2009 February

February 13, 2009

ilikeucoz you have had a massive overhaul!

I received the following email from Diane, a member of the ilikeucoz team.  I looks like their product is going very well!


Hi everyone,

After a gruelling 48 hours at Launch48, and some magic in the days following…’ilikeucoz’ is now live.  Please visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them. It’s simple, it’s spontaneous, it’s free. What are you waiting for? Make someone’s day.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can feel better about yourself by complimenting others.
  • You can feel great about the compliments you get.
  • And… you can help the likeucoz team spread the word about their idea.

Some things you can do to help us:

  1. Follow us on twitter: ilikeucoz
  2. Join our Facebook group and invite your friends to join?


    Here is a sample message with the correct character count that you can use when sending out the invite (just a guide, so we get our key messages out there):
    Please check out ilikeucoz… the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’, dedicated to bringing the feel-good factor back. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day… go on…make someone’s day. Join the FB group and get complimenting on www.ilikeucoz.com

  3. Send an email to your friends:
    Here’s an email you can send out to your network and friends and invite them to get complimenting. We want to make it easy for you to help out – so all you have to do is copy and paste this email (add your own personal flair if you like), send it to your contacts …and sit back and watch what happens in the Cozmos.

    Subject Line:

    Go on…make someone’s day. Visit ilikeucoz.com
    When was the last time you received a genuine, heartfelt complement? Remember the feeling?
    Yeah –it was good, wasn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Bring the feel-good factor back.
    Visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them.

    ilikeucoz is the world’s first appreciation engine.
    It’s simple. It’s spontaneous. It’s free. Go on… make someone’s day.

    Feeling the love? Take the Valentine’s Challenge.
    It’s easy – in honour of Feb 14th think of 14 reasons why someone (or several someones) in your life and tell them (yes, really!) whatever pops into your head—day or night – on ilikeucoz.com.

    Not sure what to say? Get inspired. See what’s happening in the Cozmos here.


The ilikeyoucoz team.

February 10, 2009

Techfluff.tv covers Launch48

As you know Launch48 was attended by Techfluff.tv.  Below is the video of their latest episode and Launch48 is covered at 6 minutes and 22 seconds…

February 8, 2009

Launch48 is over for now…

But there will be a follow up event for all groups to present their ideas, meet the mentors, and network with one another.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors.  It was an amazing experience.  Adil and I are very proud of all the groups and their progress.  It is amazing what can be achieved in 48 hours!

Now everyone is off to have pizza sponsored by Dennis Publishing and Campaign Monitor.

Congratulations everyone, and stay posted for updates on the groups and the upcoming event.

decisionsdecisions status update

A manic day of work has found the DecisionsDecisions team working flat out to create our site.

We have a constantly evolving and improving site thanks to the astounding effort from our dedicated developers. We hope to have a complete prototype by 5pm.

We suffered from some disagreements amongst the business and marketing group members following a dissection of the business model by Bindi from Microsoft. Her keen eye for detail exposed some critical flaws in the proposal, causing panic and mild hysteria.

The group had a fantastic session with the UX mentor who guided us through profiling users and suggested how to tailor the experience to that target.

With help from “the PR guy” at Dennis Publishing, we devised a campaign that involves ruining running Shed’s life. This day 2 campaign will see the site populated with Shed’s content and our control.

Next up is work on our blogs, social media accounts and finalising EVERYTHING. Less than half an hour to go…. PANNIIIICC

Follow us on Tumblr: http://decisionsdecisions.tumblr.com and on Twitter: http://twitter.com/decisionsx2

‘i like u coz’ status update

ilikeucoz_logo-v6_smallIt’s day 2 at Launch48 and i like u coz is gathering steam.

Here’s the new and improved pitch:

When was the last time you received a genuine, heartfelt compliment? Remember the feeling?
Yeah –it was good, wasn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Bring the feel-good factor back.
By the end of today, you can visit www.ilikeucoz.com and tell someone why you like them.

i like u coz is the world’s first appreciation engine.
It’s simple. It’s spontaneous. Go on… make someone’s day.

Today, i like u coz is about people…telling others why they like them. Especially in these tough economic times, everyone needs a little boost. i like u coz is an easy, immediate and direct way to spread the love and make someone’s day.

What are our future plans? Once the good vibes start spreading across the web, we plan to branch out from people …to things and places as well. So people can talk about the products use and the places they go in a fun, spontaneous way.

Why are we different?

  • It’s not about you (for a change)—it’s about the people you like.
  • It’s personal—direct to the people you like in your life.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can feel better about yourself by complimenting others.
  • You can feel great about the compliments you get.

And – if you don’t know what to write – you will be able to check out our live feed of posts in the ‘cozmos’ and get inspired.

Read the i like u coz blog http://ilikeucoz.wordpress.com.

MyCharityPie Status Update

A tiny update on our project:

Product team is done and happily moved on to drinking, and became the business team.

Dev is devving on hardcore, the server and the website mycharitypie.com should be up and running pretty soon.

Design made great progress, cracked out some sexy wire-frames and moved on to make a proper design and do some css-mastering at the same time.

Marketing is on is way and just found out that running Google adsense might actual be a sustainable business for charity sites.


Dennis Publishing’s take on Launch48

dennis_logoSo we are now in the Summer of new business launches (and I think I missed most of Spring, managing start ups and young families has always been a difficult). But as I come in on Sunday my thoughts are full of admiration for the groups, how hard they are working, how comfortable they are already in each others company, it would be great to bottle this.

As anybody that works with me will know I have a very simple plan for business success, namely focusing on your people, your customers and your product. The hardest thing to do over a weekend such as this is really pay enough attention to the customer part of plan, whether it is your users, affiliates or willing advertisers you plan to draw to this new venture. It is hard because you won’t find out until Monday, what these potential customers really think of your weekend efforts and the production side of the project overwhelms you as you strive to get something out by that cruel deadline.

So my advice is this. Give your business development people a cuddle and a little bit more time today. Focusing on that plan, that first deal, first sign up, first agreement in principle, first £1000 is key. It gives everyone hope and will be the difference between you meeting up next year as business partners or just friends. Either way, in building a business the most important part is your People, you want them committed, flexible, appreciative and fun. I think each group has that. So you are half way there, just the last 50% to find!

Julian Lloyd-Evans, Managing Director of Advertising, Dennis Publishing

Vouchacha’s latest news

The Vouchacha team is storming ahead with our plan to deliver bargains on the move.

Yesterday the development team produced the core database, got the web site up and running, designed a logo, built a prototype Java client for mobiles and is well advanced on our iPhone application. People will be able to downloaded our software to their phone then click to have vouchers from local shops, restaurants and entertainment instantly delivered to their phone.

The business plan is in place, with our go to market work starting. So sign up for our trial service at  www.vouchacha.com/news and do the Vouchacha!

Matt Collins introduces Vouchacha :

Launch48 – the finale

All of the groups have arrived with some amazing progress made over night.  The four groups all have the technical, design, and logo aspects ready.

Currently some groups are struggling with server issues, and others are having heated debates about the goals they want to achieve today.

With the launch time of 5 pm looming, it is all hands on deck for the final sprint to the finish line with many groups eager to see how far they can take their applications.

Don’t forget, a follow-up event will be held on the 20th of March, 2009.  This event will invite all members of the Launch48 meetup group to attend an series of presentations by the groups to see how far they have gone in 6 weeks and see if they can entice the interest of organisations like seedcamp, venture capitalists, and angel investors.

February 7, 2009

I like u coz

I like u coz… you read my blog post

Have you ever wanted to tell someone you liked them because they did something great for you, are good fun to be around or bought you a favourite book, but just didn’t know where to say it?

I like u coz empowers you to do just that. As the world’s first “appreciation engine”, it’s a positive, fun and social web site that allows you to tell someone you like them and give the reason why – easily, immediately and directly. We’re bringing the feel-good factor back.

The idea is the brain-child of Fabio, who’s girlfriend asked him a few months ago – why do you love me? Completely perplexed by this question (as everyone is!), Fabio set about to write down reasons for ‘I like u coz’ whenever he thought about it over a month. But he knew there had to be a better way.

The team is a smaller group than most, with an even spread of business, developers and marketing. Design is currently being outsourced to a very ‘charitable’ group – thanks guys! We’re hard at work developing the idea and often find ourselves looking beyond this weekend at all the possibilities, and then bring ourselves back to reality with only 27 hours left to launch the site.

Charity Pie

It’s Mike from the CharityPie team. Its been a busy morning and we haven’t left the building yet since arriving. We have our user cases, Amazon EC2 keys are on the way, wireframes are everywhere and the development team is frantically workIng data models around me.

What we’re doing

CharityPie helps you choose and give to your favorite causes.

Users donate however much they like each month through a single direct debit, which is then divided amongst the charities according to the user’s own preferences, set in the form of a pie chart. People that care about particular issues : the environment, Africa, etc can also choose from pre-selected causes which distribute finds between multiple charities in that field. Users can show their pies – and hence the charities they’re supporting – to their Facebook friends.

Back to work now – we’re hoping to have a working demo by this evening!

Mike MacCana

CharityPie (soon to have a new name!)

Introducing Local Coupons!


Team A, has come up with a set base of principals to get us started on our Venture. We are catering to people that are interested in getting discounts on his or her mobile phone and web.

They will have an opportunity to browse and search for vouchers from our service, for the retail market we are offering them a service that saves them money off printing and also gets them quality leads.

Paul has come up with the following logo, please have a go at it and give us some reviews. As for the name we area still pending on a catchy name….stay tune.

Introducing… decisions decisions

Team D has the enviable task of producing an engaging social web app in which dilemmas are shared online for the hive mind to solve. With one of the largest groups at #launch48 and a fairly even spread of skill sets that cover: Development, Design, Sysadmin, Business and Marketing all helmed by the charismatic Shed Simove.

The starting point for the creative and commercial decision making which began immediately from the forming of groups on the Friday night quickly identified a feel similar to Hot or Not? The initial concept for look and feel have been provided by Shed:


Over the next few hours we aim to build a simple user experience, fine tune our business model, and mesh our developer team with the expertise of the mentors.

Our current consideration is how to create a product that engages both consumers and commercial sectors. We are concerned about how to attract the initial user base and moderating the content they produce.

Launch48 ideas confirmed

The four ideas for Launch48 have been selected:

  1. Charity Pie – a system for managing donations to charities
  2. Decision Decision – a system to assist with making decisions
  3. I love you cause – a system for sending messages to people based on a topic
  4. Local Coupons – a system for finding coupons based on your location

The status meetings are in progress, the teams are working hard, and the mentors are participating.

Twitter messages are taking a bigger part in the web site, please let me know when you post photos.  And follow Launch48 on twitter to get the latest news!

Expect blog posts from each group in the next couple of hours.

February 6, 2009

The big day is here

Some say today is the equivalent of Christmas for Launch48 attendees, the day everything starts, ideas are exchanged, questioned, and selected. People meet new people, share a drink or two, and form groups. This could be the beginning for some very exciting new web apps, something off-the-wall, or a sure-fire hit!
Sorry for getting a bit poetic on you, but I am excited! Today is LAUNCH48 DAY!

As of tomorrow, the Launch48 web site will change a bit. It will become a haven for Launch48 information. As of tomorrow tweets, photos and blog posts will erupt spectacularly as Launch48 activity consumes this blog and becomes a portal for everyone at Launch48 to communicate with one another and to show to world what Launch48 is doing.

During the weekend each group will be asked to write at least a blog post each day to keep the wider Launch48 community and people interested in Launch48 informed. Adil and I will also contribute blog posts describing the wider event. Who knows, maybe some of our mentors will write some blog posts giving their opinions? Watch this space.

We are hoping attendees will contribute photos. So, if you are coming, please bring your cameras, camera-phones, and even your web cams. All photo and video content that is added to the internet during the event will be added to the site for the rest of the world to see what’s happening at Launch48. Just let us know where your photos are and we will add them.

Twitter is booming, and Launch48 will leverage this medium for maximum benefit. Some of you may have noticed your tweets currently publicised on the right hand side of this blog. This section will become larger to accommodate the latest tweets about Launch48 from the event, and from around the world.

Adil and I are looking forward to meeting all attendees tonight for what we hope will be a life-changing experience for all participants.

February 3, 2009

4 days, more mentors, great ideas!

Adil and I are working hard to put together welcome packs, name tags, finalising agendas, confirming the format, and planning for Launch48 which starts this Friday at 6:30 pm.

5 more mentors have been added to the mentor page; Tim Farthing, Dan Moon, Lea Bajc, William Tunstall-Pedoe and Jonathan Kitchen. Please visit our Mentors page for detailed Bios of all our mentors.

Techfluff.tv briefly interviewed me in episode 7, you can view the interview on youtube or the entire episode on their website.

Friday night

Friday night will include:

  1. 6:30 pm
    Doors open
    Arrive, collect name tag, welcome pack, and drinks sponsored by Dennis Publishing.
  2. 7:00 pm
    Brief introduction
    First round of pitches (1 min per pitch, anyone can pitch their idea)
    Voting for the best pitches
    Best pitches re-pitched (2 min per pitch + question and answer time)
    Voting for the 4 best pitches
    Creation of groups
  3. 9:30 pm
    Networking session sponsored by Inbizvest at the pub

You will not need to bring anything with you on the Friday except for your pitch ideas.

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