lead and driving part of the web business forward
  • Pitching an idea on the Friday (this is optional, not everyone has to pitch)
  • Learning a skill your group doesn’t have and filling a gap in your groups knowledge
  • Organising your group
  • Teaching others a skill you have so others learn

It is recommended people who attend Launch48 do the following to help their group and themselves:

  1. Help a group by taking on a task you have experience in, or are good at
  2. Trying something you haven’t done before or want to learn more about, possibly by working with others in the group or with the mentors who already have those skills

It doesn’t matter if you have been working in the web industry for 20 years, or haven’t yet launched your own web business and you want to learn what it takes to launch a web business.  Everyone is welcome, and Launch48 is structured in such a way that everyone will have ample opportunity to take on as much work in a groups web app as they want.

October 9, 2009

What’s this conference all about?

I received a great email from Kevin today asking for more information about the conference.  I thought I would share the response with you:

The conference is focused on introducing attendees to the skills they require to successfully launch a web business/app.  We have a number of speakers attending that will be covering everything from PR to agile development.  After the conference, attendees will hopefully participate in the Launch48 Weekend where they can apply what they have learnt, and meet with mentors and the speakers from the conference to discuss how to implement the ideas suggested at the conference.  It is essentially learning followed by doing.

You can find more information on the speakers and mentors on the Launch48 web site.

The primary purpose behind Launch48 is not just to build something and launch it, it is to rapidly teach and offer a unique networking environment for participants so they can leave armed with the skills, contacts, and knowledge to create their own web business.

I hope this information is useful and I look forward to seeing you in a week.

October 7, 2009

More sponsors!

shockWow, Launch48 is really pulling out all the stops.  Not only are attendees to Launch48 events receiving:

  1. Refreshments and a great venue from Paypal
  2. Dinner from Sun on Sunday night
  3. Refreshments from Google on Friday night
  4. Lunch at the conference and a great booklet from Dennis Publishing
  5. A free meeting at THECUBE for each team

We have now got 2 amazing new sponsors on board as well:

  1. Strawberry Way will be supplying all teams with box.net and helping them get the most from it
  2. justFDI will be supply a custom twitter app just for Launch48

What’s more, we have secured even more speakers and mentors to ensure all groups receive the best advice and assistance during the Launch48 Conference and the Launch48 Weekend

No wonder I am so excited!  There are only 8 days left and tickets are going fast.  DON’T MISS OUT get your tickets now!

Sponsors and mentors galore!

Launch48 is coming up and we have a great group of sponsors, speakers, and mentors involved.

Sponsors include: Paypal, Google, Sun, Dennis, and Thecube

Speakers include: Bill Morrow – Angels Den, Ryan Notz – MyBuilder, Dr Dorian Dugmore – Adidas, Jennifer Janson – Six Degrees, Chewy Trewhella – Google, Danvers Baillieu – Winston & Strawn, Liz Rice, Nicola Riordan – Nua Marketing, Jon Lunn – Paypal, Hugh Chappell, and Reshma Sohoni – Seedcamp.

Plus we have lots and lots of mentors who will be popping in to assist participants get their business up and going!

For more information on who you will be able to meet at Launch48 please visit our Mentors & Speakers page

Tickets are selling fast – don’t miss out on your ticket!

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