2 hot startups – WeTeachMe and Tasksauce

In the last few days I have heard of 2 great startups launching into beta on opposite sides of the world. Both startups hope to help the community through connecting people to each other but for different reasons:

Teaching through WeTeachMe

WeTeachMe connects people who have a skill to share, with people who want to learn. It allows teachers to create a lesson and students can search and book via the site.

WeTeachMe started at Launch48 Melbourne earlier this year. Since then the team has shrunk but continued to work hard to release an updated version of their product.  They are currently focussed on 5 countries including the UK, US, and Australia and are using PayPal to manage payment. They intended to make money through a sales commission model.


Tasks through Tasksauce

Tasksauce is a simple system allows visitors to list odd jobs they need filling, a bit like Mechanical Turk but for physical as well as virtual tasks. Their model is similar to Task Rabbit in the US that has experienced strong growth.

People who have a task list it on the site and state how much they will pay, the money is held until the job is completed and the funds are released. Anyone can apply to do the tasks although they must have a credit check done which helps to ensure only serious people will apply to perform the task.